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By David Tees on 2012-05-11 20:47:28
Main Event: Evolutions End Match – AR Fox vs. Sami Callihan

The main event begins with Callihan immediately jumping Fox and stomping him in the corner, Fox reverses things by shoulder smashing Callihan in the corner. Fox then knocks Callihan out of the ring before nailing him with a suicide dive, Fox then drapes Callihan on the ring apron before hitting him with a guillotine leg drop. Callihan then nails Fox with a chair as he was going for another dive, Callihan then starts hitting Fox with multiple steel chairs. Callihan then starts working over the arm of Fox with the chairs, Fox recovers to assault Callihan with chair shots. They then battle on the ring apron and Callihan catches Fox with a bicycle kick, Callihan then nails Fox with a springboard lariat that puts him on the arena floor. Callihan then resumes his steel chair attack on Fox, Callihan and Fox then start brawling into the North Carolina crowd. Callihan then suplexes Fox onto an opened up chair, Callihan then brings out a barbed wire chair and he slams Fox onto it. Callihan then grabs a loose piece of barbed wire and he chokes Fox with it, Callihan then starts working over the leg of Fox with the chairs. Callihan then drags a hurt Fox to the time keepers table to hit him with the ring bell, Callihan attempts to bring a ladder into the ring and Fox dropkicks it into him. Fox then kick flips the ladder onto a downed Callihan, Fox then nails Callihan with a rope assisted drop kick and then an inverted senton bomb. Fox then goes to the top rope and Callihan meets him up there with a running inzaguri, Callihan then climbs up the ropes and he head butts Fox several times. Fox then tosses Callihan to the ring mat below, Fox then goes outside of the ring and he sets the ladder up. Fox then climbs the ladder and Callihan superplexes him from the ring ropes as Fox was on the top of the ladder. The wrestlers get to their knees and they exchange strikes, Callihan then starts getting the edge and he slaps Fox multiple times. Fox gets pissed and he catches Callihan with a running barrel roll/swanton bomb combination, Fox goes back to the ropes and Callihan drop kicks him from behind. Callihan then goes for the stretch muffler and Fox rolls him up for a near fall, Fox then nails Callihan with a springboard ace crusher. Fox then goes outside of the ring and he sets a table up and then a ladder as well, Fox then enters the ring and he misses a springboard senton. Callihan then destroys Fox with a lariat for a two count, Callihan then goes to the top rope and Fox meets him up there. Callihan then grabs a hold of him to nail him with a top rope German suplex, Callihan then immediately locks in a stretch muffler and then a single leg crab on Fox. Fox then tries to slow Callihan down with a few boots to the face and a super kick, Fox then catches Callihan with a springboard uranage. Callihan then wanders outside of the ring near the table, that move allows Fox to dive over the rope and ladder to put Callihan through the table. Fox then drags Callihan into the ring and he nails Callihan with a springboard 450 splash for the three count.

Winner: AR Fox

Lenny Leonard interviews AR Fox, who says that he has finally ended the war with Sami Callihan and he now wants the DG USA Open The Freedom Gate Title.

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