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By David Tees on 2012-04-14 20:09:41
The contract signing between Drew Gulak and Danny Havoc kicks off the second half of the show, Gulak comes out with his campaign staff (Dewey Donovan, Mr. Tofiga and Alexander James). Gulak talks about having his lawyers draw up a contract for the match with Havoc, then he says that the Nation Of Intoxication drugged James with PCP. Havoc appears behind Gulak and he attacks him with a barbed wire baseball bat, Havoc then mocks a bloody Gulak. Gulak clears his crew from the ring and Havoc returns to sign the contract, Gulak then says the match next month will be a barbed wire match. Havoc signs the contract before tasting some of Gulak's blood and the match is official for next month.

DJ Hyde comes out for his match wearing a suit and it looks like he will not be wrestling tonight, Hyde talks about Nick Gage. Hyde says that Tremont is still a boy and he will not compete against him, Hyde says that Clint Margera will face him instead.

Match #8 - Ultraviolent Encounter: Clint Margera vs. Matt Tremont

This battle kicks off with Margera attacking Tremont from behind with a fork bat, Tremont then cracks Margera a few times with a fork bat. Margera then gets nailed with a few head butts from Tremont, Tremont then nails Margera with a garbage can lid before nailing him with a clothes line. Tremont then destroys Margera with a brain buster suplex, Tremont then tries to take Margera’s head off with a few chair shots. Margera recovers and he nails Tremont with a chair shot, Tremont quickly recovers by hitting Margera with a yakuza kick. Tremont then breaks a water jug over the head of Margera, both wrestlers then start exchanging some elbow strikes. Tremont then gets a near fall with a falcon arrow suplex, both men grab a tack bat and they start whaling on each other with them. Margera then rakes the tack bat across the head of Tremont, Margera then catches Tremont with a springboard leg drop onto a chair. Tremont wakes up and he crashes a chair onto the head of Margera, Tremont then slams Margera onto a pile of thumbtacks. Tremont then goes for a splash and he lands on the tacks as Margera moves, Margera then nails Tremont with the thumbtack bat. Tremont responds by nailing Margera with a running bulldog, Tremont goes to the top rope and Margera hits him with a running kick. Tremont recovers to power bomb Margera onto a barbed wire chair for the three count.

Winner: Matt Tremont

After the match, Matt Tremont demands a match with DJ Hyde and Hyde says that he will grant him the match with one condition. Hyde says that Tremont must prove that he is on the same level and he must defeat Abdullah Kobayashi at Tournament Of Death 11.

Main Event – Best Of The Best Finals: Sami Callihan (CZW Junior Heavyweight Champion) vs. AR Fox

The main event kicks off with Fox catching Callihan with a suicide dive as he was making his entrance, Callihan responds by tossing Fox over the guard rail and into the crowd. Callihan drags Fox over the guard rail before leg sweeping him into it, Callihan then brings Fox into the ring. Callihan then starts head butting the bloody ear of Fox, Callihan then takes the chance to nail Fox with a hard slam. Callihan then ties up the arms of Fox before elbowing his bloody ear, Callihan then rips at the bloody ear of Fox. Callihan then lands a knee drop on the bloodied ear of Fox, Callihan then continues to punish the ear of Fox. Callihan then corners Fox before stomping the life out of him, Callihan then starts clobbering Fox with a lot of running clothes lines. Fox tries to fight back by going to the top rope and Callihan kicks him for it, Callihan goes to the top with Fox to head butt him multiple times. Fox then gets a reprieve by knocking Callihan off the top rope, Fox then catches Callihan with a series of clothes lines and a springboard drop kick. Callihan goes to the ring apron to avoid a Fox dive and Fox kicks him in the head, Fox follows that up by diving onto Callihan. Fox then drapes Callihan on the ring apron before missing the guillotine leg drop, Callihan then takes Fox out with a suicide dive. Callihan then brings Fox back into the ring for a two count, Callihan and Fox then exchange slaps in the ring. Fox gets the edge by nailing Callihan with a death valley diver and a swanton bomb, Fox then eats a boot while attempting a 450 splash. Callihan then takes Fox out with multiple face wash kicks, Fox nearly catches Callihan with a roll up for a two count. Fox then gets another near fall with a one man Spanish fly on Callihan, Fox then misses a springboard splash and Callihan nails him with a lariat for a near fall. All of the tournament competitors hit the ring to see the action, Callihan then nails Fox with the Death Blow. Callihan then locks Fox in the Stretch Muffler and then a single leg Boston crab to get the tap out.

Winner: CZW Best Of The Best 11 Champion, Sami Callihan

DJ Hyde comes out and he presents the trophy to Sami Callihan, Hyde then spits at him and tosses the microphone down. Callihan talks about his past in the tournament and how he finally captured the Best Of The Best Tournament crown. Callihan then taunts Fox and says that he is the best, Drake Younger hits the ring and then DJ Hyde returns. Younger then challenges Callihan to a match at the May 5th event, Callihan waits for him to turn around and he nails him with a low blow. Hyde then puts over all of the competitors in this year’s tournament, Hyde then makes Callihan vs. Younger next montha two out of three falls match. The fans vote AR Fox their fans choice award winner and Hyde says that he will get a shot at any title he wants anytime.

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