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By Mike Johnson on 2013-05-19 22:50:00

WWE champion John Cena vs. Ryback: Last Man Standing

Ryback shoulderblocked Cena down early.  Cena tried to mount some offense but was shoulderblocked down again.  Ryback controlled the match early but was kicked off as he charged Cena in the corner.  Cena leapt off the buckles but was caught and slammed.  The referee began counting Cena out.  Cena got up at the six count and Ryback pounced on him, beating him down.  The referee began counting Cena out again.

Cena returned to his feet but Ryback grabbed him and pressed and dropped him.   Cena slowly pulled himself to his feet at the eight count.  Ryback charged but Cena dropped down and Ryback flew over the ropes to the floor.  Cena pulled a table into the ring as Ryback was outside recovering.

Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment when Ryback returned to the ring but was caught and spiked down.  Ryback saw the table and set it up in the corner.  Cena tried to mount some offense and nailed a sholderblock but was caught and hit with a Fall Away Slam into the table.

Cena avoided a charge in the corner and nailed a pumphandle slam on Ryback.  Ryback cut him off almost immediately with a shoulderblock to the mid-section.  Cena came back with a powerbomb.    He charged Ryback in the corner and leapt on him but they apparently forgot what the hell was supposed to happen as time stood still.  Fans began chanting for CM Punk live.  Ryback slammed Cena down.  This is just not good.

Cena locked in the STF.  Ryback passed out in the move far too quickly for anyone to buy it.  Cena pulled another table into the ring.  Ryback grabbed him and slammed him to the mat.  Ryback grabbed him for Shellshock but Cena slipped out and hit the AA through the table.  Ryback made it to his feet at nine.

Cena went to the top but Ryback caught him and nailed Shellshock.   Ryback recovered.  He took over on Cena and pulled him over to the ringpost.  He grabbed the chair to hit Cena's bad ankle with but was kicked into the barrier.  Cena speared him through the barrier, which exploded under the force of the move.

Cena crawled into the audience with Ryback following.   They battled in front of some production equipment.  Ryback removed a piece of the wall section from the Arena set up and nailed Cena with it.  That was unique.  Cena recovered at nine.   Cena locked on a sleeper as Ryback tried to walk towards several workers with laptops.  Ryback dropped to his knees.  Cena placed him on an empty table and went into the first level of the crowd, leaping off with a splash.  Cena came up selling his mid-section.

Cena grabbed a fire extinguisher and squirted Ryback with it several times.  They ended up on the entrance stage.  Cena squirted him and teased nailing Ryback with it.  Cena nailed him but Ryback returned to his feet.  Cena nailed him again but Ryback returned to his feet at seven.   Cena went for an AA off the stage but Ryback slipped out, grabbed Cena and speared him through the digital light boards of the set.  Charles Robinson sold it like WTF am I supposed to do, before running around the set to the back.  That was a cool spot.

We went to a shot backstage of Ryback and Cena both out cold.  Cena was laid out across some metal rigging.  Ryback was out on the floor.   EMTS began checking on them.  The crowd began booing the idea that this was the finish.     Ryback was walked off by referees.   They actually put Cena on a stretcher and a neck brace and stretchered him out.  Cena sold it like he was out cold.

The crowd must have spotted Mick Foley because they began chanting for Foley.

The stunt at the end was a cool visual but to have that as the finish of an "extreme" PPV is pretty ridiculous, especially since it's a Last Man Standing match.  Technically, Cena should have been counted out and Ryback, who was walked out, should have won.  In a lot of ways, this was pretty the story of this PPV.  It was advertised of having a concept that WWE today just can't deliver. 

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