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By Buck Woodward on 2009-06-28 22:50:38

Backstage, they showed Triple H having his knee taped up.

Jericho was in Theodore R. Long's office, demanding his contractually guaranteed title rematch tonight.  Long said he has been a General Manager for almost five years, and he didn't get that way by doing what every star asks him for.  Long sent Jericho away, and Jericho said when, not if,  Long changes his mind, he knows where to find him.

A video package on the Dolph Ziggler-Great Khali feud was shown.

Great Khali vs. Dolph Ziggler in a No DQ, No Countout match.

Ziggler ran around Khali at the start and threw kicks and punches, but Khali shoved him to the mat, then whipped him hard into a corner and chopped his chest.  Khali whipped him hard into another corner, but Ziggler dropkicked his leg. Ziggler tried to punch him in a corner, but Khali tossed him over the top rope and to the floor.  Khali went outside and hit Ziggler, then chopped his chest.  Khali went for another chop, but Ziggler ducked and Khali hit his hand on the post.  Ziggler hit a dropkick off the apron, got back on it, and Khali hit an openhand chop that sent Ziggler back into the ring.  Khali rammed Ziggler in a corner, but missed a kick and caught his leg over the top rope.  Ziggler got on the apron and yanked Khali's leg across the top rope.  Ziggler got a chair and hit Khali in the leg with it.  Khali swatted the chair away, but Ziggler hit a chopblock on the leg, then a Rocker Dropper for a one count.

Ziggler punched the downed Khali and put him in a front facelock.  Khali stood up in it and tossed off Ziggler, then hit a clothesline and a boot to the face.  Khali got ready for a chop, when Kane, to a pop, came out.  Khali was distracted, and Ziggler grabbed a chair and hit Khali repeatedly in the leg.  Kane got in the ring, and Ziggler bailed out.  Kane picked up the chair and hit Khali in the back and head with it.  Kane hit Khali repeatedly with the chair across the back, then walked off.  Ziggler rolled into the ring and pinned Khali at the five minute mark.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler.

A happy Vince McMahon entered Teddy Long's office.  Vince apologized and said he was hard on Long last week after the Trump fiasco.  Vince said he heard Long telling Chris Jericho that he was the longest reigning General Manager in history ... and that he accomplished nothing.  Vince said Eric Bischoff, Heyman, William Regal and even Mike Adamle accomplished something during their time.  Vince said if he was in a foxhole with Long, he would shoot himself out of boredom.  Vince said all Long has is a dance, but he had no rhythm.  Vince said he was still on probation, and left.

Unified Tag Team Champions Carlito & Primo Colon vs. Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes.

Before the bell could ring, Teddy Long came out.  He said it was now a Triple Threat tag team match, and out came Edge & Chris Jericho.

Unified Tag Team Champions Carlito & Primo Colon vs. Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes vs. Edge & Chris Jericho.

The announcers said that since the tag belts can be defended on all three brands, Long was able to make this decision.  Cole & Lawler speculated that Long "succumbed to the pressure" to do something.

Priceless knocked Jericho & Edge out of the ring, but the referee restored order and rang the bell.  Carlito started off with DiBiase.  Carlito flipped over DiBiase off the top rope and hit a clothesline.  Primo tagged in and hit DiBiase with a headbutt to the back as Carlito gave him a drop toe hold.  Jericho tagged himself in off of DiBiase.  Primo backdropped him and Rhodes tagged in off of Jericho.  Cody worked over Primo, then tagged in DiBiase.  Primo hit DiBiase with kicks and a legdrop.  Primo tagged in Carlito, who dropkicked DiBiase for a two count, then applied a sleeper.  Primo tagged in and continued to work over DiBiase, who armdragged out of a hiptoss attempt, then tagged in Rhodes, who stomped Primo.  Cody hit a back elbow on Primo, then avoided being tagged by Jericho and Edge.  Cody tagged in DiBiase, who choked Primo against the rope.  Cody tagged in and Priceless whipped Primo into the corner. 

