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By Stuart Carapola on 2012-03-31 19:53:13 iPPV

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Dragon Gate USA: Mercury Rising 2012!

Bobby Fish vs Jon Davis

They tie up and Davis takes Fish to the ropes, but breaks clean. Fish shoots and takes Davis down with a single leg and grapevines the ankle. Davis manages to roll free and goes behind Fish, then takes him down and floats over to a front facelock. Fish sits out and goes for an armbar, but Davis again rolls out of Fish's grasp and we're back to even Steven. Davis takes Fish down with a pair of shoulderblocks, but Fish manages to connect with a dropkick and starts firing away with kicks. Fish off the ropes right into a spinebuster from Davis that gets 2. Davis has the advantage now, slamming Fish hard to the mat. Davis picks himback up and delivers another bodyslam, getting a somewhat negative reaction from the fans in attendance. Fish tries to muster a comeback, firing right hands at the midsection of Davis, but walks right into a back elbow and he finds himself back on the mat. Davis covers for 2, then goes back to firing in those big bombs, dropping Fish to the mat with a hard forearm. Davis whips Fish hard into the corner and gets more boos from the fans. He doesn't let it faze him and he sets up for a suplex, but Fish fires kicks to the knee of Davis, which only serves to anger the big man as he drives Fish back to the mat with a forearm, then pops him up into a vertical suplex and holds him in the air for several seconds in an impressive display of strength that finally gets cheers from the crowd, but only gets him a 2 count. Davis again tries to ground Fish with an inverted bearhug, but Fish gets back to his feet and they go toe to toe in the ring. Fish gets the advantage with a series of kicks, Davis goes for a right hand but Fish catches the armand pulls him down into a kneelift that sends a dazed Davis down to the canvas. Fish tries to capitalize by cover for a cover, but only gets 2. Fish goes for a moonsault, Davis rolls out of the way but Fish lands on his feet and puts Davis back on the mat with a Dragon Screw legwhip. Fish goes for the Fishhook, but Davis kicks him off and then drives Fish across the ring with the Pounce. Davis goes for Three Seconds Around The World, but Fish drops to the mat and goes for a Fujiwara armbar. Davis blocks that and lifts Fish into the air and hits a powerslam for 2. Davis is worn down, but tries to put Fish away, but a big right hand is countered again by Fish, who takes Davis down into the Fishhook. Davis tries to get to the ropes, but can't quite make it and is forced to tap out.

Winner: Bobby Fish

Great opener, and a big win for Bobby Fish since Davis has been on a roll for months now. He gets a microphone from the ring announcer and tells Davis that he gave him a hell of a fight, but he also wants to say that they need a title in EVOLVE, and whenever that title is created and a champion is decided, he wants in.

Lenny Leonard gets in the ring and introduces PAC, who thanks Low Ki for the war they had last night, and he'd love to have the opportunity to face him again...before this weekend is done. He says that we all know CIMA is not 100%, so DGUSA asked him to step into the main event. The crowd does the Bryan Danielson "YES!" chant, but then Chuck Taylor gets in the ring and the crowd changes to a "NO!" chant. PAC says he can't even stand being in the same ring as Taylor right now, and he throws down the microphone and walks out. Taylor picks up the microphone and barely gets two words out before the fans ask him nicely to please stop talking. He says that if PAC's in the main event, there's no PAC Invitational tonight, so instead we should have the Chuck Taylor Invitational, and since there's no more Ronin, we'll have that match whenever he wants.

AR Fox vs Arik Cannon

Colt Cabana joins Lenny Leonard on commentary as Fox and Cannon go back and forth early on in the match and quickly go out to the floor. Fox goes into the rail, but quickly pops up and hits the kickflip to wipe out both Cannon and Pinkie Sanchez. Fox gets 2 off of that, but Cannon turns it right back around with a rolling neckbreaker. Cannon has a look on his face that tells you he knows he's in charge as he hits a vertical suplex for 2, then follows that up with a back elbow that puts Fox right back on the canvas. Cannon gets a 2 count, then ties Fox up in a standing variation of the figure four leglock as Pinkie grabs a beer from a fan at ringside and hands it to Cannon, who takes a swig from the bottle and tosses it back to Pinkie before dropping an elbow on Fox. Fox with a Stunner out of nowhere, then sits Cannon up top and goes for the springboard Spanish Fly, but Cannon just shoves him off and Fox lands on the back of his head. He's all kinds of woozy as Cannon leans him on the top ropes and drills him with a chop, and responds to chants from the crowd for one more chop by just thumbing Fox in the eye. Leonard scares the hell out of me by calling Fox the Sexual Spider Monkey, but Fox nonetheless shows off some of the athletic prowess that no doubt serves him well in that other life by hitting a spinning enziguiri. Fox goes out to the apron and hits a springboard forearm into the ring, driving Cannon out to the floor, but Fox doesn't miss a step as he comes right after Cannon with a springboard 450 to the floor. Fox rolls Cannon onto the ring apron and comes off the top rope with a guillotine legdrop, but only gets 2. Cannon charges Fox in the corner and runs into the boot, but Fox makes the mistake of coming off the second rope and Cannon catches him, then elevates him into a powerbomb into the corner. Cannon hits a hard lariat and a BIG right hand, followed by a superkick and then Total Anarchy, but Fox miraculously kicks out at 2. Cannon is in shock as the crowd gets behind Fox, and it seems to energize Fox as he gives Cannon a Flatliner into the second turnbuckle and then a springboard splash for 2. Fox with a guillotine choke, but Cannon muscles him into the air and hits a brainbuster for 2. Fox winds up out on the apron and hits a leaping enziguiri, but misses a 450 splash. He does connect with a springboard Ace Crusher, but Cannon again is out at 2. Fox hits an inverted senton in the corner and sets Cannon up top, but Sami Callihan runs out to ringside and nails Fox with a chair, resulting in a disqualification.

