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By Mike Johnson on 2012-08-12 19:41:44
Jeremy Borash said there was an uneasy feeling backstage.  Security did an entire sweep of the building but could not find Aces & Eights.  Madison Rayne was his guest.  She said that she's been Knockouts champion three times and Tag champion twice, so she doesn't need Earl Hebner's help to win.  But, then she waved to Earl and smiled to him as a special message.

TNA TV champion Devon vs. Kazarian.

Devon used the ropes to slingshot Kazarian into the ring and worked him over in the corner.  He hiptossed Kazarian and nailed a shoulderblock.  He whipped Kazarian hard into the corner and Kaz bumped over the top to the floor.

Devon caught up with him on the floor and nailed him with a fan's drink.  Kazarian tried to scamper away but was nailed with another drink.   He went to whip Kazarian into the steps but Kazarian jumped on it, nearly slipped but recovered and went for a bodypress off of it to the floor.  Devon caught him and slammed Kaz on the floor.

Back in the ring, Kazarian backed off but was nailed with a hard clothesline.  Kazarian raked his eyes and drilled him over the ropes throat-first.  He nailed a series of rights down on the mat.  Kazarian draped him over the middle rope and stoood over Devon's back.  Kazarian covered Devon for a series of near falls.  The crowd rallied Devon.

Devon went for a clothesline but Kazarian ducked and nailed a back elbow after using the ropes for a springboard.  He drilled Devon between the shoulder blades with a kick and launched in a chinlock.  Devon fought his way out with elbows to the mid-section but was caught with a dropkick for a two count.

Kazarian began slapping and trash talking Devon.  He kicked and punched the champion.  Kaz worked him over in the corner.  Devon fired back with punches to the head and mid-section.  Devon speared Kazarian who ended up landing on his head and staying there from the momentum.

Devon fired up and nailed a series of clotheslines.  Devon nailed a big shoulderblock and a hangman's neckbreaker.  Devon leapt up for a diving headbutt and nailed a running splash in the corner.  He clotheslined Kazarian for a two count.

Kazarian missed a charge in the corner.  Devon pulled him off the buckles with a great looking neckbreaker for a two count.  That was a cool spot.  Kazarian grabbed him with a crucifix for a two count.  Kazarian went for the Fade to Black but Devon rolled through and nailed a spinebuster for a three count.

Your winner and still TNA TV champion, Devon!

Another solid back and forth competitive bout.  Good stuff so far from the undercard.

TNA Knockouts champion Miss Tessmacher vs. Madison Rayne.

Obviously, Earl Hebner is the referee.

They locked up and broke free.  They locked up again and broke clean again.  Tessmacher scored several quick near falls.  Rayne rolled out of the ring to break her momentum after an attempted backslide.

Rayne returned to the apron and shoulderblocked Tessmacher through the ropes.  She worked her over and scored a two count.  Rayne ran Tessmacher into the top turnbuckle and used her boot to choke her.  Rayne flung the champion across the ring by her hair.

Rayne drilled her with a series of forearms to the chest but Tessmacher came back with a quick flurry of offense.  Rayne cut her off with a kick and nailed a Northern Lights suplex with a bridge for a two count.  Somewhere, Hiro Hase is smiling.  Rayne used her legs to scissor stomp Tessmacher's face into the mat.

Rayne covered Tessmacher for a two count but was upset when Hebner only counted two.  Tessmacher kicked her in the face and came back with a series of right hands.  She gets shoved into the buckles.  Rayne charges the corner but was nailed with a Faceplant.  Tessmacher came off the top with an elbow but hurt her elbow.

She covered Rayne, who put her foot across the rope.  Tessmacher argued with Earl.  Rayne rolled her up and used the ropes for the pinfall.

Your winner and new TNA Knockouts champion, Madison Rayne!

Hebner raised Rayne's hand even AFTER they showed the replay on the screens.  That was dopey.  The match itself was kind of there. Tessmacher really tries hard every time and Rayne has a good grasp on her persona but this wasn't much.

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