Cody gave Primo a snap mare and put him in a surfboard.  The announcers noted that if no one tags Jericho and Edge, they won't be able to get legally involved in the match.  Primo gave Cody a jawbuster and Edge tagged himself in off of Cody. Edge went for a spear, Primo ducked, and DiBiase tagged himself in off of Edge, frustrating him.  DiBiase dropped some elbows on Primo for a two count.  Primo cradled DiBiase for a two count, but DiBiase hit a clothesline.  Cody tagged in and dropkicked Primo for a two count.  Cody then drove an elbow into Primo's arm, then applied a neck vice.  Primo punched out, then rolled up Cody for two.  There was an "Edge" chant.  Cody hit Primo with a clothesline for a two count. 

Cody lifted Primo for a Gory Special variation, but Edge ran in and broke it up.  DiBiase tagged in, but Primo backdropped him over the top rope. Primo made the tag to Carlito, hit hit Cody, who also tagged in, with a springboard Blockbuster.  Carlito hit a springboard elbow, but DiBiase broke up the cover.  Primo dropkicked DiBiase from the ring,.  Jericho gave Primo a Codebreaker and sent him from the ring.  Carlito threw Jericho from the ring.  Carltio was working with Rhodes, but Edge tagged himself in off of Rhodes and Carlito didn't realize it.  Carlito gave Rhodes a Backstabber, but the referee didn't count.  Carlito asked "Who tagged?" then turned and was hit with a spear by Edge (to a pop).  Edge pinned Carlito at the eleven minute mark.

Winners and new Unified WWE Tag Team Champions: Edge & Chris Jericho.

Backstage, Randy Orton told Priceless not to worry about what just happened, saying the important thing was protecting his WWE Title.  DiBiase said they were close to winning the tag titles.  Orton said he didn't care about the tag titles.  DiBiase got in Orton's face, saying he didn't care about him.  Cody tried to calm him, but DiBiase said he "let it go" that Orton kicked him in the head in order to further his career, and that he made a mistake in doing so.  They argued, and DiBiase said "good luck with Triple H" and walked off.  Orton yelled that he can't talk to him like that.  Cody tried to clam Orton, then said he would go talk to DiBiase.

Women's Champion Melina vs. Michelle McCool.

Melina showed no ill effects from the jaw injury on Smackdown, but the announcers played it up as possibly being a factor.  They went right at it, with Michelle kicking Melina in the gut, then punching her in the jaw, which she sold huge.  Melina hit an elbow, then Michelle lifted Melina in a choke, but Melina rolled out of it, delivered some stiff shots and then a backdrop.  Michelle dropkicked Melina's leg, then drove knees and elbows into it.  Michelle applied a spinning toe hold, but Melina kicked her in the gut.  Michelle kept up her attack on the leg, then twisted it around the bottom rope.  Michelle dragged Melina's leg outside and rammed it on the apron, then put the leg between the ring steps and the apron and kicked the steps into it.  Michelle pulled Melina into the center of the ring for a two count.  Michelle hit a gutbuster, then bent Melina's leg until Melina's foot was touching her head. 

Michelle kicked the leg repeatedly, but missed a running kick.  Melina hit some elbows, then stretched McCool across the middle rope.  Melina dropped a knee on Michelle, but hurt herself in doing so.  Michelle hit a chopblock.  Melina came back with a headscissors, but then hurt her leg kicking Michelle.  Michelle went for the Styles Clash, but Melina turned it into a rana for a two count.  They traded kicks, with Melina hurting herself on hers.  Michelle went for a superplex, but Melina blocked it, then came off the ropes with a facebuster.  Melina covered, but Alicia Fox put Michelle's foot on the bottom rope.  Melina kicked  Fox between the ropes.  Melina went for a Code Red, but Michelle blocked it, rather awkwardly and hit a kick to the head for a two count.  Michelle hit the Styles Clash, which she calls the Fatebreaker, for the pin at the seven minute mark.

Winner and new Women's Champion: Michelle McCool.

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