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By Mike Johnson on 2012-08-12 19:41:44

Jeremy Borash interviewed Bully Ray.  Ray kept his back against the wall because he didn't want anyone attacking him from behind.  He said that he normally wouldn't care about the Pope but Aces and Eights laid him out and they were gunning for Bully.  He said that he is a tough guy but when there are four to Lord knows how many guys trying to take you out.  He told them that if they wanted him, they could find him in the ring putting people through tables.  He promised he was going to win tonight, then go on to Bound for Glory and win the TNA title.

Bound for Glory Series: Tables Match - Bully Ray vs. James Storm vs. Robbie E. vs. Jeff Hardy

There are tables set up around the ring.  Ray came out worried for his safety.  Robbie E told his opponents that no one cared about them and put himself over, which led to everyone beating him down and tossing him over the top to the floor.

Ray clotheslined Hardy and Storm, then began picking them apart.   Ray then apologized to E, saying that they were from NYC and NJ so they needed to work together.  He asked Robbie to grab a table as he kept Storm and Hardy at bay.  E slid a table into the ring but when he went to return, Ray wiped him out.  That was pretty funny.

Ray set up a table and grabbed Storm but Hardy nailed him and they doubled on him and went for a double suplex.  E pulled the table out of the way but not enough as Bully took out the corner of it.  Ooops!  The referees are saying no and that it couldn't count.  What else are they going to say?

E. began kicking away at everyone and drilled Storm with a right hand.  E whipped Hardy into the ropes and nailed a running back elbow.  The referees pulled the table out of the ring.   E. pulled another table in and nailed Ray, who was on the apron recovering.  Ray was sent to the floor.  E nailed Storm, then measured Hardy with a few punches.  He placed Hardy on the table.

E. went to the middle rope and began fistpumping.  Storm nailed him and chopped away on E, who was now straddling the top turnbuckle.    Storm attempted a superplex.  Hardy slipped under and they did a Tower of Doom style superplex/powerbomb but Ray pulled the table out of the way.

Ray set up a table in the ring and tried to backdrop Hardy through it but Storm pulled the table out of the way.  Storm worked over E.  E reversed a whip and tried to send Storm through the table, now set up in the corner but Hardy nailed Storm to stop him and attacked E, sending him to the floor.  Hardy set up a table on the floor outside, slammed E into the apron face-first and placed him on the table.

Hardy went to the top but Robbie T. came out.  Hardy hit a bodypress off the top onto T.   E. nailed Hardy and whipped him into the guard rail.   E nailed Hardy with a right hand and place him on the table on the floor.  E went off the apron with an elbow but Hardy rolled out of the way.  E crashed through the table.  The referee ruled that the match wasn't over because no one put him through the table.

Ray nailed Hardy into the ring steps, then returned to the ring and attacked Storm.  Storm was backdropped over the ropes but landed on the floor  He nailed Ray but was cut off.  Ray went for a lariat and drilled Storm.  He set up Storm for a charge into the table but Aces and Eights surrounded the ring.  Storm superkicked Ray.  Aces and Eights gave Storm the thumbs up while he looked on dumbfounded.

Hardy nailed Storm in the corner and drilled him with a leaping kick into the buckles.  Aces and Eights walked out.  Where was security to throw them out?  Or all the other people who they attacked the last month or so?

Storm and Hardy battled back and forth.  Hardy came off the buckles with a twisting moonsault.  They battled back and forth with punches.  Hardy nailed a Twist of Fate.  He placed Storm on the table.  Aces and Eights came back to ringside to distract Hardy.  He told them to hit the ring.  Storm nailed him with a superkick.

Storm went for the Whirlybird into the table but Ray kicked him in the face and dumped Storm to the outside.  He grabbed Hardy and powerbombed him through the table.

Your winner, gaining 20 points, Bully Ray!

They had a good match and told a good story, building to the table spots.  They did a nice job building the mystery of the Storm-Aces connection and there was some good stuff here.  Another entertaining solid match.  The undercard was set up to be decent but not blowaway but in terms of pacing the show, it was good.

TNA X-Division champion Zema Ion vs. Kenny King

They locked up and Ion backed King into the corner.  King shoved him out and they locked up again.  They went back and forth.  Ion was grabbed in an armbar and used the ropes to free himself.  They went back and forth.  King leapfrogged Ion and used a drop toehold into a side headlock.

King slipped ouy of a reversal and used a series of moves for near falls.  King grabbed a side headlock and controlled Ion on the mat.   Ion backed him into the corner and nailed a kick into the mid-section.  King sent Ion hard into the ropes and kicked him to the floor.  King went for a dive but landed on the apron for a kick.  Ion pullled him to the floor and nailed him.  It came off a little contrived.

Ion nailed King and hit a flip dive over the top to the floor.  He barely grazed King.   King was tossed back into the ring and immediately nailed Ion with a right hand.  Ion cut him off with a series of punches and stomps.  Ion choked him against the ropes.  King fired back but was caught with a knee to the mid-section and doubled over.  Ion covered him for a two count.

Ion snapmared King over and tied up his arm with an armbar/chinlock combination.   Ion drilled him with a DDT for a two count.  Ion came off the ropes with a moonsault but King pulled his knees up.   Ion cut him off with a kick but was caught with an inverted atomic drop and a series of clothesline and elbows.  Ion was bleeding from the lip.

King suplexed Ion into the buckles.  He rolled to the floor, where King nailed a twisting dive over the ropes to the floor.  King deposited Ion back into the ring and nailed a springboard Blockbuster for a two count.

Ion went for a move but King landed on his feet.  Ion missed a charge in the corner and King turned it into a sunset flip to take over Ion, then locked in a single leg Boston Crab in the center of the ring, going for a submission.  Ion was able to break free, raking King's face.

King kicked off a charge but was nailed with an atomic drop.  Ion nailed a standing moonsault and dropped his knee across King's face.   The crowd chanted for King as Ion went to the top.  King cut him off and attempted a superplex.  He was shoved off but caught Ion with an enziguiri when he returned to the ring for a two count.

Ion grabbed his hairspray can but King nailed a cartwheel kick for a two count.   King charges him but was tossed into the buckles.  Ion nailed his finisher out of the corner and scored the pin.

Your winner and still X-Division champion, Kenny King!

Athletically, very good but this was more a collection of back and forth moves as opposed to them telling a story.  There were some spots that obviously didn't hit right as well.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash talked about the Ladder Match and brought in Samoa Joe.   Joe said he was ready because tonight he seals his place in the final four in the Bound for Glory series.  He said he's coming closer to achieving his goal of regaining his World championship.  He said he wasn't scared like everyone else because Aces and Eights mess with him, he goes to war until they aren't here anymore.  He promised to win the ladder match and get his 20 points.

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