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By Mike Johnson on 2013-05-19 22:50:00

Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio: I Quit Match

Zeb Colter cut a promo on the government for letting the IRS target certain groups and for tapping the AP's phones.  He asked who was going to jail and ripped on the fans for allowing it to happen.  He blamed St. Louis and The Cardinals for allowed foreign born players to come here and then take their money back home.  He said that when fans support them and Alberto Del Rio, it just proves they have given up on America.  He promised Swagger would make Del Rio quit in two languages and send him back to Mexico.  They are then going to go hunting for Dolph Ziggler and the World title.  Great promo.  Colter is great.

They started out hit with Swagger being clotheslined over the top to the floor and Del Rio nailing a tope to the outside.  Del Rio began using a Singapore Cane.  Swagger got the better of it and worked Alberto over but he didn't want to quit.  Swagger exposed the metal under the barrier and tried to suplex Del Rio onto it but Swagger was sent into the stairs and worked over but he refused to quit.

They returned to the ring where Swagger worked him over hard with the cane.  He choked Del Rio against the ringpost but Alberto refused.  Swagger began focusing his attack on Del Rio's leg as a way to soften it up for the Patriot Act.  Del Rio finally blocked an attack but was quickly cut off and tied up in the ropes.  Swagger beat him again and again with the cane but Del Rio refused to quit.  He was released from the ropes and grabbed Swagger in the armbreaker while hanging over the ropes.  There was no rope break but Swagger finally nailed him with the stick to break it.

Del Rio was worked over but ducked a running kick.  Del Rio unloaded a ton of offensive maneuvers.   He tied up Swagger against the ropes and beat him with the cane, then nailed a backstabber with it while using the cane for additional leverage.

Swagger came back with an amateur takedown.  Swagger nailed a Vader splash out of the corner, followed by a Doctor Bomb.  Del Rio refused to quit.   Swagger nailed another Doctor Bomb but again, Del Rio would not quit.  He grabbed the cross armbreaker out of nowhere.  Swagger turned that into the Patriot Act.  Swagger scissored it in the center of the ring.  Ricardo teased throwing in the towel and was told not to do it by Del Rio.  Colter grabbed it off the apron and threw it in the ring.    The ref rang the bell, not seeing who threw it into the ring.

Ricardo protested and a second referee came into the ring.  The ref explained that Ricardo did not throw the towel.    The referee asked to see an instant replay on a monitor.  The referee ruled that if Alberto can continue, they will restart the match.  They did a deal with Alberto dramatically pulled himself up and agreed to continue.

Swagger attacked him in the corner but was kicked off.  Del Rio kicked him and nailed the rolling cross armbreaker.     Swagger tried to roll over and power out but Del Rio pulled him back over.  Swagger finally quit.

Your winner, Alberto Del Rio!

Del Rio is now the number one contender to the World title.

Good match with some really vicious shots and good storytelling and brawling but they were really overbearing with the referee asking about submissions immediately to the point of ridiculousness. The instant replay deal come off unique but now if every screwy finish from this point on doesn't get overturned....

Ryback cut a promo backstage.  He said that he tells the truth.  He says that Cena is a liar and Ryback should have been champion six months ago.  He said that it didn't happen because certain people play by their rules.  Tonight, Ryback Rules.  He said  Cena isn't getting up because he isn't going to let it happen.

Ryback cut a promo backstage.  He said that he tells the truth.  He says that Cena is a liar and Ryback should have been champion six months ago.  He said that it didn't happen because certain people play by their rules.  Tonight, Ryback Rules.  He said  Cena isn't getting up because he isn't going to let it happen.

WWE Tag Team champions Team Hell No vs. The Shield.

All four are legal.  Bryan drilled Rollins with a great clothesline and cinched in a bow and arrow.  Kane worked over Reigns in the corner.   Pretty much just brawling with no flow early.  The Shield took out Bryan and then hit a double suplex on Kane. 

They set up Bryan for a Superbomb but he nailed a rana off the top.  Kane grabbed both by the throat and forced them over the top to the floor.  Bryan nailed a tope to the floor on both.  Kane and Bryan brought the challengers to the ring and worked them over.  They each charged the opposite corner nailing their opponents and then double teamed them.  Kane went to the top and nailed a clothesline.

Bryan locked in the No Lock.  Reign nailed Kane and broke the No Lock.  Kane chokeslammed Reigns but was speared by Rollins.  Reigns began working over Bryan in the corner but Kane attacked him.  Kane went for a tombstone but Reigns slipped over and shoved him into Bryan.  Kane went for a chokeslam but Rollins came off with a flying knee.  Reigns speared Kane but Bryan broke it up at two.

Bryan began killing him with knees to the chest.  Reigns rolled him up but Bryan turned it into the No Lock.  Rollins nailed him.  Reigns held him in a Torture Rack.  Rollins came off with the flying kneedrop and killed Bryan.  The Shield scored the win.

Your winners and new WWE Tag Team champions, The Shield!

OK match.  There was no real flow to this but some of the latter sequences were very good.  Crowd was really into this one.  Nice to see The Shield continue to flourish.  Loved their finisher.

Thus far, a very eh show.

Big Show vs. Randy Orton: Extreme Rules

They went to the floor really early.  Orton used a Singapore Cane.  Show was thrashed with it but got it away and broke it.  Then, he didn't use it as a weapon, because, well, it's WWE.

Orton grabbed another from under the ring and beat Show with it.  Show got it and broke it again.  Show worked him over by the announcers and went to ram Orton into the ringpost but Orton slipped behind him and shoved Show into the post.

Orton pulled a ladder out from under the ring.  He went to bring it to Show but had it slammed into his face.  Show brought him into the ring and locked in an armbar.  EXTREME!  Orton mounted a comeback but was caught and slammed down by Show for a two count.

Show brought a ladder and several chairs into the ring.  He set up the ladder on the chairs and then hit a sideslam on Orton for a two count.  He then placed Orton on the ladder for a Vader bomb off the ropes.  Orton rolled out of the way and Show landed on the ladder.

Orton worked over Show and his hometown got really into it.  He nailed the RKO for a two count.  Orton continued working over Show but was caught with a spear.  Orton came back with an RKO on the chair.  Orton set up for the punt kick and nailed it.  First time in a while he's done that move.  Orton scored the pin.

Your winner, Randy Orton!

Orton was super over in his hometown and it was entertaining to watch him reacting to that.  The match was OK but again, nothing really over the top amazing, which has been the theme here.  For an Extreme show, it's been more pedestrian than anything else you'd expect.  Just some weapons shots.

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