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By Mike Johnson on 2013-06-02 19:13:00
Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of CHIKARA's Anniversario iPPV from Philadelphia, PA at the Trocadero. 

I am starting a few minutes late due to issues with my Internet.  You can order the show at

There was a dark match before the show with Mr. Touchdown, who has an awesome football gimmick, retaining the Young Lions Cup over the masked Saturyne.

CColony: Xtreme Force (Missile Assault Ant, Arctic Rescue Ant, and Orbit Adventure Ant) vs. Frightmare & Hallowicked & Ultramantis Black.

As I started watching, Hallowicked was being worked over the Xtreme Force.   Ultramanatic tagged in and he and Hallowicked worked over Artic.  Hallowicked locked on the CHIKARA Special for the submission.

Your winners, Frightmare & Hallowicked & Ultramantis Black!

I didn't see the early portions of the bout but it looked to be pretty entertaining from what I saw on with some nice Lucha flavor.

The lighting is really dark.

They pushed a streaming video tonight at

Delirious vs. Dasher Hatfield

Hatfield does an old timer's baseball masked personality.

They went back and forth until Delirious cut him off.  Delirious tossed Hatfield to the floor,  He dove off the apron towards the floor but was nailed in the mid-section .  Hatfield came off the top with a double axehandle to the head.  Delirious cut him off with a headbutt to the mid-section and a suplex.  Delirious continued to work him over with chops.  He whipped Hatfield hard into the corner but was cut off with an elbow as he charged.

Hatfield came off the top but was nailed with a leaping headbutt to the mid-section.  Delirious charged but was cut off and placed on the top rope.  Hatfield drilled Delirious over with a Jackhammer.  Each man fought to get to their feets.  Hatfield nailed a series of forearms, sending Delirious to the outside.  He nailing a sliding kick to the outside on Delirious and then dove to the outside.   Hatfield escaped and nailed a Whirly Bird into a neckbreaker for a two count.  Nice move.

Back in the ring, Hatfield went for the Suicide Squeeze but it was turned into an abdominal stretch.

Hatfield charged Delirious but was nailed with a drop toehold in the corner.  Hatfield fought back and nailed a series of chops in the corner.  The referee broke them apart, allowing Kobald to hit the ring and attack Hatfield from behind.  Delirious came off the top with a splash and scored the pin.

Your winner, Delirious!

Nice back and forth bout.

The Colony vs. The Devastation Corporation.

Fire Ant, Green Ant & AssailANT are masked Ants.  Devastastion are a massive bruiser team who look even more physically impressive compared to the relatively smaller Colony.  There was a big angle last month where the Colony was laid out to set this up.  All six began brawling in the ring and on the ramp to the ring.  Smashmaster and Fire Ant brawled to the back.  They returned and Master tossed Ant from the stage onto everyone else brawling on the floor.  Smashmaster nailed a big splash on AssailANT for a two count.

The Corporation worked over Green Ant after he was able to tag in.  Ant ducked a big boot and nailed a series of kicks on his own.  Ant used a bicycle kick, sending him to the outside.  AssailANT nailed some offense but was caught with a Black Hole Slam after some interfere.  Green Ant made the save but was caught with a big tombstone by Smashmaster.  Rumblecrunch came off the top with a big shoulderblock.  Fie Ant nailed a high cross bodyblock and clotheslined one of the Devastation to the outside.  The other two overpowered him with a powerbomb and a back senton splash.

Fire Ant was picked up for a suplex but was caught with a neckbreaker.  Everyone ended up on the outside.  Green Ant went to a balcony on the second level of the building and dove off on everyone.  The lighting took away from the spot but you still had an idea of how impressive the dive was.  Back in the ring, The Colony nailed a triple dropkick and then hit a series of dives to the outside. 

The Colony went into the corner and built an "Ant Hill", i.e. set up a double decker spot.  The Devastation Corp's manager interfered, shoving Green Ant into the ring.  Green Ant was worked over but turned things into a Cloverleaf attempt.  The manager interfered again, distracting the referee, so Green Ant superkicked him.    Green Ant powered his opponent over with a massive German suplex and locked him in a Cloverleaf for the final submission.

Your winners, The Colony!

Really fun brawl mixed with some crazy spots.

CHIKARA noted the lighting issues and said they are working with the venue to try and resolve them.

They aired a promo to push the Amasis vs. Ophidian grudge match but the audio from the live crowd overpowered it and we couldn't hear it.

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