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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-23 18:16:33

NYWC Tag Team champions Alex Reynolds & John Silver vs. Chuck Taylor & Jigsaw

Silver worked over Jigsaw with submissions and a curb stomp.   He brought him into the champs' corner, where Reynolds tagged in and cleaned house with a double dropkick.

Taylor tagged in and pushed Reynolds into the corner.  Reynolds caught him with a deep armdrag and armbar.  He controlled Taylor and scored several near falls. 

Jigsaw tagged in and charged Silver.  He was placed on the ropes but Taylor nailed Silver with a kick.   Silver came back and drilled Taylor into the buckles over and over, nailed into Jigsaw's nether-regions.   The champs snapmared Taylor over and locked him in a double stump puller.  They then locked in a double chinlock on the challengers after forcing them to lock each other's legs in a weird spot.

Reynolds worked over Taylor with a series of chops and tied him up in the ropes.   Jigsaw cut him off and began stomping the hell out of him.  Taylor left and sat in the front row as Jigsaw worked over Reynolds.    Taylor tagged in and stomped away on him.  He sent Reynolds into the ropes and nailed a big dropkick for a two count.

Jigsaw punched Reynolds with a series of punches in the corner but was caught with an inverted atomic drop.   Jigsaw came back with a dropkick while rebounding off the ropes.   He antagonized Silver so the referee would be distracted, allowing the challengers to work over Reynolds for a two count.

Jigsaw went for a piledriver but was backdropped over.  Silver tagged in and cleaned house with clotheslines and a double sliced bread #2.  He nailed a big tope con hilo to the outside on Taylor, landing on his feet in the first row.   Silver went for a springboard move but was cut off.

Taylor drilled Reynolds with a series of moves for a two count.  They went into an awesome series of near falls.  Silver took an insane back suplex off the top.  Taylor hit him with a spinning powerbomb but Reynolds broke it up.  Good stuff.  Taylor went to the top but was crotched.  Silver hit a reverse rana on Jigsaw.  Reynolds drilled him and scored the pin.

Your winners and still NYWC Tag Team champions, Alex Reynolds & John Silver!

Really good match!

Smith James and Bill Carr hit the ring and took their guaranteed tag team title shot right now.  They tossed Reynolds hard over the top to the floor and double teamed Silver.

They beat the hell out of Silver.  Reynolds returned to the apron but was clotheslined to the floor again by Carr.   They kept working over Silver, who kicked out.  Silver finally came back with a German suplex with a bridge for a two count.  He nailed Carr with a diving forearm in the corner but James nailed him with a Michinoku Driver and pinned him.

Your winners and new NYWC Tag Team champions Smith James & Bill Carr!

Trent Baretta vs. NYWC Fusion champion Tony Nese

This is Baretta's return to the company where he trained and he and Nese were partners here, so there is a backstory as well.

They had some really good back and forth wrestling sequences.   They went into a test of strength.   Baretta was forced down and tried to bridge up but was nailed by Nese.  Nese drilled him in the gut with his knees.  Baretta nailed a rana and a deep armdrag. 

Nese avoided several moves and they went back and forth counter wrestling and reversing each other until Nese locked him in a submission with a leglock.  Baretta came back with a series of chops and a back elbow for a two count.  Baretta looked really crisp.

Nese was cut off on the top and knocked to the apron.  Nese drilled him with an elbow, sending him into the guard rail.  Nese hit a dive to the floor.   They battled on the floor with Nese beating him down with chops against the guard rail.  Nese tossed him back in the ring for a two count and cinched in a rear chinlock.

Nese controlled him on the mat.  Baretta fired back but Nese took out his legs and nailed a double springboard moonsault.  Nese used a body scissors to wear him down.  Baretta fought back but was chopped down.  Nese went for a suplex but Baretta escaped.  They battled to the ropes and Baretta suplexed Nese over the top and they both went over to the floor.  That was nuts.

They recovered and battled back and forth when they returned to the ring.  Baretta nailed a leg lariat and a leaping elbow.  He nailed a big missile dropkick. Nese avoided an Irish Whip, slipped under and nailed a sit down powerbomb for a two count.