Winner: AR Fox by DQ

The DUFs continue beating Fox down as Callihan comes out and says it ends now, as Sami Callihan faces Sabu one on one. Sabu is a pathetic waste of life, and he's going to get killed in the ring in his final wrestling match ever. Callihan wants it to happen right now, and tells Sabu to get out here right now.

Street Fight: Sabu vs Sami Callihan

The lights go down and Sabu is in the ring when they come back up. The DUFs jump him as soon as they see him, but Jon Davis comes in to make the save and chases Cannon and Sanchez to the back, leaving Sabu and Callihan alone in the ring. Sabu hits a tornado DDT and goes to the outside to look for a table under the ring, but can't find one before Callihan comes out after him. He nails Sabu and sends him back in the ring, then he finds a table and puts it onto the ring apron, but Sabu baseball slides it right into Callihan's face. Sabu sets up a chair and goes for the triple jump to the floor, but miscalculates and crotches himself on the top rope. Callihan goes after him, taking him off the apron and over the rail into the crowd, but Sabu sends Callihan crashing into the guardrail and then drags him back to ringside and posts him. Sabu gets a chair and throws it right at Sami's head, but Sami avoids certain doom by ducking out of the way at the last second. Sabu gets back into the ring with a chair, but Callihan isn't scared in the least, walking right back in while looking Sabu square in the eyes. They both have chairs in their hands and get into a kind of fencing match, but Callihan catches a chairshot right in the face and rolls out to the floor. Sabu goes out after him and tosses Callihan right on top of some fan, but helps him back up before going back to beating up Sabu. Callihan with a boot right in the face of Sabu, then takes a swig of beer from a ringside fan and spits it right into the face of Sabu. What a charmer. Sabu appears to be cut somewhere on his face, and Callihan goes after the wound with right hands, then rolls Sabu back into the ring, takes the ring bell from the timekeeper, and rings it right on top of Sabu's hand. Callihan continues the punishment by smashing a chair right onto the left hand of Sabu, then takes another chair and puts it over Sabu's injured hand, then smashes the original chair on top of the other one to do major damage to Sabu's hand. Callihan does the same thing to Sabu's leg and makes a cover, but only gets 2. Sabu somehow staggers up to his feet, but Callihan throws a chair right in his face, sending Sabu back to the mat, and Callihan picks the chair back up and drives it right into Sabu's midsection. Callihan gets another table from underneath the ring and again gets it baseball slid into his ribs, but gets back into the ring as Sabu sets the table up and nails him again. Both men go for springboard moves, and both go down. Double clothesline and they both go down again. Sabu gets Callihan in the Camel Clutch as Davis, Cannon, and Sanchez come back through the crowd after apparently having fought through the back this entire time. They wind up in the ring where Davis dumps Cannon to the floor, then press slams Sanchez onto Cannon before coming over the top rope to take the both of them out. Callihan goes up top but catches a flying chair to the skull, and Sabu again goes for a triple jump to the outside and this time he hits it. Sabu rolls back in and Callihan slowly follows him, Sabu makes a cover but Callihan is out at 2. Crowd is starting to get behind Callihan as Sabu hits Air Sabu in the corner, but Callihan again kicks out at 2. Sabu tries it again, but Callihan kicks the chair into Sabu's shin, then sticks Sabu's ankle in a chair Pillman-style and repeatedly smashes a chair into it. Callihan drags Sabu out to the middle of the ring and catches him in the Stretch Muffler, but Sabu gets a chair and smashes Callihan in hte head over and over until he breaks the hold, then hits an Arabian legdrop with the chair to the back of Callihan's head and covers for 2. Sabu gets another chair and puts it on top of the table, but turns around right into another beer spew from Callihan, and Callihan then takes his bottle of dip and pours it on Sabu's head. Callihan goes to the second rope with a chair, but AR Fox comes running out and dropkicks the chair into Callihan's face, then hits the springboard Spanish Fly on Callihan. Sabu smashes Callihan in the skull with a chair, sending him sprawling onto the table, and Sabu comes off the top rope with an Arabian facebuster through the table for the win.

Winner: Sabu

Callihan sits in the corner with his head in his hands, then gets up and starts throwing chairs around the ring in frustration. Some DGUSA officials come out to try and calm Callihan down, but he flattens them all, stretching a young guy named Johnny Vandal out on the floor with the Stretch Muffler before smashing a chair into him and walking off.

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