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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-30 01:00:00

Jerry Lynn vs. Homicide

This match is Lynn's Philadelphia farewell match.  Fans threw streamers and shot party blasters.  Big "Jerry" chant.  Homicide tried to attack Lynn but he evaded it.   Lynn sent Homicide to the floor and hit a dive to the floor.

They battled on the floor, where Lynn backdropped Homicide into the first row.   Lynn hit a running dive over the railing onto Homicide.  That got an "ECW" chant.

Lynn tossed Homicide back in the ring, where he tried to call for a time out, then stuck a thumb in his eye.   Homicide worked over Lynn with a pair of elbows to the back of the neck.   He worked over Lynn in the corner as the fans were all over him. 

Lynn fought back but missed a charge into the corner.  Lynn battled back but was smothered in the corner by Homicide's boot.   Homicide tossed him to the floor.

When he brought Lynn back into the ring, Homicide worked him over with a series of knees and cinched in a rear chinlock.  Lynn fired out with a series of elbows.  Homicide went for a back suplex but Lynn turned it around into a body press for a two count.

Homicide teased using a chair but tossed it to the outside.  He ripped at Lynn's face in the corner.   Lynn was whipped into the ropes and drilled with an elbow as he rebounded.   Homicide went back to the mat, using an armbar.

Homicide continued working on Lynn, who refused to stay down.   He slapped Lynn and shoved him in the face.  Lynn refused to back down and made a comeback with a series of right hands and a clothesline.  He nailed a somersault into the corner and poke Homicide in the eye.

Homicide cut him off in the corner and worked him over with a series of right hands.  Lynn slipped out from under him and nailed a series of him own.  The fans counted in Spanish to mock Homicide.   Lynn nailed a suplex for a two count.

Lynn went for the cradle piledriver but Homicide slipped out.  Homicide nailed a cutter for a two count.  Homicide worked him over in the corner and nailed a Facewash in the corner.  He pulled Lynn into the center of the ring for a pinfall, but instead argued with the fans.

He went to the top but Lynn caught him with a top rope rana.  He nailed a TKO for a two count.  He went for the cradle piledriver but Homicide backdropped him and went for a pin.  Homicide and Lynn both went for clotheslines but Lynn nailed him and hit the Cradle Piledriver for another two count.  The audience thought that was the finish.

They battled to the corner, where Homicide hit a Ace Crusher off the ropes.   Homicide hit the CopKiller but Lynn kicked out at two.   Homicide pulled the exhausted Lynn up but was caught with an inside cradle for a two count.

Homicide took the mic and mocked him for being the "New Fn' Show" and asked, "Seriously?"   He dared the crowd to chant for him.   He went for the Cop Killer but Lynn turned it into a tombstone piledriver and scored the pin.

Your winner, Jerry Lynn!

Good solid match that told a nice story in the ring.  The crowd was really into Lynn's farewell.

The fans chanted "Thank you Jerry." Someone yelled for one more year and Lynn joked, "Do you want me to die?" He said mentally he could do it but physically, he couldn't. He joked "One more beer?" The crowd chanted, "You still got it." He bowed to all four sides. He said that physically after 24 years, he's tired but thankful because without the fans, he wouldn't have had a job he's loved for 24 years.

Ring announcer Stephen DeAngelis took the mic on behalf of the company and said that the fans have the ability to see him perform in the ring but everyone in the locker room has the chance to see him in the back. He praised him for being a gentleman and for being selfless in selfish times. He praised his work and his history in Philly. Homicide recovered and told DeAngelis to leave the ring, then shook Lynn's hand and raised his arm. He led the crowd in a "Please don't go" chant.

Best of Three Falls: El Hijo del Rey Misterio vs. Bestia 666

This is Hijo's Philadelphia debut.  There are a lot of families with kids wearing Lucha masks, so it appears the local promotion may have led to people thinking it was the WWE Rey Mysterio.


They shook hands at the bell.  They battled back and forth, exchanging holds. They did some nice back and forth Lucha reversals and pinfall attempts early, then faced off. 

They exchanged chops.  Bestia went for a move off the shoulders but Rey spun around and hit an awesome head scissors, sending him to the floor.  Rey then hit a dive over the top to the floor.

Rey came off the top but Bestia caught him with a dropkick and scored a two count.  Rey missed a charge in the corner and was placed on the top.  He nailed a muscle buster and scored the pin.

Your winner of the first Fall, Bestia 666!


As they started up, Bestia placed Rey on the top and ripped at his mask.   He snapped him down and covered him for a two count   Rey went up and over after being sent into the corner and drilled him with a clothesline.  

They went back and forth until Rey nailed a twisting Lucha spot into a DDT for a three count.

Your winner of the second Fall, El Hijo del Rey Misterio!


They battled back and forth.  Bestia dropkicked Rey off the apron to the floor.  Bestia hit an awesome twisting dive to the floor. It looked like Bestia drilled Rey in the head.

Bestia grabbed a chair but didn't use it.  Misterio sent him to the floor with a great twisting move.  He went for a dive but Bestia threw a chair in his face. Bestia went for a dive but Rey drilled him HARD in the face with the chair.  That woke the crowd up and they chanted "ECW." 

Rey drilled Bestia with another chair to the head for a two count.   Bestia came back with a swinging side slam for a two count.  Bestia went for a 450 splash but missed.  Rey killed him with a chair and went to the top.    He hit a 450 splash off the top and scored the pin.

Your winner, El Hijo del Rey Misterio!

Solid Lucha bout.  I wouldn't say it was a classic but for a debut, Rey looked really strong and Bestia worked hard too.  The crowd got really into the chair spots and there were some nice dives.  Fun stuff.

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