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By Mike Johnson on 2013-05-19 22:50:00

Steel Cage: Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H

Triple H attacked Lesnar as he walked to the ring then nailed Paul Heyman.  HHH tossed Lesnar in and came off the ropes with a shot.  They noted the new cage and said it was a foot taller and reinforced for Lesnar.

HHH sent Lesnar into the cage several times and nailed a spinebuster.    He went for the Pedigree but Lesnar reversed it and shot HHH into the cage. 

They noted UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes was at ringside.

HHH and Lesnar battled near the cage and Lesnar smashed him backward into the cage.   He grabbed HHH and launched him into the cage.  The shots into the cage were more vicious than 99% of the rest of this show.  HHH finally escaped one and shoved Lesnar into the cage.  He worked him over with right hands and a big clothesline.

Lesnar shot HHH into the cage again and charged him with a high knee.  Lesnar missed and drilled his knee into the cage.  He went down and immediately said, "Paul, my knee."  He went after HHH and nailed an over the shoulder powerslam.  He immediately screamed and sold the knee and told Heyman, "My knee broke."

Lesnar was selling the knee, allowing HHH to recover and realize the weakness.  He went right after the knee and drilled Lesnar's face into his own knee.  HHH went for a Pedigree but Lesnar locked on a Kimura.  HHH began beating on his knee to get Lesnar to release it.  HHH went for Lesnar but was clotheslined.

Heyman had the cage door opened and told Lesnar to get out.  Lesnar began limping out but HHH chopblocked him.  HHH tried to get out of the cage but Heman slammed the door in his face.  Lesnar nailed the F5 for a two count.  Lesnar asked for a chair and Heyman went to retrieve it.  He shoved the referee away in order to get it to Brock.

Lesnar used the chair with several stiff shots across HHH's back.   Lesnar's knee buckled when he went for a move and HHH drilled it.  HHH grabbed the chair and killed Lesnar with a shot across the back that was more vicious than anything on the entire show.  He then drilled Lesnar with more shots across the leg.

Lesnar tried to go back to the Kimura but HHH rammed him into the corner.  Lesnar grabbed his leg and snapped it, then locked on a figure four leglock in the center.   Lesnar tried to fight his way out but HHH beat on his bad leg.  Lesnar grabbed the ropes but it didn't mean a break.  Heyman told him to turn it, which he finally did.

Lesnar tried to scale the cage and made it to the top but as he got there, HHH drilled him with a chair across the leg.  Lesnar dropped back into the cage where he and HHH battled on the top rope.  Lesnar was nailed and crashed into the ring.  HHH revealed he had hidden a sledgehammer at the top of the cage but before he could use it, Lesnar nailed him and HHH crashed into the ring.

Lesnar grabbed the sledgehammer but HHH nailed him and locked in a Sharpshooter.  Heyman entered the cage but was drilled by a HHH kick and nailed with a Pedigree.  HHH caught Lesnar coming with a hammer shot and nailed a Pedigree but Lesnar kicked up.

HHH grabbed the sledgehammer but Heyman nailed him with a low blow.  Lesnar was hobbling but used the sledgehammer to drill HHH in the jaw.  Lesnar pulled HHH up, nailed the F5 and scored the pin.

Your winner, Brock Lesnar!

A hell of a main event.  Far and away the best thing on the show.  Nothing comes even remotely close.  This was vicious, brutal and it told a really well done story.    It was in another world in comparison to everything that came before it.

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