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By Mike Johnson on 2013-06-02 19:13:00

Derek Sabato, who refereed here, came out and said something on the mic about the "company that owns CHIKARA".  He was forced out by the other officials but left some sort of envelope in the ring.

CHIKARA Tag champions 3.0 vs. Jigaw & The Shard

Jigsaw and The Shard were controlled early by 3.0.  They nailed a double Russian legsweep on Shard and drilled Jigsaw with a tiltowhirl backbreaker.  The Shard shocked Scott Parker with a forward roll into a pin for the first fall.  The Shard then attacked his ankle to hurt him before the second fall could begin. 

Shane Matthews was left alone with Parker out on the floor, allowing the challengers to work him over.    He made a comeback and was able to score a pin, evening the two sides up.

The Shard nailed a double stomp off the ropes on Parker's chest but Matthews broke it up at the last second.  Jigsaw was nailed onto the apron outside.  Shard and Parkee battled back and forth inside the ring.   3.0  nailed the Hart Attack.  Shard was lcked in a Boston Crab but Jigsaw tried to interfere.  Matthews saw him coming and speared him.  They battled back and forth.  The Shard locked in a leg submission on a knocked out Matthews.

Your winners and new CHIKARA Tag Team champions Jigsaw & The Shard!

Really good back and forth tag match with a nice story told.  My stream was really locking up on me, so I wasn't able to go as in-depth as I wanted here.

They plugged that the 2012 National Pro Wrestling Day is coming.  I loved that first one.

Grand champion of CHIKARA Eddie Kingston vs. Icarus

The storyline is that Icarus had asked Marty Jannetty to be in his corner because Jannetty winning the IC title inspired him to become a wrestler.  He came out wearing an outfit with a color scheme obviously inspired by Jannetty in the 1990s.  I don't see Jannetty there but they said a chair was in the first row for him.

They locked up and Icarus grabbed a waistlock.  Kingston slipped out and they had some nice back and forth wrestling.   Kingston grabbed an anklelock but Icarus grabbed the ropes.  Icarus gained control and scored several two counts.  Kingston cut him off with a Uranage into an over the knee backbreaker.  They ended up on the floor where Kingston grabbed a wrench but it was taken from him.  Kingston nailed an inverted DDT on the apron outside.

Back in the ring, Kingston whipped Icarus hard into the buckles.  Kingston locked in a Dragon Sleeper and nailed a double stomp across the back.   Kingston scored several two counts.  He tied up Icarus on the ropes and worked him over.  He sent Icarus into the ropes but was kicked and nailed out of nowhere with a Pedigree.

Icarus unloaded with a series of chops and a rana for a two count.  He nailed a German suplex with a bridge for another two count.  Icarus nailed a running DVDR into the corner for a two count.  Kingston came back with a powerbomb for a two count.  Kingston battled Icarus and went to nail a move but ref Bryce Remsberg was nailed instead and was laid out on the floor.  It was obviously accidental.

Kingston went to the floor and took the chair reversed for Marty Jannetty.  He brought the chair into the ring.  He slammed it over Icarus' back but Icarus absorbed the shot and tried to fire up.  He was nailed again and again before finally going down to the mat, hurt.  Kingston nailed a knee to the back of the head and covered him with Icarus kicked out at the last second.

Kingston nailed a Saito suplex and covered him but again Icarus kicked out at the last second.  Icarus fired back and nailed a head scissors, drilling Kingston to the mat and locked on a submission.  The ref began to count Kingston's arms down but Condor Security, a slew of men in black suits hit the ring and dragged everyone out and then began destroying the CHIKARA set.      The idea was that Wink Vavasseur, who has control of the company ordered this done.  The stream them abruptly went to black as if they were pulled off the air. 

Apparently, there is no contest.

And there you have it. CHIKARA ends abruptly, Sopranos style. We'll see what the future holds.

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