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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-30 01:00:00

Extreme Rising Championship: Rhino vs. Stevie Richards

The crowd was solidly behind Richards.  They began slugging it out in the ring.  Rhino tossed him to the floor and then into the crowd.    They brawled into the bleachers and all over the venue.

As they returned to the ring, a lot of the wrestlers from the promotion began coming out of the locker room watching.  Raven sat in the aisle in a chair.

Rhino worked over Richards with a series of stomps.  He was sent into the corner and Richards went for a leaping move but Rhino moved and Richards ate the turnbuckles.     Rhino choked Richards with a chair.  The crowd chanted back and forth with dueling chants for each man.

Rhino hit a belly to belly suplex and set up for the Gore.  He nailed it and covered Richards, who kicked up at two.  Rhino nailed another belly to belly suplex.  He set up for the Gore again but Stevie nailed the Steviekick.  He nailed a second, then a third.

Rhino was trapped in a submission hold and tapped out.

Your winner and first Extreme Rising champion, Stevie Richards!

All of the babyfaces and Shane Douglas hit the ring to celebrate with Richards as he was presented the belt.  The crowd chanted for Stevie and gave him a standing ovation as he put the belt around his waist.  The babyfaces all pounded the apron.

The crowd called for a speech so Stevie took the mic.   He thanked everyone in the crowd.  They chanted, "Thank you Stevie."  He said that he wanted to say something he's something for the last 22 years - "I'll show you, you'll see."  He said that tonight, everyone showed the world he can be a World champion.  He thanked everyone and celebrated in the ring.

Nice ending to a marathon show.  I thought it was a fun overall night, although some of the booking was a little erratic.

Still to come:

*Extreme Rising Title Tournament Final.

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