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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-23 18:16:33

Psycho Circus - Team Apollyon (Apollyon & Dickie Rodz & Rex Lawless & Ryan Rush) vs. Team Big O (Big O & Mikey Whipwreck & Stockade & Alvin Alvarez

If O's team wins, he becomes the NYWC champion.  If Apollyon's team wins, he retains.

The first out were Rex Lawless and Stockade.  They brawled on the floor, where Lawless was slammed in the aisle and around the ring before they entered the ring.  Stockade nailed a legdrop on the apron.  Stockade stuck acupuncture sticks in Lawlesss' head.  Victor Cruz tried to attack Stockade with a Singapore Cane but was laid out.  Lawless attacked Stockade ad worked him over.  He missed a big boot in the corner and caught himself in the corner.  

Stockade worked him over.  Stockade charged him in the corner with a squash.  He placed a chair on Lawless' chest and hit a cannonball in the corner.  He went back to the needles in the head.

Ryan Rush entered the fray for Team Apollyon using a chair and a series of kicks on Stockade.  Rush nailed a series of kicks.  Lawless and Rush beat him down.  They beat him with the cane.

Entering the ring to even up the odds was Alvin Alvarez.  He legdropped Lawless after placing a chair on him.  Stockade and Rush battled on the floor with a cane.  Stockade and Alvarez regained the control and used bowling balls, bowling them into Lawless' groin as he was trapped in the corner.

Dickie Rodz came out to make it three on two, working over the heroes.  He choked Stockade on the floor.  Lawless slammed Alvarez on a chair.   They all worked over Alvarez.   Stockade was ripped across the barbed wire strands on one side of the ring.

Mikey Whipwreck came out and tossed several trash cans and a tub of ice into the ring.  It turned into plunder city.  Stockade placed a trash can over Lawless' head and beat it with a stick.  Whipwreck spewed green mist into Rodz' face.  Lots of violence.

Out came NYWC champion Apollyon.  He shattered a keyboard over Stockade's face.  His team took control and worked over Team Big O as the audience chanted for O.  Alvarez was sat in the corner and they beat him down with a chair and cane shots..

Finally, the Big O hit the ring, at which point there could be a fall.   He hit the ring with a heavy bar bell and used it as a weapon.  O cleaned house.  Lawless pulled a ladder into the mix.  Apollyon strangled O with his boot.  They worked him over four on one.  O was sent to the floor as Whipwreck returned to the fray.  He nailed a Whuppersnapper on Ryan Rush and scored the pin.

Rush has been eliminated.

Rodz beat down O on the floor, stomping him.    Stockade and Whipwreck battled with Lawless and Rush.  Stockade was sent into the barbed wire.   On the floor, O made a comeback using a chair and drilled Apollyon with a street sign.

Stockade missed  a splash and landed on a ladder bridged in the corner.  Alvarez was pinned by Apollyon with a Blac Hole Slam.   Everyone continued to battle around the ring  Stockade nailed a DVDR on Apollyon.

Mikey tried to backdrop Rodz over the top through a table but he landed on his feet.  They battled atop the table and they crashed through it.  They were both ruled eliminated.

Stockade drilled Apollyon with several chairs to the head.   He then nailed a belly to belly suplex on a ladder.  Stockade followed up with a big lariat for a two count.   Lawless worked over O on the floor.

A piece of steel cage, several chairs, a ladder and more were tossed into the ring.  They placed the cage over several chairs.  Stockade fought off Lawless but was crotched on the top and slammed through the cage, pinned.

O was left against Lawless and Apollyon.  They beat the hell out of him.    O was placed on a table but fought them off.  O suplexed Lawless on a ladder and pinned him.

It was down to O and Apollyon.  The crowd chanted for O.  Apollyon worked him over and set up a ladder.   Apollyon climbed up but O slipped underneath and powerbombed him off the ladder for a two count.   O chokeslammed him through  a table and scored the pin.

Your winner and new NYWC champion, Big O!

Really insane, chaotic main event with a good back and forth story and TONS of plunder.  O was king of the kingdom tonight and now he's got a crown as well.

O tried to give a speech but was attacked by Apollyon's crew. Tony Nese made the save with a chair. O celebrated and Nese drilled him in the head with the chair. Nese took the mic and said, "You people did this. This is each and every one of your's fault." The crowd chanted "a**hole." Nese said that was exactly his point.

Nese said that he built NYWC and is the reason it's on the map. He said that he's been here for seven years busting his ass. Trent Baretta disappears for five years and gets a louder pop than Nese when he returns. He said that this piece of sh** is here for a year and the only reason anyone cares about him is the other piece of sh** Zack Ryder put him ion Youtube. He said screw Baretta, O and F*** all the fans. Nese walked out. Some fans were throwing things at the ring during all this. Nice heel turn.

Thanks for logging in with tonight/

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