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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-23 18:16:33
Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of The New York Wrestling Connection's 2013 Psycho Circus, taking place at the NYWC Sportatorium in Deer Park, NY.

Joker's Wild Battle Royal: Bradon Knight, Victor Cruz, Jesse Vain, Jayred,  CJ Antonino, Danny P, Justin & Dustin Corino, Dan Barry,  Lance Anoai, Matthew Justice, King Mega, Dr. Porter, Dirty Moore, Jethro & JT Dirty

John Silver came out wearing an alien mask and began dancing.  Everyone in the battle royal did the Harlem Shuffle, then began battling.  Silver then walked out.

Everyone battled and it was your typical battle royal with the crowd really into it.  Lance was tossed over the top but grabbed a pole in the building, like a steel girder and climbed it to save himself.  He landed on the apron and was superkicked off.  Nice spot.

As the competitors began to disappear, Mega and Porter were the two largest men left.  Mega nailed him with a sideslam.   He then chokeslammed Porter.  Knight was backdropped over the top to the floor.  Porter was tossed over by Mega.

Marti Belle distracted Mega to allow Justice to shove him over the top.  Jesse Vain then tossed him over the top.  Justice hit the rails hard on the way down.

Your winner, Jesse Vain!

Vain now gets to challenge for any NYWC title anytime he wishes.

Fun battle royal.

Smith James & Bill Carr vs. DJ Phat Pat & Francis Kipland Stevens vs. Reckless & Wasted to become number one contenders for NYWC Tag Team titles

Kipland controlled one of the Wasted  and shoulderblocked him down.  Kipland plays a scrawny, fiesty nerd.  He was slammed down for a one count.    Kipland came back to trip him for a two count and then used an inside cradle for another near fall.

Phat Pat tagged in and controlled the other member of Wasted, including a back splash against the ropes.   It turned into a six way brawl with each team nailing a double dropkick on James and Carr.

Pat nailed a dive through the ropes on James and Carr as Kipland dove off the top to the floor on Wasted.  When they returned to the ring, Smith and Carr took control, working over Reckless.  The crowd began chanting, "Let's get wasted."

Pat tagged in and squashed James in the corner.  He then caught him with a Black Hole Slam for a two count.   Pat ate an RKO.   Kipland nailed an Acid Drop but was pulled out of the ring by Carr and tossed into the crowd.  Carr and James obliterated Wasted and pinned him.

Your winners, Smith James & Bill Carr!

Flawless Blake Morris came out, returning to the company.  He cut a promo saying he was back after two years.  The crowd didn't know who he was and gave him the "what" treatment. 

Braden Knight came out and said Morris was his first opponent.  Morris said he was disgusted because Knight is walking around here drinking beer while his kid is in the front row.  Knight said he's here training twice a day and where the hell is Morris, but out working the streets.  It pulled into a big pull apart brawl.

Marti Belle vs. Nikki Adams vs. NYWC Starlet champion Rick Cataldo

Cataldo was sent groin first into the ringpost early.  Belle and Adams faced off and went back and forth.    Belle went for a rana but was caught and powerbombed into the buckles.  Cataldo nailed her with a big boot in the corner and a then a rear end to the face.

Adams worked over Cataldo with kicks to the back and a dropkick.  She and Belle teamed up with a Boston Crab on him.  They argued over which of them had him beat.  All three began killing each other with stiff shots.  Belle nailed Cataldo and nailed a neckbreaker on Adams.

Adams went to the top but was nailed and punched in the crotch.  Cataldo then superkicked Belle and pinned her with his foot on the ropes, placing them on Adams who was still hung upside down.

Cataldo really goes all the way with the Gorgeous George gimmick.  Belle has some real poise as a personality. Adams is young but worked hard.

Your winner and still NYWC Starlet champ, Rick Cataldo!


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