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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-30 01:00:00
This match will NOT be on the iPPV.

Steel Cage: BLK OUT vs. Mystery Team

BLK OUT came out to the ring.  Ruckus took the mic and told the crowd to shut the f*** up  He said that everyone came to see them beat up The Gangstas, but they didn't show up, so the fans are stuck with the "realest motherf**ers in the building."  He said that they showed up and they run "this b**ch."

The Gangstas' theme song began playing but no one came out.   Someone who was supposed to be Mustafa came out but was stopped.  New Jack hit the ring from the crowd and attacked them.  They overpowered him and worked him over.

Los Dramaticos' music hit and they hit the ring and began brawling with them.  The crowd began booing them as a substitute.  Jack was carried to the back, which the crowd didn't love.

Everyone began brawling on the floor.  They brawled into the ring.  When they locked the cage, everyone began booing that was the match.  They began chanting "Bullsh**."

BLK OUT rammed The Dramaticos into the cage.  

The Briscoes' theme song began playing and the Briscoes came in from the front door.    The Briscoes began working over everyone.  The crowd popped.  

Mark drilled Jeez with a series of rights and a big boot.  Mark, wearing a Santa hat, began throwing Ruckus into the cage.  The crowd chanted, "We want blood."

The Briscoes controlled the match but the Dramaticos hit stereo enziguiris on them.  The larger Dramatico (Joel Maximo) hit a moonsault off the top of the cage onto everyone.

Mark Briscoe killed Ruckus with a big boot.    Jeez went to the top but Mark followed him And they battled on top of the cage.  One of the Dramaticos rammed Jay into the cage.  He then suplexed Mark into the cage for a two count.

They all brawled out of the cage and into the crowd.   They battled all over the building and ringside.   As they returned, a table was brought into the ring.  Mark whipped out some red neck Kung Fu.   The bigger Dramatico hit a back suplex on Jay Briscoe.  

Mark went to the top of the cage and dove off through a table on the outside.  The battle went on until BLK OUT scored the pin with a double stomp on one of the Dramaticos.

Your winners, BLK OUT!

Awesome brawl through the building.  The Briscoes was a nice surprise. 

Jeez took the mic and told the crowd to stop their applause.  He said that there is no team anywhere, in any company that can step to them.  He said if anyone wants to try they will get taken out.

We are now at inrermission.

Raven came out and cut a promo saying he wanted to explain to the degenerate monkeys why he has a problem with this promotion.  He mocked the promotion for letting too many people backstage, which was a shoot.  He said the sound system was "ass", which the crowd popped for.  He told them not to cheer him, so they chanted, "You fat f***."  Raven said he was stealth and the fans were "stupid f***s."

Raven said his mission statement is that this is a cheap copy of something from a glory that passed them by.  He said the fans were just trying to re-live something they really weren't a part of anyway because they were just fans and had nothing to do with the product.  He promised to make life hell for whoever won the Extreme Rising title and said he would take the title and do disgusting things to it, control the company, only allow certain people in, have wrestlers bleed all over them and force the company to wither and die.

He then walked out.

Matt Hardy vs. Sabu.

They said this was a first time ever meeting.  That is the case for singles but they worked at least one tag match in the early 1990s for promoter Greg Price if I remember correctly.

They had a feeling out process early.  Hardy shoulderblocked Sabu down and began working over his arm.  Sabu brought a chair into the ring but Hardy nailed him in the back with it.  He wedged it in the corner but Sabu drilled him with a right hand and sent Hardy into it.

Sabu nailed Air Sabu off a chair into the corner for a two count.  Sabu went for a splash off the chair oin the corner but Hardy kicked him off.  Hardy nailed a elbowdrop for a two count.  He went for the Twist of Fate but Sabu slipped out and used a drop toe hold.  He cinched in a Camel Clutch.

Sabu and Hardy battled to the floor.  Sabu laid him out in the crowd, then hit a springboard dive off a chair into the crowd on Hardy.  Sabu went for an Asai Moonsault but Reby Sky distracted her.

Hardy attacked Sabu but Sabu came back with a Arabian Facebuster and a triple jump moonsault.  He covered Hardy for a two count.  Hardy drilled Sabu with a chair to the chest.   He pulled a table into the ring.

Hardy set up the table but Sabu worked him over.  He placed Hardy on the table but Reby went after him.  The referee stopped her so she grabbed him by the groin.  The ref shoved her down so Hardy put him on the table.  Sabu and Hardy both went for legdrops off the top through the table and ref Mike Kehner but Sabu slipped and Hardy didn't break the table.  Sabu apologized and they did it again destroying Mike Kehner.  None of this made any sense, but OK.

Another referee hit the ring as Kehner was carted out.  Sabu and Hardy continued to battle.  Sabu brought another table in.  He and Hardy went back and forth.  Sabu placed Hardy on a table.  Homicide and Luke Hawx hit the ring and attacked Sabu.  Reby jumped on his back.  Reby was hit with a Fall Away Slam.

Hardy hit the Side Effect on Hawx.  Sabu nailed a legdrop through a table on Luke.   Hardy nailed a Twist of Fate on Sabu and pinned him.

Your winner, Matt Hardy!

OK match.  It got a little too wacky as it went on for my taste.  The run-in does make sense from a storyline basis with Hardy vs. Hawx.  The work itself was fun but I wasn't a fan of the booking.

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