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By Mike Johnson on 2012-08-12 19:41:44

Backstage, Jeremy Borash talked about the Ladder Match and brought in Samoa Joe.   Joe said he was ready because tonight he seals his place in the final four in the Bound for Glory series.  He said he's coming closer to achieving his goal of regaining his World championship.  He said he wasn't scared like everyone else because Aces and Eights mess with him, he goes to war until they aren't here anymore.  He promised to win the ladder match and get his 20 points.

Bound for Glory Series - Ladder Match: Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle

Styles went right after Daniels and worked him over in the corner as the others watched.  Angle told him to back off, then began stomping the hell out of him.  Joe joined in with some stiff kicks and Daniels began pinballing around.

Joe whipped Daniels into the corner.  Daniels tried to go for a moonsault but Joe walked off.  Joe nailed an atomic drop and nailed a back senton splash.  Joe peppered AJ and Angle with punches, then nailed an enziguiri in the corner on Angle.  Joe went for the Facewash on Angle but Daniels grabbed his leg and pulled Joe to the outside.

Daniels dove off the top onto Joe, who caught him.  Styles then hit a dive over the top onto both and wiped them out.  Styles returned to the ring and began working over Angle.  He whipped Angle into the corner but was backdropped over the top to the apron.  Daniels, who had grabbed a ladder, slammed it into Styles' legs.

Daniels nailed Angle and tossed Joe into the ring.  Daniels used the ladder, driving it into Joe's mid-section in the corner.   He charged Joe, who grabbed him and nailed a Uranage onto the ladder.  Joe set up the ladder but before he could climb it, Styles returned.  Joe and AJ battled back and forth.  Styles nailed a dropkick low in the legs.

Angle returned to the fray and laid waste to Styles with a series of stomps.   Angle used a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker on Styles.  Daniels nailed Angle from behind and was tossed through the ropes to the floor.

Daniels set up a ladder and began climbing it to grab the envelope with the points but Joe returned to the ring and slammed Daniels from the ladder into the turnbuckles.   Joe nailed AJ and began climbing the ladder.  Angle shoved the ladder out from Joe, then nailed an overhead belly to belly suplex on Joe.  The crowd chanted "USA" in honor of the Olympics.

Angle set up a ladder but Styles attacked him.  Angle got the better of the exchange and choked Styles against the ropes.  Angle nailed a series of stomps.   AJ whipped Styles into the ropes, with Angle running under the ladder and Styles slammed it into his face as he rebounded.  Angle rolled out of the ring.

Joe returned to the ring but Styles nailed a Pele Kick.  Daniels, with a second ladder, hit the ring, but Styles cut him off and began beating him with punch after punch in the corner, finally getting some payback.   Joe returned to the ring but AJ grabbed him.  Joe dumped Styles over the top to the floor.  Joe nailed a tope into an forearm smash on the floor.

Joe went after Angle on the floor but was caught and nailed with an overhead belly to belly suplex.  Daniels nailed Angle.  Joe and AJ returned to the ring but Daniels worked them over.  The tide changed and Joe drilled AJ and Daniels with clotheslines, then nailed Angle off the apron.  Daniels was smashed into the corner, landing on the back of his head.

Styles went to the top but Joe cut him off and tried for the Muscle Buster.  Angle tried to grab Joe for a German suplex and Styles landed roughly on his neck and chest in a scary moment.  Daniels nailed Angle from behind with an STO.  Daniels went to the top of the ladder but was yanked off by Angle, who put him in an anklelock.  The announcers noted Angle couldn't win this way but could hurt Daniels.

Angle climbed up the ladder but Styles hit a springboard forearm, laying out Angle, who bumped into the ring.  Styles went to the top of the ladder but Daniels dumped the ladder over with Styles taking a bump over the top to the floor. 

Daniels went to the top of the ladder but Angle and Joe returned to the ring.  Joe and Angle took turns suplexing Daniels around, trying to outdo each other.   Joe and Angle, my favorite TNA rivalry ever, continued trashing Daniels, who took a series of nasty bumps.  Nothing but respect for that guy.  Angle finally nailed an Olympic Slam.

They set up a ladder and placed Daniels through the rungs on both sides.  Trapped, he was easy pickings for kicks.  Angle ducked under as Joe charged and Joe went over the top to the floor.  Daniels grabbed Angle, trying to hold Angle from climbing.  Joe returned with another ladder and climbed to the top.  He and Angle exchanged headbutts.  Angle went down.

Joe was about to grab the points when Styles hit a springboard leap to the ladder and grabbed them, literally from Joe's grasp as he crashed down to the mat.  Great finish!

Your winner, gaining 20 points, AJ Styles!

Joe stood on top of the ladder shocked before walking off.  Styles celebrated in the ring.

Really hard fought and hard worked match.  I loved the "can you top this" sequence with Joe and Angle.  This was four guys who are awesome at what they do just going nuts with some great spots and bumps.  Best thing on the show at this point and worth checking out.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Bobby Roode.  He asked if Roode was afraid of Austin Aries.  Roode said that he isn't afraid of anyone, especially Aries.  He said Aries' win was a fluke last month.   He said it was time for him to regain his title.  For the last year, he's been headlining on PPV and carrying TNA on his back.  Tonight, Aries' reign ends.  He promised to right the wrong" and walk into Bound for Glory as the World champion.

