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By Mike Johnson on 2009-08-16 22:50:00
Welcome to's TNA Hard Justice 2009 coverage!

Steel Asylum: Suicide vs. Chris Sabin vs. Amazing Red vs. Alex Shelley vs. Black Machismo vs. Daniels vs. Consequences Creed vs. D'Angelo Dinero.

Each competitor had their own entrance into the Six Sides of Steel, at which point the roof of the Asylum.  Dinero is the former WWE star Elijah Burke. 

It was all chaos from the bell.  The Machineguns tossed Daniels into the cage.  They then worked over Dinero.  Lethal tried to climb out but was pulled down.  Sabin and Daniels battled on the top rope but Daniels slammed him off the top.  Shelley grabbed Daniels with a jawbreaker.  Suicide hit a superplex on Red.    The Guns worked over Suicide with Sabin whipping Shelley into a overhead suplex, landing on Dinero.  The fans chanted TNA.  They were pushing the Guns off TV storyline hard on commentary.

Lethal and Sabin battled while standing on the top rope.    Daniels was speared off the top rope by Dinero.  Suicide hit a rolling Samoan Drop on Red.  Shelley hit a double bodypress on Lethal Consequences.  As you can imagine, there is way too much to follow but all of it is entertaining as hell.

Dinero hit a reverse STO on Sabin.  Dinero and Daniels went back and forth.  They went into the Tower of Doom spot in the corner with tons of car crash bumps out of the superplex/powerbomb combination.  Creed went for a fireman's carry but Shelley escaped and sidestepped a dropkick.  Shelley went for the Oriental Torture Device but Lethal got involved.  Suicide hit an elbow off the ropes on Lethal. 

Red and Suicide traded blows in the center of the ring.  Dinero hit a huge elevated powerbomb on Suicide.  Shelley drilled Sliced Bread #2 on Daniels.  Lethal nailed a Faceplant on Shelley but was caught with a Sabin tornado DDT.    Red used a rana to drill Creed into the mat in a sweet spot.  Red climbed up towards the top but Shelley caught him in the turnbuckles.  Everyone followed suit in the same corner,.  Daniels hit an uranage off the ropes on Dinero.  Creed suplexed Suicide out of the corner.    The Guns hit a double team sliced bread/powerbomb on Lethal. 

Red was left alone in the corner but went after Guns.  He took them both out and the crowd chanted, "He's amazing."    Red made his way to the inside of the Asylum roof.  Daniels was close behind and puilled Red down.  Red crashed onto a bunch of wrestlers standing below.  Daniels was left hanging upside down from the Asylum. 

Suicide began pulling himself towards the top.  Dinero followed him and took him out.  Suicide took a clean bump from the inside of the roof into the ring.  Insane.  Dinero was close to the roof but returned to the ring, limping.  He went right after Suicide.  Daniels freed himself and made his way through the opening to the outside and won.

Your winner, Daniels!

Daniels wins an X-Division championship bout at No Surrender.  Dinero stood over Suicide staring at him after the match as Don West wondered what their history might have been.

Great opener.  Tons of fast paced action, car crash bumps and all sorts of innovative action.  Really great way to open the PPV. Dinero had a fun debut as well.

Jeremy Borash grabbed Daniels at ringside after the bout.  Daniels said what we just saw was what the X-Division was all about.  He said he has history with Samoa Joe and Homicide, but would love to get into the ring with Joe over the choices he made.  Daniels said whoever wins, they were in a lose-lose situation because in the end, they will be in the ring with him.  Daniels addressed AJ Styles at home, saying he was at home and had his doubts but to come back soon.  Strong promo.

Backstage, Matt Morgan was interviewed by Lauren Jones.  He told her that at one point, he wanted to be in the Main Event Mafia, but Kurt Angle kept jerking him around with all his dirty work.  He said that he wanted to make clear that no one can control him and it was his destiny to become the TNA World champion tonight.  Good promo.  Nice to see the focus on the World title.

Abyss vs. Jethro Holiday (with Dr. Stevie) - Bounty Match with All Weapons Legal

They slugged it out in the middle of the ring and Abyss drilled Holiday with a right as he rebounded off the ropes.  He went into the corner but Holiday caught him and drilled Abyss with chops and shoulderblocks.  Abyss retaliated with a clothesline.  Abyss clotheslined Holiday over the top to the floor.    He followed Holiday and they battled outside.  Abyss tossed Holiday into the rail and the ring steps.   By the way, this new look for Abyss is a BIG improvement.

Abyss and Holiday returned to the ring.  Abyss drilled him with rights and lefts in the corner as Holiday covered up.   Abyss went to the floor and grabbed a steel chair.  Dr. Stevie slid a baton in to Holiday.  Holiday drilled Abyss in the leg and began working Abyss over.  He pulled Abyss up on the outside of the apron and clubbed him with a forearm over the chest, then shoved him into the rail outside.

While Abyss was on the floor, Stevie began browbeating him.  Holiday went to the floor and tossed Abyss into the ring and garnered a two count.  Holiday grabbed the chair but before he could use it, was grabbed in a goozle for a chokeslam.  Holiday used an elbow to escape but was hit with the big boot to the face, then a backdrop.  Abyss charged Holiday in the corner and hit a sideslam for a two count.

Abyss grabbed the chair and placed it over Holiday's chest.  Abyss went for the Earthquake splash but Holiday turned the chair around and Abyss crotched himself.  Holiday grabbed the baton and cracked him in the head for a two count.  Holiday wedged the chair in the corner and tried to whip Abyss into it.  Abyss reversed the charge but Holiday saved himself from going into the chair.  He acted like he was going to leap up and over a charging Abyss, but the Monster just waited, the grabbed Holiday from the back of the head and slammed him into the chair for a two count.

Stevie got on the apron, which distracted Abyss enough for Holiday to hit a bulldog.  Stevie tossed Holiday brass knuckles.  He reared back and charged to nail Abyss but was caught with the Black Hole Slam for the pin.

Your winner, Abyss!

After the bout, Stevie got in Holiday's face but was drilled with a right hand.

Good match.  These two had really good chemistry in the ring, to the point that it accentuated the usual spots that you usually see in an Abyss bout.  This may have been Holiday's best TNA showing to date and it was a good bout.  I was glad to see there wasn't a reliance on the usual culprits - blood, tacks and tables - for an Abyss match.

We went backstage to Jeremy Borash interviewing Kurt Angle.  No reference to the arrest, obviously.  Borash said it was going to be every man for himself tonight and Angle said he didn't think so.  Angle said that for weeks, Matt Morgan has been talking about how bad he wants to be in the Main Event Mafia but is now changing his tune.  After Angle has a little talk with him, by the time they get to the ring, Morgan will be thinking differently.

Hernandez vs. Big Rob - Feast or Fired Briefcase on the line

Rob has the World title shot briefcase, since he stole it from Hernandez before he took time off for the neck surgery.  This has to be a complete squash or else all is lost. 

Hernandez took the mic and said he has family in Mexico and the United States.  He said that makes him a Latino American and all the fans here are his family.  He said the Impact Zone is his house.  He said when the British Invasion stole his briefcase, it was the same as breaking into his house and stealing from his family.  He told them they could hand over his case and walk out or he could take it and "walk out of here on top of all three of you."

All three attacked Hernandez but he made his own comeback, tossing Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams out of the ring.  He drilled Rob with a flying shoulderblock and scored the pin.

Your winner, Hernandez!

Squash city and exactly what it needed to be to get over.



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