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By Mike Johnson on 2009-08-16 22:50:00

Backstage, Kurt Angle entered Matt Morgan's locker room.  Morgan screamed at him to knock before coming into his locker room.  Angle apologized for the way he spoke to Morgan at Impact.  Morgan said he told everyone he wanted to be in the Mafia but Angle made him jump through hoops and now he has to deal with the consequences.  Angle told Morgan there was a contract waiting for him in the Mafia but all he has to do is make sure either he or Angle win the World title tonight.  If so, Morgan is in but if Sting wins, all bets are off.  Morgan made it clear that if he won the title, he'd be in the Main Event Mafia and Angle agreed.  They shook on it and Morgan walked off.  Angle looked satisfied.

TNA Tag Team champions Scott Steiner & Booker T vs. Team 3D - NO DQ, Two Referees, Falls Count Anywhere

All four began brawling at the bell.  Team 3D ran off the champs, who tried to regroup outside on the floor.  3D followed them and they went into the crowd.  They all brawled around the Impact Zone as dual cameras followed them going in different directions.  Brother Ray slammed a guard rail over Steiner.  Devon and Booker battled at the top of the bleachers. 

Since it was Falls Count Anywhere, Steiner got a two count after nailing Ray with a chair.  Ray missed a chair shot on Steiner, hitting the wall of the Impact Zone.  Steiner got the chair back and drilled it over Ray's back.  Steiner did a dive off the first alcove of the Zone onto Ray on the floor. 

The battle continued in the stands.  It looked like the type of brawl that is always a lot more fun live than it is on television since you can't see everything.  Booker dropped Devon throat-first over the railing and began kicking and stomping him.  Steiner covered Ray on the floor for a two count.  Devon choked out Booker on the floor.

Back in the ring, Steiner clotheslined Ray for a two count.  Ray scooped up Steiner for a slam and Devon hit the Wazzup headbutt low.  They led the fans in a chant for the tables.  They set a table up and placed Steiner atop of it.  Booker jumped Ray.  Devon was stopped on the top rope by Steiner, who was going for  a top rope Frankensteiner into the table. Ray dispatched Booker and got Steiner on his shoulders.  Devon went for a top rope clothesline but Booker moved the table.

Team 3D took out Booker as the fans chanted for tables.  Booker nailed an uranage through a table on Ray for a two count as Devon pulled Booker off.  Booker drilled Devon with a kick and Steiner covered him for a two count.  They got several two counts on Devon.  Devon catches Steiner with a scoop powerslam for a two count.  Steiner goes to clothesline Devon but hits Booker but accident.  Devon hits a back suplex on Steiner for a two count.

Steiner clotheslined Devon in the corner and worked him over with punches.  Devon grabbed him out of the corner with a powerbomb for a two count.  Booker missed the scissor kick.  They drilled Booker with 3D and Devon covered Booker as Steiner covered Bubba with a rollup  The referees couldn't agree on who won so they reviewed the videotape.  Seriously.

After a review, they ruled Scott Steiner and Booker T had retained the belts. 

Your winners and still TNA Tag Team champions, Scott Steiner and Booker T!

The fans chanted "Bulls***" which is the reaction TNA wanted coming out of this.  Good, fun brawl to start and the rest of the bout was fine.  If nothing else, the finish was unique and leaves things open for a rematch as it gives the former Dudleys a legitimate gripe.

Jeremy Borash interviewed TNA Legends champion Mick Foley and asked him if he was ready for Nash. Foley said that he doesn't know but tonight, Nash wants the belt to make more money while Foley wants it for the pride he has holding the title.  Foley said his entire career is about truth in advertising, noting his lost ear, the stitches he's received and the beatings he's taken.  He pointed out he was on the Hard Justice poster with a barbed wire bat but for some reason he couldn't seem to find one around and wanted to know why that was.  I'm guessing it's under the ring.

TNA Legends champion Mick Foley vs. Kevin Nash

Nash started off with knee and clobbering shots in the corner on Foley.  Nash missed a short-arm clothesline and Foley opened up with punches and slammed Nash into the turnbuckles face-first.  Foley nailed a headbutt several times.  Foley came off the ropes with a kneelift.  Nash kicks off Foley, knocking him off the apron into the rails on the floor.