Nese went for a springboard move and was dropkicked out of the air.   Nese ducked a kick and went on the offense with some amazing kicks and strikes.  Nese went for a 450 splash but Baretta pulled his knees up.  Baretta nailed him with a lariat for a two count.

Nese drilled him with a powerbomb in the corner and a running Facewash.   Nese placed him on the top rope and went for a superplex.  Baretta battled him off and they went into an awesome series of near falls.  This match is terrific and better than anything Baretta had the chance to show on WWE TV.

Nese came back with a series of knees and kicks in the corner but Baretta fired back with kicks of his own.  They went back and forth with insane strikes until Baretta nailed a clothesline that sent Nese flipping head over feet to the mat.  Baretta nailed a back piledriver for a two count.  The crowd went back and forth with chants for each man.

Nese suplexed Baretta into the buckles.  Nese drilled him with a knee to the face.   Nese hit a 450 splash off the top for the win.

Your winner and still NYWC Fusion champion, Tony Nese!

Absolutely great match.  Go out of your way to see this.  WWE's loss is the indy's gain.  Baretta came in with something to prove and boy, did he.  Nese, as always, was just great.


They embraced after the match.

Papadon vs. Mike Mondo vs. Jerry Lynn

They introduced the NYWC Commissioner Forge as the special referee.

The fans tossed streamers for Lynn and chanted "Thank you Jerry."  They then chanted for ECW.  All three faced off.  They went into a series of reversals and back and forths.  Lynn grabbed a side headlock takedown on Papadon and nailed a head scissor takeover on Mondo at the same time.  They went back and forth until all three went for a dropkick at the same time, then faced off.

Lynn nailed a series of hiptosses on each, running them out of the ring.  Forge then hit him with a hiptoss.  All three said he was nuts and argued who was going to get back in the ring first with him.  Lynn was slammed into the apron and Papadon and Mondo battled.  Papadon drilled Mondo with a kick to the face but was nailed by Lynn.  Lynn hit a dive to the floor.  Mondo then hit a moonsault over the top to the floor.  

Mondo and Papadon battled back and forth.  Lynn returned and went back and forth with Papadon.  Papadon nailed a sideslam but Mondo drilled him.  Papadon went for a diving headbutt but missed.

Lynn nailed a clothesline on Mondo but ate one from Papadon.  Mondo then drilled Papadon with a running boot.  The referee counted everyone down but they regained their footing around seven.  Mondo suplexed Lynn over for a two count.   Papadon caught him charging into the corner with an elbow and nailed a leg lariat for a two count.

Papadon drilled Mondo in the chest with a series of kicks.   Mondo caught him with a double knee strike to the chests.   He grabbed Lynn and nailed a series of knee strikes to the face.  Lynn fought back and nailed a TKO for a two count.    Mondo caught Lynn with a jawbreaker.  He went to the top but Papadon crotched him. 

Lynn and Mondo battled on the top.  Papadon returned and it turned into a big Tower of Doom spot.     Lynn nailed a Kryptonite Krunch on Mondo for a two count.  Papadon nailed a series of moves and drilled Mondo.  Mondo nailed a top rope rana.  Lynn nailed Mondo with the cradle piledriver but Papadon broke it up.

Papadon nailed Lynn with a brainbuster and scored the pin.

After the bout, Papadon paid tribute to him, saying Lynn can claim all he wants that he's broken down and done but when the amount of people who keep saying he still has it say it, he's still the man and praised him for his work in the ring and how he carries himself in the ring.

They played a video tribute to Lynn.

The entire roster came to the ring to pay tribute to him. Lynn cut a really nice promo saying that it's all smoke and mirrors and he's done. He said the only thing that sucks about retiring is that after 25 years every show is a family reunion and praised everyone in NYWC. He said it's like watching his kids grow up on the road and thanked everyone. Lynn was obviously very moved. It was an awesome scene.

Still to come:

*Psycho Circus - Team Apollyon (Apollyon & Dickie Rodz & Rex Lawless & Ryan Rush) vs. Team Big O (Big O & Mikey Whipwreck & Stockade & Alvin Alvarez

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