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By Dave Scherer on 2013-05-19 20:01:36

Swagger was in control early and they started asking ADR if he wanted to quit. He couldn't lose a match that fast. Sheesh, wait until they are beaten a bit. ... Swagger was selling his left arm early but used a kendo stick on him and quickly forgot about it. They are asking both guys way too soon if they want to quit. It is pissing me off to be honest.

Swagger kept beating on ADR with the stick and the ref kept asking him if he wanted to quit. ADR said no. They obviously NEVER saw Tully vs. Magnum. ... ADR got Swagger in the armbreaker but Jack used the mic to break it. Cool spot. ... Swagger kept beating on Del Rio, yelling give up. ADR said no. Then he came back and hit a superkick. Jack didn't want to quit. They don't get that when you ask every thirty seconds, it doesn't mean much. ... ADR got the stick and went to work on Swagger. He doesn't want to quit though, of course. ... Swagger did a couple of gut wrenched powerbombs. Guess what they asked ADR? Guess what he said? Suddenly he rolled Swagger into the Cross Arm Breaker. He didn't want to quit. Why? Because in a second he reversed it into an ankle lock. ADR doesn't want to quit. Come on, why would he? You have only asked him 76 times Kioda. There is plenty of time left. Oh wait, maybe not. Zeb just took Ricardo's towel and threw it in, so see RR gave up for ADR. Before you can say, "They can't let that lame ass finish stand" a second ref came out and explained what happen. Kioda went and asked for an instant replay! That is a first, but it begs the question how will they ignore the instrant replay in the future? You just opened Pandora's Box WWE. The match continues if Alberto can continue. Amazingly, neither ref asked either man if they want to quit. Alberto can continue! And he quickly got the Armbreaker. Swagger tried to power out but couldn't. Instead, he quit. ... The right guy won. There were WAY too many "do you want to quits". And the Box is now open on replay, unless Vince just ignores it from here on out. ... They worked hard and I would have liked it more if they didn't keep asking them if they wanted to quit after just doing transition spots.

Ryback says the difference between him and John Cena is that Ryback tells the truth and Cena is a liar. He will be the last man standing tonight. He should have been champion six months ago but since The Rock was coming in to win the title, he couldn't. He said it in code. That ends tonight.

This will shock you, WWE is asking people on Twitter if using instant replay was a good thing or not. OY! Next month's PPV will probably be a Tout.

Texas Tornado Time: Team Hell No vs. Reigns and Rollins. ... There is a lot of action early on. Daniel Bryan is flying all over the place showing that he is a really good sports entertainer. ... Of course, that is because he was the one to get pinned! Reigns put him on his shoulders and Rollins came off with a leg to the throat. Kane was out on the floor. New tag champions. Ambrose came and joined them after the match. So now they all have gold. Let's hope it means something for them. ... The match was fun and solid, but it was too quick and all action, no story.  

They showed a clip of Miz vs. Cody. You missed nothing. Then they did a Voice throwback to the post show talk team. Whatever.

Time for St. Louis' own Randy Orton vs. The Big Show. ... Big Show was in control with plunder early on. ... Big Show set Orton up on the a ladder and he did so in such a delicate way that Orton didn't even feel it. Show went up top and came down with an elbow. Randy moved. Two count only. Orton gets up and hits a DDT on Show when his legs were on the ropes. He primed up the crowd and hit the RKO. Two count only. ... OK, this got good so I just started watching and not typing. Sorry. ... At the end, Orton brought back the punt! He nailed Show with it and got the win. ... This was actually a MATCH and easily the best thing on the show. I wish everything preceded it was this good.

John Cena found the one guy that really could keep him down: HHH! Cena vs. Ryback is next. Could it be that Cena is gonna LOSE? If Ryback decimates Cena and leaves him laying, with no excuse for Superman, I will flip my opinion on this show in a second. Hey WWE, it's PG to have the hero actually have to fight to chase his nemesis. Let's do it.

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