Foley pulled himself up but Nash punched him back down to the apron and kicked him back to the floor.  Nash followed and slammed Foley into the railing face-first.  He slammed Foley back-first into the apron.  He grabbed a chair and swung, but Foley ducked and Nash hit the ringpost.  Foley drilled Nash over the back with a chair. 

Foley did his elbow drop onto Nash with the chair, but the chair smashed Foley as well and busted him big-time around the eye. Nash tossed Foley back in the ring and began measuring him with punches to the face and bad eye.  The referee asked Foley to stop the match because he couldn't see and Foley refused, so they are going for the underdog factor here.

Foley called for Nash to give him more, then fought back with a series of rights and a forearm smash that looked light.  Nash went outside, where Foley smashed him into the ring steps.  Nash came up from that with a trickle of blood from his forearm.  Foley began beating him with rights to open the cut.  The referee tried to get in between them but ended up bumped.

Foley went under the ring and grabbed the barbed wire bat, as he teased earlier.  Traci Brooks came to the apron to stop Foley.  Nash kicked Foley in the back of the head with a big boot.  The impact sent Foley into Brooks and she bumped to the floor.  Nash pinned Foley.

Your winner and new TNA Legends champion Kevin Nash!

Nash smashed Foley over the head with the barbed wire bat and threatened to do more, but Abyss' music played and he came out with a barbed wire bat of his own.  Nash left the ring, holding the belt above his head.  Foley, bloody, lifted a thumbs up to Abyss in thanks.

This was way better than you would have expected going in.  They worked a lot better than you'd think given the differences in their work styles and their physical limitations.  The blood added a nice gritty feel to their bout as well.  The finish came out of nowhere and was forced but that was the only real issue I had with the bout. 

Lauren interviewed Sting.  Sting warned Matt Morgan that the only person you can trust in this business is yourself.  He said that while a lot people in TNA are losing hope, but he never will.  He promised that honor, dignity and respect will come back in style in TNA.

TNA champ Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan vs. Sting

Morgan and Angle worked over Sting early, as they discussed.  Morgan splashed Sting in the corner.  Angle charged Sting, but he moved and Angle slammed shoulder-first into the ringpost in spectacular fashion.  Sting avoided the Carbon Footprint and Morgan crotched himself on the top rope and went to the floor.  Sting whipped Morgan into the railing.  He attempted to do the same to Angle but the whip was reversed and Morgan clotheslined Sting.

They tossed Sting back into the ring.  Morgan legdropped Sting.  He and Angle hit a double back elbow as Sting rebounded off the ropes.  Sting kicked Morgan and tossed Angle out of the ring.  Sting peppered Morgan with a series of rights in the corner.  Angle returned to the ring but was nailed with a Stinger splash.  Sting clotheslined Morgan from behind, sending him over the top to the floor.

Sting rolled up Angle for a two count.  Sting and Morgan battled outside.  Angle went for a bodypress off the apron but Sting moved and Morgan cauight him.  Sting took them both out.  Back in the ring, Sting locked on the Scorpion Deathlock but broke it when he saw Morgan coming.  Angle powerslammed Sting for a two count.  Angle locked in the anklelock but Sting kicked him off and out of the ring.

Morgan nailed Sting from behind.  Morgan railed away at him with elbows in the corner, then splashed him.  He covered Sting for a two count.  Morgan nailed a Fall Away Slam on Sting.  Angle got involved and Morgan didn't want to hear it.  Morgan nailed the Carbon Footprint to Angle on the floor.  Angle claimed he injured his arm, playing into the shoulder-ringpost spot earlier.  At the same time, Morgan covered Sting but there was no referee to count.

Sting nailed the Scorpion Death Drop for a two count and that time, referee Earl Hebner returned to the ring to count.  The referee went back outside and Sting screamed at him to return.  Morgan hit the Carbon Footprint for a two count but the referee was pulled out by Angle.  Angle grabbed a chair and went to hit Sting but nailed Morgan.  Angle covered Morgan.  The referee returned to the ring and counted three.

Your winner and still TNA champion, Kurt Angle.

Your typical three-way TNA bout with all three going back and forth with spots and not much in the way of storytelling.  The storyline was that in the end, Angle outsmarted everyone.  Morgan didn't receive any major elevation coming out of this in my eyes.

That's all for tonight.  Thanks for logging into!

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