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By Stuart Carapola on 2012-03-31 19:53:13
Low Ki, Akira Tozawa & BxB Hulk vs PAC, Ricochet & Masaaki Mochizuki

Hulk and Tozawa attack PAC's team before the bell, but Low Ki just shakes his head and steps out of the ring as his partners work Mochizuki over. Mochizuki comes back with kicks to the chest of both men,and nearly breaks through Hulk's chest with one big kick. Ricochet comes in to go at it with Hulk, and dropkicks him out to the floor. Low Ki comes in and Ricochet smartly decides to tag out to PAC so they can renew their rivalry from the previous evening. Low Ki comes off the ropes with a shoulderblock, but they do a fast paced back and forth and Ki again takes PAC down with a shoulderblock. PAC rolls outside to break the momentum, then comes back in a moment later and Ki muscles PAC into the corner and tears into him with a hard chop. PAC dodges a charge and hits a flying headscissors, then gets a snap suplex for 2. PAC with a charging forearm in the corner and Ki crumples to the mat, PAC covers but Ki is out at 1. They go back to the corner where PAC scores with a knee to the breadbasket, but Ki with a mule kick and a double leg cradle for 2. PAC finally decides that discretion is the better part of valor and heads to his corner, allowing Ricochet and then Mochizuki into the ring. Mochizuki and Ki have an insane kick exchange, with Mochizuki winning early on before Ki scores with a stiff kick to the back of Mochizuki's head. Mochizuki recovers and hits a running punt that sends Ki to the outside, then rolls Ki back inside where Ricochet covers him for 2. Ricochet makes the mistake of getting into a kick exchange with Ki and gets floored with one kick. Ricochet does manage to headscissor Ki to the outside and tries a dive through the ropes, but Ki hits an enziguiri and then Tozawa and Hulk take out the rest of Ricochet's team before Tozawa hits a senton for 2. Tozawa puts a chair over Ricochet's chest and hits a senton as the referee's back is turned, then Hulk comes in and destroys Ricochet with a series of kick, followed by a Flatliner for 2. Mad Blenkey with a series of kick to Ricochet and Tozawa covers for 2. Ki tags back in and gives Ricochet a flapjack for 2, then Hulk comes in to work Ricochet over with more kicks and a twisting standing moonsault for 2. Tozawa with a series of chops in the corner on Ricochet and a straight right hand to the jaw for 2. Hulk and Tozawa with a series of double teams followed by a kick to the top of the head by Hulk for 2. Ricochet finally gets an opening and makes a comeback and gets the hot tag to Mochizuki, and now it's one. Ricochet with a twisting dive over the top rope to take out Hulk and Tozawa on the floor, and then Ki and PAC go at it in the ring. Ki goes for a top rope Frankenstiner, PAC rolls through into a sunset flip, and Ki rolls through that and hits a double stomp. Hulk and Mochizuki come in and have an epic kick battle, Tozawa comes in and goes for a German suplex on Ricochet, but Ricochet escapes and Tozawa hits a boot. Ricochet with a leaping enziguiri, then springboards right into a double gutbuster. Hulk and Tozawa with a double team on Ricochet and then Hulk missile dropkicks Ricochet into a Saito suplex from Tozawa for 2. Ricochet blocks a German suplex from Tozawa and Mochizuki takes Tozawa's head off with a big kick and then Ricochet with a standing 450 senton for 2. Triple team on Tozawa and PAC with a HUGE sitout powerbomb for 2. Another kick war between Hulk and Mochizuki with Hulk coming out on top this time, but Mochizuki sweeps Hulk's legs out, then Ki with a flapjack to PAC,followed by Mad Blankey holding PAC up for a springboard enziguiri from Ki for 2. Ricochet with an Ace Crusher to Tozawa, Ki comes in with a shotgun dropkick to Ricochet, and we're back to PAC and Ki, as PAC with a shooting star splash to the back of Ki. Now Tozawa and Mochizuki go at it in the ring and trade Yakuza kicks, Tozawa German suplexes Mochizuki, Hulk with a series of flash kicks to Mochizuki, and Tozawa witha bridging German suplex on Mochizuki for 2. Tozawa hauls Mochizuki back to his feet and hits a straitjacket German suplex for the win.

Winners: Low Ki, Akira Tozawa & BxB Hulk

Another huge win for Tozawa, and a hell of a main event. Low Ki also cuts a nice promo afterward putting both PAC and Ricochet over and saying he'll face them again anytime they want.

Thanks for following's coverage of Mercury Rising 2012, I'll be back in just a little bit with the postgame show in the Elite section!

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