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By David Tees on 2012-04-14 20:09:41
Match #3 - Best Of The Best Opening Round: Chuck Taylor vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Samuray Del Sol

Our next match kicks off with Gargano and Taylor double teaming Del Sol, Gargano quickly turns on Taylor and throws him out of the ring. Del Sol quickly returns to hit Gargano with a top rope arm drag, Taylor returns to the ring and he catches Gargano with an overhead suplex. Del Sol nearly catches Taylor for the three count after a springboard roll up, Del Sol goes for a dive and Gargano stops him with a springboard dive. Gargano then does a suicide dive onto Taylor, Gargano then enters the ring by hitting Del Sol with a springboard DDT. Taylor then catches Del Sol with Soul Food, Del Sol quickly recovers to catch Taylor with a sit out sliced bread. Gargano then launches Del Sol in the air so he can drop kick Taylor, Taylor gets back up and he power bombs Del Sol into Gargano. Gargano rolls out of the ring and Taylor does a dive onto him, Del Sol then catches both men with a middle rope springboard swanton bomb. Del Sol and Gargano battle back into the ring, Gargano and Taylor then hit their Chikara tag team finisher on del Sol. Gargano then drops Taylor with a clothes line and DDT, Gargano then tries to lock Taylor in the Gargano Escape and Taylor rolls him up for the three count.

Eliminated: Johnny Gargano

The action resumes with Del Sol quickly rolling up Taylor for the three count.

Winner: Samuray Del Sol

Match #4 - Best Of The Best Opening Round: AR Fox vs. Lince Dorado vs. ACH

The final opening round match begins with Fox quickly nailing ACH with a drop kick, Dorado then knocks Fox out of the ring. Dorado was going to dive on Fox before ACH got in the way, Dorado then nails ACH with a running drop kick in the corner. ACH rebounds by taking Dorado down with a springboard arm drag, Dorado flips off ACH and he gets slapped for it. Fox returns to the ring and he does a springboard dive onto both of his opponents, Fox then does an inverted moonsault dive onto his opponents on the arena floor. Fox then tosses both of his opponents back into the ring, Fox then misses his guillotine leg drop on ACH and is back on the arena floor. Dorado then does a dive outside the ring and onto Fox, ACH then catches his opponents with a split legged moonsault on the arena floor. Fox then goes for a dive and ACH shoves him off the ropes and back into the ring, Dorado attacks Fox and Fox escapes to attempt a dive onto ACH. Dorado then does a suicide dive to the arena floor onto both of his foes, ACH and Dorado enter the ring first and have a slap battle. ACH brings Dorado to the top rope and Dorado crotches him on the top rope, Dorado stands on the top rope and Fox joins him. Dorado then does a hurricarana to take Fox off the top rope, ACH then misses his top rope dive onto his opponents. Dorado and Fox battle it out in the middle of the ring, Fox then puts Dorado in the corner to nail him with a variety of drop kicks. Fox misses a hold and Dorado catches him with a flip DDT, Dorado then avoids ACH by hitting Fox with a shooting star lariat. ACH returns and Dorado nails him with a kick to the ribs, ACH then tangles Dorado in the ropes before hitting him with a rope assisted spinning neck breaker for the three count.

Eliminated: Lince Dorado

The action continues with ACH hurting Fox with a series of strikes, Fox recovers to hit ACH with multiple ace crushers. Fox goes to the tope rope and ACH catches him with a stunner, ACH misses his top rope dive and Fox tries to take advantage. ACH keeps the pressure on Fox by nailing him with a running knee strike, ACH then nails Fox with a power bomb for a near fall. ACH then misses a middle rope 450 splash on Fox, Fox then nails ACH with a running bicycle kick before putting him on the top rope. Fox then hits him with a one man Spanish fly for the three count.

Winner: AR Fox

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