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By Mike Johnson on 2013-06-02 19:13:00

Ophidian vs. Amasis: Sarcophagus Match, No Time Limit

This is the battle of the former Osirian Portal, two time traveling masked Egyptian characters.  If you know CHIKARA, you get it.  If you don't, you are probably asking yourself "What the....?"  The loser will be the man trapped in the Sarcophagus, similar to a coffin match.  This has been built up for over a year.

Amasis worked over Ophidian early on, getting revenge on the man who turned on him.  They battled onto the ramp, where Ophidian used a hanging DDT.  Ophidian nailed a snap suplex and followed up with a series of hard kicks to the chest.    Amasis battle back with a series of rights and knee strikes.  He worked Ophidian down to the mat, then whipped him into the corner with a running high knee.

They battled back and forth in the center.  Ophidian nailed a leaping enziguri and went for a spinning powerbomb but Amasis pulled himself on his shoulders and nailed a series of elbows to the head.  Ophidian used a discus forearm and snapped him down to the mat by yanking on his shoulder.  They went to the outside where Ophidian worked him over on the ramp.  Ophidian brought him back into the ring and worked over Amasis.   Amasis battled back from his knees and finally used a dropkick and a leg lariat to stop his former partner.

Ophidian avoided a leaping kick and nailed Amasis in mid-air.  They each went for superkicks but Ophidian drilled Amasis and snapped his leg.  Ophidian had promised to break his legs, so this played into that.  Ophidian mounted him and worked over Amasis' arms and legs.    They battled to the outside.  Ophidian continued working over Amasis, who finally fired back with a big right hand that sent him into the buckles hard.  Ophidian came back and laid out Amasis.

Ophidian drilled Amasis in the corner with a double knee strike.  He used the ropes for leverage and drilled him with a big stomp.     Ophidian tried to suplex Amasis over the top to the outside, but Amasis landed on the apron.  They battled on the outside and Amasis drilled him on the apron outside with a Death Valley Driver.  Amasis nailed a 450 splash on Ophidian in the center of the ring.

Ophidian grabbed Amasis in some sort of choke submission, which would be legal since there's no DQ.  Amasis gets out of the move but it obviously groggy.  He was nailed with a knee strike and set up for a suplex.  Amasis was drilled to the mat with a twisting suplex.  Ophidian tried to roll him to the outside towards the Sarcophagus.

He pulled Amasis to the stage and tossed him into the Sarcophagus.  Amasis pulled his hand to stop closing it and battled out.  The crowd chanted, "You can't kill him."  Amasis fought back and worked over Ophidian on the stage.  He tossed him down the stairs of the entrance and towards the ring, then snapped his neck on the ropes.  He ascended to the top rope and went for a flying bodypress but Ophidian ducked.   Amasis came back with a face first sitdown driver.

Amasis went for a spinkick but Ophidian caught it and turned it into a version of the STF.  The crowd chanted, "No submissions."    He went to the Sarcophogus and pulled the lid off of it.  He dragged Amasis to the stage and teased a piledriver on the lid.  Amasis fought out but was nailed with a low blow.  He nailed a Canadian Destroyer on the lid and Amasis just rolled down the stairs and down the ramp to the ring.  Ophidian hurt his knee, so Ophidian called for interference.

Amasis was tossed back into the ring.  They placed the lid back on the Sarcophagus.  Ophidian held Amasis for a spear by Kobald, but Amasis moved.  Kobald destroyed his own ally with it. Kobald attacked Amasis and tried to put him into the Sarcophagus.  Amasis backdropped him off the stage and onto the ramp.

Back in the ring, Ophidian tried to hypnotize Amasis.  Amasis seemed to fall under the spell.  Ophidian ordered him to get into the Sarcophagus.  The crowd chanted, "Not like this!"  Amasis stepped into it and laid down.  Ophidian tried to close it but Amasis came to life, kicking his way out.  Ophidian seemed to be defeated at that point and screamed at Amasis to just kill him already.  Amasis ripped off the Ophidian mask, revealing an identical mask for Amasis underneth.  Amasis put him in and locked it.

Your winner, Amasis!

At times a little too long in the tooth, but a decent back and forth brawl with some nice moments.  Longtime CHIKARA fans will likely enjoy this the most. I was a little confused by the ending.

#AnniversarioNC, which is the promotion's hashtag for Twitter, is the top trending topic currently.

Gavin Loudspeaker vs. Tim Donst: Hair vs. Hair

Loudspeaker is the company ring announcer.  He had tried to stop Donst from abusing Jacob Hammermeier, which led to Donst cutting his hair (Donst had lost a hair vs. hair match last year, which started his current direction) and challenged Loudspeaker.     Loudspeaker actually did the ring announcements for the match, including himself.  He had been training at the CHIKARA school - I believe - is the storyline.

Loupdspeaker worked in regular tights.  He shocked Donst by pulling out a rana early but was obviously worked over a great bit.  Donst, who is a hell of a heel, chopped away at Loudspeaker's chest.    He tied up Loudspeaker in the ropes, nailed him and snapped him off into the ring.  He covered Loudspeaker in an insulting way but Gavin kicked up.

Donst shoved one of his seconds Steve The Turtle into Loudspeaker on the floor, smashing his shell into him.  Gavin was covered again for a two count.  Donst grabbed a pair of scissors in and cut some of the hair off Gavin, then ate it.  He whipped Gavin into the corner but was nailed with a weak elbow and a kick.  Loudspeaker jumped on his back and cinched in a sleeper.  He scissored Donst, but was backed up hard into the buckles.

Donst whipped him into the ropes but Loudspeaker turned it into a submission.  Donst was caught but finally broke free.   Donst grabbed him and slammed him hard into the buckles.   Donst had him beat but pulled him up at a two count.    He went to the top and called Jacob into the ring.  Jacob teased down something to Gavin but instead, after a lot of abuse over a lot of time, instead turned on Donst and drilled him with a big punch on the top.  Donst was out and stunned on the top.

Jacob walked out the front door of the venue.

Gavin puled himself up and in a lot of pain, made his way to Donst in the corner.   Loudspeaker nailed a superplex off the top.  Loudspeaker draped an arm over Donst and made the cover.  So, Donst just lost a hair vs. hair match a year after he first had his head shaved.

Your winner, Gavin Loudspeaker!

Steve the Turtle and Veronica both abandoned Donst after the match.  Veronica slapped him on the way out.  Donst shaved his own head in the middle of the ring.  Loudspeaker was out completely during all this.  He was dragged out of the ring and carried out by CHIKARA officials.


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