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By David Tees on 2012-05-11 20:47:28 iPPV

Welcome to the live coverage of Evolve 12, live from the Metrolina Tradeshow Expo in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Match #1: Caleb Konley vs. Adam Page vs. Jake Manning w/Johnny Fairplay & Amanda

The match begins with Manning getting the early advantage on Page before Konley jumps in, Page then takes over on both Manning and Konley with arm drags. Manning then pretends to team with Konley before dumping him on the arena floor, Page then takes Manning down with a drop kick. Konley then trip Manning before bringing him to the arena floor, Page then does a dive onto both of his opponents. Page goes back into the ring before nailing a diving Konley with a spin kick, Manning recovers to take over on Page and Konley with some stomps. Manning then nails Page with an elbow drop to the back, Manning then goes for a suplex on Page and Konley drop toe holds him down before catching him with a senton bomb. Manning then nails Konley with an STO that then forces him to DDT Page, Manning then gets a butterfly suplex on Page. Page fights back by nailing both of his foes with chops and inzaguri’s, Page then hits Manning with a standing shooting star press. Konley then brings Page to the top rope before getting shoved off, Manning then trips Page to keep him on the top rope. Konley recovers to miss a moonsault on Manning after hitting him with a super kick, Manning then catches Konley with a flat liner for the three count.

Winner: Jake Manning

Match #2: Alex Reynolds vs. Mike Cruz

The next match begins with Cruz grabbing a hold of Reynolds, Reynolds quickly reverses to get wrist control on Cruz. The pace picks up with Cruz taking Reynolds down with a monkey flip, Reynolds then flips Cruz up to the middle rope before getting nailed with a high cross body. Cruz then knocks Reynolds out of the ring before catching him with a suicide dive, they fight back into the ring until Reynolds knocks Cruz back out of the ring and into the ring post. Reynolds then brings Cruz into the ring for a near fall, Reynolds then takes Cruz down with a hard Irish whip. Cruz then ducks a few clothes lines from Reynolds until he gets nailed with a knee lift, Reynolds then hurts Cruz further by clobbering him with a rope assisted back suplex. Reynolds then takes a rest by applying a modified abdominal stretch on Cruz, Cruz eventually stands up and he nearly catches Reynolds with a roll up. Cruz then gets the edge back by nailing Reynolds with a flying fore arm and running hip attack, Cruz then drops Reynolds in the corner to catch him with a running drop kick. Cruz then goes to the top rope and Reynolds meets him up there, Cruz then shoves Reynolds off of him before missing a high cross body. Reynolds then nails Cruz with a double knee to the rib cage, both wrestlers exchange knee strikes while in the suplex position. Reynolds then captures the pin on Cruz after winning the battle of roll ups.

Winner: Alex Reynolds

Match #3: Low Ki vs. Jigsaw

This battle begins with Ki forcing Jigsaw into the corner, Ki then trips Jigsaw to work over his leg and Jigsaw quickly escapes. Jigsaw then trips Ki himself before working over his arm, Jigsaw then releases the hold for a clean break and Ki chops him. Ki then goes to work the arm of Jigsaw and the ropes are grabbed, Ki then grapples with Jigsaw and he winds up in a guillotine choke. Ki quickly escapes to chain wrestle with Jigsaw and he gets the advantage, Ki then brings Jigsaw to the ground before locking on a modified cross face. Ki then trips Jigsaw to the ground again before attempting a single leg crab on him, Jigsaw breaks the hold and he quickly applies the abdominal stretch to Ki. Jigsaw then uses his speed to nearly pin Ki with a sunset flip, Ki then looks for some offense off his back and Jigsaw instead grabs a hold of him to lock him in a single leg crab. Ki eventually breaks the hold by nailing Jigsaw with a few elbow strikes, Ki then takes Jigsaw out with a running soccer kick. Ki then grabs a hold of Jigsaw in a bear hug like way, Jigsaw escapes and rolls Ki up quickly for another near fall. Ki again brings the match to the ground and he applies the body scissors on Jigsaw, Jigsaw retreats to the corner and Ki nails him with some stomps. Ki continues to work over Jigsaw in the corner with chops and European uppercuts, Ki then misses a charge in the corner and Jigsaw starts a chop battle with Ki. Ki quickly returns to the advantage by kicking Jigsaw in the leg and chopping him, Jigsaw finally slows Ki down with a drop kick in the corner. Jigsaw then nails Ki with a top rope high cross body, Jigsaw then lifts KI up and he places him on the top rope. Jigsaw then takes Ki down with a leaping hurricarana for a near fall, Jigsaw then goes for a super kick and Ki drop kicks him in the knee. Jigsaw then nearly rolls up Ki a few times after countering a Ki Krusher, Ki then catches Jigsaw with a double stomp and Ki Krusher for the victory.

Winner: Low Ki

After the match, Low Ki grabs the microphone to tell the crowd that Jigsaw gave him a good fight and then Ki criticized him for dressing like a luchadore. Ki then said he is tired of these kids in his profession and its time for real men to be competing in pro wrestling.

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