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By Buck Woodward on 2009-06-28 22:50:38

A video package on the events leading to the Three Stages Of Hell match was shown. 

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Triple H in a Three Stages Of Hell match with a regular first fall, a Falls Count Anywhere second fall and, if needed, a Stretcher Match third fall.

They did the "big match introductions again.  

First Fall: Standard Match.

They started slugging it out, and Orton hit a shoulderblock, but Triple H came back with a jumping knee.  Orton reversed a whip, but Triple H hit a clothesline and delivered a series of punches in a corner.  Triple H whipped Orton across the ring, but ran into a boot.  Orton tripped Triple H from the floor and tried to pull his leg near the ringpost, but Triple H pulled his leg back and Orton went into the ringpost head first.  Triple H suplexed Orton back into the ring for a two count.  Triple H punched Orton, then went for a backdrop, but Orton kicked it away.  Triple H kicked Orton in the gut and went for a Pedigree, but Orton clipped his leg, then hit a chopblock.  Orton went to the floor and drove Triple H's leg into the ring apron, then successfully into the ringpost.  

Back in the ring, Orton put Triple H's leg over the middle rope and kicked it.  Orton kept kicking at Triple H's leg, then drove it into the mat with his knee.  Orton went for an RKO, but Triple H shoved it off.  Triple H hit a spinebuster.  Triple H was limping on his bad leg.  Orton hit a side neckbreaker, and Triple H fell to the floor.  Orton told the referee to count.  As Triple H went to get back in the ring, Orton kicked him to the floor.  Triple H reached under the ring for a chair, and as Orton approached him, Triple H hit him with it and was disqualified. 

Orton wins the first fall at the six minute mark via disqualification. 

Second Fall: Falls Count Anywhere.

Triple H drove the chair into Orton's body repeatedly, punctuating it by driving the chair into the back of Orton's neck.  Orton rolled out of the ring to the floor.  Triple H picked up Orton and gave him a Pedigree on the floor.  Triple H pinned Orton on the outside. 

Triple H wins the second fall at the seven minute mark. 

Third Fall: Stretcher Match. 

Triple H loaded Randy Orton on the stretcher and began pushing it up the ramp. As they got near the finish line, Orton rolled off and kicked the stretcher into the legs of Triple H.  Orton then clipped Triple H's knee on the ramp with a chopblock.  Back at ringside, Randy Orton crotched Triple H on the security wall and knocked him into the crowd.  Orton went out after him and pummeled him in the crowd.  They made their way towards a production area, and Triple H mounted a comeback with punches.  Triple H clotheslined Orton over the security wall and back to ringside. Orton ripped the protective covering off the security wall, and when Triple H came at him, Orton yanked him into the exposed railing.  Orton hit Triple H with the wall covering, then slammed him back first, then head first, on the exposed rail.  

Orton put Triple H on the stretcher, but Triple H got right off and hit a right hand.  Orton threw Triple H into the ringsteps.  Triple H rolled back into the ring, while Orton tossed a segment of the ring steps into the ring. Orton went to hit him with the steps, but Triple H tripped Orton with a drop toe hold and Orton hit his head on the steps.  Triple H picked up the steps and blasted Orton with them.  Triple H put Orton on the stretcher and wheeled him up the ramp.  Orton kicked Triple H in the head.  They started brawling on the stretcher, and it slid down the ramp and into the guard rail.  Orton began grabbing his back, and apparently said a dirty word, as the audio dropped out.  Orton and Triple H fought over the stretcher, with Orton hitting Triple H, putting him on the stretcher (which Orton raised so it was higher off the ground) and then using the stretcher for an assist on a DDT on the floor.  

Randy Orton lined up for a punt, but Triple H moved and Orton kicked the bottom of the stretcher.  Triple H went for a Pedigree, but Orton backdropped him on the stretcher.  Orton wheeled the stretcher up the ramp, but Triple H got off as they reached the stage.  Orton attacked, hitting punches and stomps, then measured Triple H for an RKO.  Triple H blocked it, shoving Orton into the video wall.  Triple H then hit a Pedigree on the stage.  Triple H pulled the stretcher over, and put Orton on it.  Triple H went to wheel it over the finish line, but Cody Rhodes ran out and blocked the stretcher.  Triple H and Cody went at it, and Triple H threw Cody into the set.  Triple H went back to the stretcher, but Ted DiBiase ran out and attacked Triple H.  Rhodes joined in, and Priceless tried to put Triple H on the stretcher.  Triple H fought back, but they pounded him down again.  

Priceless went to check on Orton.  Triple H reached into a compartment on the stage and pulled put a sledgehammer.  Triple H hit Rhodes and DiBiase with it.  Orton kicked Triple H low, picked up the metal cover from Triple H's secret compartment and hit him in the head with it.  Triple H fell on the stretcher, and Orton wheeled it over the finish line at the twenty two-minute mark of the match. 

Randy Orton wins the third fall, at the twenty-two minute mark. 

Winner: Randy Orton. 

Randy Orton stood on the stage with the championship belt, oblivious that Triple H was getting up behind him.  Randy Orton turned, and Triple H drove the sledgehammer into the side of Orton's head.  Triple H stood over Orton, then walked to the back, returning for a crotch chop before leaving again.  

After a lot of replays, they showed Randy Orton slowly getting up, with the help of officials.

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