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By Stuart Carapola on 2012-03-31 19:53:13
Lince Dorado vs Samuray Del Sol

They barely get to make contact before Chuck Taylor runs in and says that the Chuck Taylor Invitational starts now. He attacks both men before CIMA and Rich Swann run in and chase him off. He gets a microphone in the aisle and said that he's sick of CIMA and also sick of carrying Swann, but before he gets to continue, El Generico's music hits and he comes running out and nails Taylor, then gets into the ring. Well, as Taylor said, it lookslike Dorado vs Del Sol is off and instead, we get...

Chuck Taylor Invitational: Chuck Taylor vs Lince Dorado vs Samuray Del Sol vs El Generico vs Rich Swann vs CIMA

Swann and CIMA start us off with some back and forth chain wrestling, with CIMA rolling Swann into a crucifix for 2. More mat wrestling, and they shake hands as a show of respect before CIMA boots Swann in the gut. CIMA comes off the ropes right into a dropkick that sends CIMA to the outside, and then he bails out so Dorado and Del Sol can go at it. They do some back and forth lucha stuff with flippy dips and armdrags, but Dorado goes outside and Generico comes in to go at it with Del Sol, who is coming off a HUGE upset win over Masato Yoshino earlier in the tour. Generico monkey flips Del Sol, but Del Sol lands on his feet so Generico connects with a leg lariat, but takes too much time celebrating and gets nailed from behind by Taylor, who quickly tags out to Dorado and bails to the floor. Dorado also quickly goes out and CIMA comes in and ties Generico's tassels on his mask to the ropes and then tags out to Swann, who quickly finds himself on the receivinig end of right hands from Generico, but Taylor takes advantage of the situation by tagging himself in...then dragging Swann across the ring and tagging out to Del Sol, who connects with a standing dropkick for 2. Del Sol with a slingshot 450 splash for 2, but Swann pops up and comes off the ropes with a spinning back elbow. Taylor again tags himself in at Swann's expense, and Taylor responds by ramming Del Sol into Swann, knocking him off the apron, then hits Sole Food on Del Sol for a 2 count. Taylor with a back suplex and makes a cover, but CIMA comes in to break up the fall and picks up Taylor's foot, but apparently passes out from the smell and rolls outside. The distraction was enough for Del Sol to pop up and hit an unassisted Sliced Bread #2, and tags out to Generico, who comes in and cleans house on Taylor, hitting a tornado DDT, and then all heck breaks loose as everyone else in the match comes in and gangs up on Taylor. Now they all turn on each other and do the sequence where they all take turns hitting spots on each other, one after another until Generico hits the top rope brainbuster on Dorado for the win.

Winner: El Generico


Lenny Leonard welcomes us back and puts over how important this weekend is, and introduces CIMA (representing Dragon Gate USA) and DJ Hyde (representing Combat Zone Wrestling) to make an announcement regarding next year's Wrestlemania weekend events in the New Jersey area. CIMA says that next year's Wrestlemania weekend should be even bigger than this year's, and DJ Hyde says that since DGUSA and CZW are the two best wrestling companies, they're going to do a super weekend that includes Dragon Gate USA, CZW, and also CHIKARA that will take place at the Meadowlands Convention Center.

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