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By David Tees on 2012-05-11 20:47:28 iPPV

Match #4: Fit Finlay vs. Jon Davis

This contest starts off with the wrestlers testing each other with some lock ups, Finlay then trips up Davis before locking him in the cross face. Finlay then drops Davis again and he tries to work over his leg, Finlay then takes over a Davis by nailing him with an elbow to the head. Davis tries to get the edge on Finlay by taking him down with a top wrist lock, Davis then attacks the elbow of Finlay with some stomps. Davis then works a wrist lock on Finlay and he takes him down again after some resistance, Finlay breaks the hold by grabbing the ropes and he shoulder rams him afterwards. Finlay then drops Davis to the ground and then stomps on his fingers for good measure, Davis powers himself up and then Finlay gets shoved into the corner. Davis then takes the chance to pound on Finlay, Davis then brings Finlay to the center of the ring to continue working on his arm. Finlay then trips up Davis and he works over his leg some more, Davis breaks free and he goes for a pin on Finlay. The wrestlers stand up and Finlay trips Davis before nailing him in the leg with a leg drop, Finlay then locks Davis in a leg submission that is broken after the ropes are grabbed. The wrestlers have a stare down that ends with Finlay tripping Davis and stretching his already hurt leg out, Davis eventually gets Finlay off of him after catching him with multiple kicks. Davis tries to fight back and Finlay tosses him to the arena floor, Finlay then attacks Davis on the arena floor before resting inside of the ring. Davis is eventually let back in the ring by Finlay after he blocked his entrance a few times, Finlay quickly grounds Davis to work over his leg some more. Davis finds a way to escape before catching Finlay with a kimura and then an arm bar, Davis then brings Finlay to the corner to wrench his arm along the top rope. Finlay regains the advantage by tripping Davis and he locks in a modified Indian death lock, Finlay rolls outside the ring to smash the leg of Davis on the ring apron edge and ring post. Finlay returns to the ring and he targets Davis with stomps to the leg, Finlay then tries to lock Davis in another submission that Davis attempts top break with a cross face. Finlay releases the hold to only apply a single leg crab on a hurt Davis, Finlay then transitions the hold into a step over toe hold. Finlay then just completes the hold by applying the STF to Davis, Finlay releases the hold to attempt the pin and Davis counters to lock him in an arm bar. Davis then rolls outside the ring to smash Finlay’s arm on the ring post, Davis returns to the ring to pound on the shoulder of Finlay. Davis then drags Finlay to the ground to continue punishing the wrestlers injured arm, Davis then clobbers Finlay with a back suplex. Finlay then counters a running power slam by applying the sleeper hold to Davis, Davis finds a way to get to the ropes to get the hold broken. Davis wakes up to catch an incoming Finlay with a spine buster, Davis follows that up by nailing Finlay with a running boot. Davis then brings Finlay to the top rope, Finlay escapes by crotching Davis on the middle rope before smashing him back first on the mat. Finlay then plants Davis with a tombstone pile driver for the three count.

Winner: Fit Finlay

Lenny Leonard interviews Fit Finlay, who says that the Evolve wrestlers are getting tougher and then he says that Sami Callihan needs to get his stuff together. Sami Callihan quickly hits the ring to tell Finlay to mind his own business and Finlay says that Callihan has something inside of him that needs to come out.


Match #5: DGUSA Open the Freedom Game champion Johnny Gargano & Samuray Del Sol vs. Chuck Taylor & Silas Young w/Jake Manning & The Swamp Monster

This match features Gargano and Young starting this off, Young quickly jumps Gargano after a handshake was offered. Gargano quickly regained the advantage until Taylor and Young knock him out of the ring, Del Sol hits the ring and he nails Taylor with a head scissors. Taylor and Young regroup, then take out both of their opponents, Taylor and Young then start focusing on Del Sol. Young then goes solo and he nails Del Sol with a pump handle back breaker, Young then stretches the hurt Del Sol on his knee. Del Sol then takes Young down with an arm drag and drop kick, Young regains the edge for his team after Taylor interferes. Taylor comes in legally to nail Del Sol with a head butt and drop kick, Young gets the tag and he just starts taunting Del Sol. Young then nails a tiring Del Sol with a full Nelson bomb and then an actual full Nelson, Taylor gets tagged in and he continues to work over Del Sol. Del Sol finally gets the chance to tag Gargano in after he nailed Taylor with a satellite DDT, a double tag comes and Gargano cleans house of his opponents. Gargano misses a move on Young and then nails him with a rope assisted spear as he recovered, Gargano then catches Taylor with a suicide dive. Gargano then catches Young with a springboard DDT, Del Sol and Gargano then hit their foes with double super kicks and other double team maneuvers. Taylor eventually stops the momentum by dumping Del Sol out of the ring, Taylor then hits a returning Del Sol with a half crab that is broken up by Gargano. Gargano then responds by locking Taylor in the Gargano-escape, Young breaks up the hold and he then brawls with Gargano. Gargano gets back at Young by launching him face first into the turnbuckle, Taylor then attacks Del Sol and that sets up Young for his moonsault. Gargano gets to Young by nailing him with a super kick, Del Sol does a dive onto Young that takes them both out. Taylor then catches Gargano with the Awful Waffle for the three count.

Winners: Chuck Taylor & Silas Young w/Jake Manning & The Swamp Monster

Lenny Leonard interviews Chuck Taylor, who says that the stipulation for his next match with Johnny Gargano will be a DGUSA Open The Freedom Gate Title Match.

Match #6: Ricochet vs. El Generico

Our semi-main events kicks off with Ricochet tries working over the arm of Generico, Generico quick responds by doing the same to Ricochet. The chain wrestling continues on and Generico takes Ricochet down with an arm drag, Ricochet the counters Generico with a reversal into an arm drag. The competitors have another battle of reversals that ends with Generico catching Ricochet with a leg lariat, Generico then starts stomping on a dazed Ricochet before nailing him with a back breaker. Ricochet recovers to hit Generico with a head scissors and then a rope assisted hurricarana, Ricochet then starts working over the neck of Generico. Ricochet then starts stretching the arms of Generico, Generico and Ricochet then start exchanging a series of chops. Ricochet regains the edge by locking Generico in a modified abdominal stretch, Richochet then trips Generico before nailing him with a standing 450 splash. Generico eats a spin kick from Ricochet before nailing him with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker, Ricochet avoids the big boot from Generico to nail him with an inzaguri that knocks him out of the ring. Ricochet follows that up with a suicide dive on Generico. Ricochet gets Generico back into the ring to hit him with a springboard lariat, Generico recovers to spike Ricochet with a tornado DDT. Generico follows that up by destroying Ricochet with a blue thunder bomb, Ricochet then avoids the big boot again to nail Generico with a reverse hurricarana. Generico recovers with just enough time to hit a running Ricochet with a michinoku driver, Generico then clobbers Ricochet with a running boot to the head. Generico then brings Ricochet to the top rope, Ricochet escapes the brain buster to drop Generico face first on the turnbuckle. Rico then nails Generico with his finisher for a near fall that shocks the building, Ricochet goes to the top rope and Generico meets him up there. Ricochet again knocks him off the top rope and nails him with the 630 for the three count.

Winner: Ricochet

Lenny Leonard interviews Ricochet, who says that he spends way to much time in Japan according to the fans and he challenges Low Ki to a match and they seal the deal with a handshake. Ki then addresses a downed El Generico and he questions his motives as a wrestler in Evolve.

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