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By David Tees on 2012-04-14 20:09:41
Match #5 - CZW Wired TV Title Match: Jake Crist (Champion) vs. Dave Crist

The title match begins with Dave attacking Jake as he was making his entrance, Jake then nails Dave with a running knee on the guard rail. Jake then power slams a running Dave into the guard rail, Jake then brings Dave to the ring before hitting him with cross face strikes. Jake then nails Dave with a dragon screw leg whip into the corner, Jake goes to the top rope and Dave nails him with a running kick and a rope assisted swinging neck breaker. Dave then keeps Jake cornered by nailing him with a lot of chops, Jake recovers by kicking at Jake and he places him on the top rope. Jake then nails Dave with a superplex and a running knee to the head, Jake then catches Dave with a super kick and roundhouse kick. Jake then nails his brother with a tiger suplex into the turnbuckles, Dave then gets his knees up when Jake goes for the moonsault. Dave then drops Jake with a nasty DDT for a near fall, Jake and Dave then battle on the top rope that ends with Dave getting shoved into the referee. Dave then catches his diving brother with a low blow, Dave follows it up with a kick to the balls for the three count.

Winner: New CZW Wired TV Champion, Dave Crist!

Match #6 - Best Of The Best Semi-Finals: Sami Callihan (CZW Junior Heavyweight Champion) vs. Alex Colon w/Chrissy Rivera

The semi-finals kick off with these two immediately getting into each other’s faces, the fight spills to the arena floor and Callihan tosses Colon into the guard rail. Colon recovers by peppering Callihan with chops, Colon then crashes into the safety rail after missing a running knee strike. Callihan then nails Colon with a running chop as he is draped on the guard rail, the action returns to the ring. Callihan and Colon then start exchanging kicks and head butts, Colon then knocks himself and Callihan back outside the ring. Callihan then charges at Colon and they both collide into a member of CZW Security, Callihan then hits Colon with a Saito suplex into the guard rail. Colon is tossed back into the ring as Callihan stalks him, Callihan then nails Colon with a few running clothes lines. Colons avoids a clothes line before hitting Callihan with the Inquisition, Colon then nails Callihan with an onslaught of kicks. Colon then misses a running clothes line and Callihan makes him pay with various kicks and a few face washes in the corner, Colon recovers to catch a running Callihan with a rope assisted sit out driver. Colon then locks Callihan in the Stretch Muffler, Callihan catches Colon with a surprise roll up for the three count.

Winner: Sami Callihan

After the match, Sami Callihan grabs the microphone and says that he will not lose in the finals three years in a row and then he says that Alex Colon is the future of wrestling. 

Match #7 - Best Of The Best Semi-Finals: AR Fox vs. Samuray Del Sol

The last semi-finals match begins with Del Sol immediately attacking the legs of Fox, Fox and Del Sol then have a little chain wrestling competition. Del Sol then takes Fox down with a satellite arm drag, Fox then surprises Del Sol with a springboard ace crusher. Fox follows that up by hitting Del Sol with a running clothes line and a modified cannon ball, Del Sol recovers to catch Fox with a springboard hurricarana. They battle to the ring apron and Del Sol nails Fox with a super kick and a death valley driver on the ring apron, Del Sol then does a diving arm drag that sends Fox into the guard rail. Del Sol then starts kicking Fox in the midsection, Fox recovers by tossing Del Sol into the ring post and then nailing him with a kick flip dive. They go back into the ring where Fox nearly gets the three count on Del Sol, Del Sol then catches Fox with a few kicks before locking him in a cross arm breaker. Fox eventually breaks the hold by grabbing onto the bottom rope, Del Sol goes to the ring apron and Fox kicks him off of it and onto the arena floor. Fox then does a suicide dive over the ring post and onto Del Sol, Fox then tosses Del Sol into the guard rail. Fox then slaughters Del Sol with a running senton dive into the guard rail, Fox throws Del Sol into the ring before nailing him with a springboard 450 splash. Del Sol recovers to hit Fox with a springboard reverse hurricarana, Del Sol follows it up by nailing Fox with a running shoulder tackle in the corner. Del Sol goes to the top rope and Fox surprises him with a one man Spanish fly for the three count.

Winner: AR Fox



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