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By Dave Scherer on 2013-05-19 20:01:36

The crowd seems much more pro-Cena than usual. Hope their hearts break now. ... Ryback is in control early. Cena is selling the bad leg, you know the one he didn't sell earlier when he showed it was OK? Well, it's hurt now people! I guess. Don't ask me to make sense of the way they book him. Anyway, Ryback is in control. Cena is fighting to get up before the ten count.

Ryback is KILLING Cena. He just slammed him through a table. One of two things will happen. One, they will MAKE Ryback. Or, they will have Cena come back and kill him. I hope it's the former. I fear it's the latter. ... Cena made a brief comeback and the crowd booed loudly. I like them. It didn't last long, Ryback just go an 8. ... After all that, Cena hit a sit out powerbomb and almost won. OY. Cena then catches Ryback in a choke, but he powers out.... Cena is selling like he is dead. But out of nowhere he got an STF. Cena got out of Ryback's finisher, but Ryback then hit it. 9 count. ... On the floor they took out the barricade. Plunder ensued as Ryback blasted Cena. ... If Ryback loses now, Vince McMahon needs to be put out to pasture. ... Cena jumps on Ryback and puts him in a Sleeper as Ryback walks around ringside. Then he goes down. Can Ryback get up? He can! ... Cena put him on a table. Cena went up to the first row of the crowd and put him through it. Cool spot. The work here has been good. Can they book the right finish and have Ryback go over? .... Cena just tipped his hand and tested the fire extinguisher before he used it on Ryback. And he used it a lot. I mean A LOT. Once he emptied it he drove it into (close to) Ryback's face, and then his head. Down goes Ryback. But he gets up! Cena going for the FU when Ryback counters and puts him through the stage grid. Great stuff. ... Charles Robinson won't run through the plunder so he took the long way. When he got there they were both out. They are calling for medics. But they aren't counting. Neither guy is moving. The crowd is sensing a bad finish when Ryback gets to his feet with help from refs but Cena is still down. They are gonna stretcher him. I think the crowd is chanting a different version of "cow guano". Ryback is up. Cena is on a stretcher. If he doesn't get the title, WTF? The announcers are talking in hushed "this is serious" voices. Still no call.

We just got a Payback promo. It looks like we may get no finish. If so, that is BS for sure. Ryback got up, Cena didn't. Yep, no finish. That is BULL. We paid 45 bucks for this. We deserve a finish. That is a horsecrap finish to a really good match. WWE screwed the pooch on the finish. Unless they make Ryback the champ on Raw. He was the last man standing. Check the instant replay Vince.

Time for the main event. Brock Lesnar and Triple H in a cage. It's an old school cyclone fence cage too, FYI. Brock came out first but before he could even get in the cage, H attacked him and Paul Heyman from behind.

This was an excellent match from start to finish. They told a great story on both sides of the ring. Brock got the win and Triple H took a long time getting up afterwards. They now need to have the rubber match now. This was the best match on the show. Off to do the post game!

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