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By Mike Johnson on 2009-08-16 22:50:00

Lauren interviewed Beer Money, Inc.  James Storm said that they've shown Scott Steiner and Booker T respect, something they haven't shown anyone.  Robert Roode said that the last few months, they've been soft and shown they have emotion and heart.  He said he is sick and tired of it.  He said tonight, they are going to do what they do best, kicking ass, getting cash and getting trashed.  He warned The British Invasion they were coming for them.  Another good promo.

IWGP Tag Team champions The British Invasion vs. Beer Money, Inc.

Eric Young, wearing a suit, is at ringside commentating.  The crowd chanted, "Wanker" at the champs.  James Storm opened up early on Brutus Magnus with a series of rights.   Magnus came back to toss Storm over the top but he skinned the cat and came back with a charging right hand.  Magnus and Williams ended up on the floor.  Roode elevated Storm into a plancha onto both.

Roode tossed Magnus back into the ring and unloaded with rights and turnbuckle smashes.  Williams came back, shoulderblocking Roode down.   Storm tagged in and they double teamed him, culminating with a big Storm knee drop.  Magnus got involved but Storm nailed a double flying clothesline. 

All four battled in the corner.  Magnus was whipped into his own partner in the corner.  Williams was left tied to the tree of woe.  Beer Money crotched Magnus into the post, pulling his lower extremities into William's head.  Storm was caught with a shoulderblock to the gut.  British Invasion began working over Storm with punches and kicks.  They continued tagging in and out, working over Storm in their corner as Young took credit for preparing them.

Williams hit a big diving knee drop on Storm for a two count.  Magnus began slapping Storm and badmouthed him, leaving himself open for a superkick.  Storm made the hot tag to Roode.  Roode backdropped Williams, then hit an inverted atomic drop on Brutus.  Roode caught Williams with a rolling snap mare off the ropes for a two count.    Beer Money caught Magnus with a double suplex, then nailed Williams with DWI.  Magnus broke it up at two.

Young grabbed one of the IWGP Tag straps and tossed it into the ring.  That caught the attention of Roode, who Young spit on.  Roode went after him as the referee removed the belt.  That allowed Magnus to drill Roode with a low blow and Williams rolled him forward into a cradle for the pin.

Your winners and still IWGP Tag Team champions The British Invasion.

Beer Money ran Young and the Invasion off after the bout.

Good tag match but I expected way more.  Magnus appeared off from recent appearances.

Lauren Jones interviewed ODB and Cody Deaner.  Lauren tried to find out what would happen if Cody scored the pin, since the Knockouts title on the line.  Note from Mike: Please DO NOT GO THERE.  ODB and Cody were both oblivious to the idea as ODB talked about being sexually harassed daily by cougars and ODB talked about winning the strap and shining it up on her boobies.  Hey, her words, not mine. 

TNA Knockouts champ Angelina Love & Velvet Sky vs. ODB & Cody Deaner - Mixed Tag with Knockouts title on the line.

Hey, uh, whatever happened to Tara?

Love and ODB opened up.  ODB caught her and slammed her into the corner, then began beating the champ with forearms and punches.  Love fought back with strikes and kicks.  Love missed a clothesline and went for a high cross bodyblock but was caught and dumped.  ODB missed a charge into the corner and was hit with a facejam for a two count.

Sky tagged in and ripped at ODB kicking and screaming.  She rebounded off the ropes but was killed with a shoudlerblock for a two count.  ODB grabbed Sky and tagged in Deaner.  He slapped Sky in the rear end.  It was an open palm strike, so I guess it's legal.  He put her on the top rope and spanked her.  The last one, he and ODB did a double slap on the blonde's derriere. 

Sky tagged in Love, who was caught with a kick to the stomach by ODB.  ODB went to the top and shoved away Sky and Madison Rayne.  Love caught ODB and slammed her off.  The Beautiful People worked over ODB, kicking her in the ribs.  The People whipped each other into ODB in the corner.  Love nailed a basement dropkick while rebounding off the ropes.  Love locked on a sleeper hold while using her weight to hold down ODB.  ODB got to her feet and drilled Love backwards.

Deaner tagged in and kissed Sky.  Love tried to attack him so he planted one on her too.  Rayne jumped on the apron screaming so he puckered her one good one as well.  He nailed a drop toehold on Sky, sending her into the ropes, then teased the Big Wiggle, Lord help us.  Sky kicked him low.  ODB nailed Love with a Thesz Press and they battled on the floor.

Madison Rayne went for the hairspray but Deaner ducked and Sky was blinded.  Deaner scored the pin but THANKFULLY, ODB was announced as the new Knockouts champion.  Well, nevermind as Deaner grabbed the title belt and walked out with it as ODB chased him.  My head hurts.

Your winners ODB and Cody Deaner!

Love got in Sky's face over the loss but Sky told her she was blinded by Rayne.  They both turned to Rayne.  Sky and Rayne screamed at each other as the referee got in between them.  Love walked off angry. 

Match was mostly shenanigans.  If you liked goofy comedy, you might enjoy the Deaner stuff, but all I could think of was Oklahoma in WCW (and guess who wrote that stuff???).  When the women in, it was fine.

Lauren interviewed Taz and Samoa Joe.  Taz said that last week, Joe beat himself but tonight Joe is in the zone and is going to win the X-Division championship.  Taz said that Homicide was going to leave without the belt because the title was going to the Main Event Mafia right now.

TNA X-Division champ Homicide vs. Samoa Joe

They locked up and Joe jabbed him in the corner early.  Homicide avoided a charge and rolled up Joe for a quick two count, then flipped over for another.  Joe stalked him in the corner and whipped him out.  Homicide ducked under and nailed a leg lariat.  Joe retreated to the floor, where Taz instructed him to get his head right and "play your game."

Joe returned to the ring and hit a great overhead suplex, sending Homicide through the ropes to the floor.  Joe brought him back to the ring and slammed him down for a two count.  Joe tweaked Homicide's neck.  The X- champion fought his way to his feet, driving elbows into Joe's stomach but was taken back down.  Joe choked him against the ropes.  As the ref admonished him, Homicide caught Joe with a kick and several chops.

Homicide went for a suplex but was overpowered by Joe, then caught in a powerbomb.  Joe turned him over into a crossface.  Joe began working over Homicide in the corner with boots and strikes.  The Impact Zone chanted "187." They slugged it out.  Homicide took Joe down with a clothesline and several dropkicks and Lucha takedowns.

Homicide went to the top rope with a missile dropkick, sending Joe to the floor.    Homicide drilled him with the tope con hilo over the ropes.  Homicide and Taz stared each other down and Taz dared him to try but Homicide instead returned to the ring.  The announcers pointed out that it gave Joe a chance to catch his breath.  Homicide nailed a neckbreaker for a two count.  Homicide went for the gringo killer but Joe escaped.  Homicide avoided a Joe charge but ended up caught in an attempted choke.  Homicide tried to escape but was taken down into the Tazmission and tapped.

Your winner and new X-Division champion, Samoa Joe!

It was solid, but considering the body of work these two have had against each other in the past, I was let down.  They could have easily gone 30 minutes, but it was not to be.

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