TNA champion Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode

Roode slapped Aries at the bell, so he spit a mouthful of water into his face.  They went into a hot opening where Aries went for the Last Chancery early but Roode escaped and went to the floor.  He returned but was caught and locked in it again.  Roode grabbed the ropes and scrambled to the floor, stalking around.

Roode finally returned to the ring, where Aries nailed him with a stiff dropkick in the corner.   Roode again went to the floor and tried to walk out towards the ramp.  He began walking out as Aries yelled that there are no rematches.  That made him change his mind.  He hit the ring and rolled back out, breaking the count but was then caught with a dive to the floor.  Aries followed up with another dive.

Aries pounded away on Roode.  He snapmared Roode and dropkicked him in the back of the neck.  Aries lit hs chest up with a stiff chop.  Aries went to the top for another dive but Roode ducked out of the way and Aries nailed the railing hard.

Roode drove Aries backwards into the apron and then whipped him into the railing upside down.   Roode began stomping the hell out of Aries after he was pulled back into the ring.  The crowd tried to rally Aries.  Roode picked up Aries for a suplex and dropped him across the top rope.  He then nailed a backdrop suplex and a kneedrop for a two count.

Roode locked in a gutwrench styles bearhug trying to wear down Aries and take away his air.   Aries fought to his feet and began drilling him with elbows.  Aries comes back with a sunset flip counter off the ropes for a two count.  Roode cut him off and elevated him into the air for a Gutbuster.

Roode continued working over Aries.   Aries tried to bridge back and scored a nearfall but Roode forced him back over.  Roode tied Aries to the tree of woe and continued working him over with kicks.  Roode went to pull him of but Aries turned it into a sit-down jawbreaker.

Aries fired back and nailed an inverted atomic drop.  He nailed a running clothesline, sending Roode to the floor.  Roode ran away from an attempted heat seeking missile tope but Roode dove off the buckles onto Roode and then nailed a running dropkick into the guard rails on the floor.  The crowd chanted for Aries.

Roode was tossed back into the ring and locked in the Last Chancery.   Roode used his fingers to rake the face of Aries and break the submission.   Aries was able to still grab a crossface, Roode's own finisher at points.  

Roode got out and reversed the hold.  Aries battled to the ropes but wasn't able to make it all the way.  He kept trying to pull himself over and finally made it.  No crowd reaction to the rope break at all.  The Aries chants started again.

Roode began drilling Aries with right hands and forearms.   Aries fired back with forearms and they went back and forth.  Aries was sent over the top to the apron.  He shoulderblocked Roode and came off the top with a missile dropkick.   Roode nailed a hard dropkick in the corner and went for the brainbuster.  Roode caught him with a spinebuster for a two count.

Roode placed Aries on the top turnbuckle for a superplex attempt but Aries held on and drilled Roode with a hard chop, sending Roode to the mat.  He went for a 450 splash but Roode pulled his knees up.  Roode went for a spear but Aries moved and referee Brian Heber got nailed instead.

Aries worked over Roode but was speared as Aries went for the discus clothesline.  Another referee hit the ring but Aries kicked up at the last second.  Roode went for the Perfectplex but Aries floated over and went for a move but the second ref was laid out.

Roode tried to roll him up but Aries rolled through and kicked Roode.  He nailed a brainbuster and referee Brian Hebner crawled over in pain to make the pin BUUUUUUUUUT Roode kicked up at the last second.  The crowd chanted for Aries.

Aries went back to the well once too often as he ascended to the top but Roode drilled him.  Roode went for and drilled Aries with a superplex into the ring.  They locked up legs in a small package with each referee counting someone's shoulders down.

Brian Hebner ruled Roode won the match but the other referee said Aries was the winner.  Roode grabbed the belt and walked off with the title.   Earl Hebner came out and grabbed the belt, bringing it back to the ring.  The referees all began conversing.   Stiffler said Aries got his shoulder up.  Brian Hebner said he didn't.

Earl Hebner decided they were going to re-start the match.  Roode said it was bullsh** and grabbed the belt.  Aries went for a dive and nailed himself right into the title belt.   Roode dragged an unconscious Aries into the ring and covered him but Aries kicked out at the last second.  Roode was furious and shoved Hebner, who shoved him back.  Tommy Young was loving that.

Aries grabbed Roode for a quick rollup and scored the win.

Your winner and still TNA champion, Austin Aries!

Really good back and forth match to close the show.   The near falls were really good and while I am not usually a fan of referee bumps in title matches, this was done very well in that it led to a nice false finish sequence and in the end, the hero still came out the victor.  Very good main event to close the show.

As a result of the loss. Roode cannot have a rematch against Austin Aries.

The show ended with Aries holding up a sign that read "Total Nonstop Aries."

That's all from Orlando.  Thank you for your support everyone!


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