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By Buck Woodward on 2009-06-28 22:50:38

They showed the events leading to CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy.  Todd Grisham called it the "Smackdown main event", while Jim Ross pointed out it was "THE main event" of the show. 

World Champion CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy.

No facepaint for Jeff Hardy tonight.  They did the "big match" introductions for the bout, with Punk and Hardy staring each other down in the center of the ring.  Cheers for Hardy, mixed reaction for Punk.  A "Hardy" chant broke out before the bell.  Some started a "CM Punk" chant, but the Hardy chant won out.  

They locked up, with Punk backing Hardy in a corner, but Punk broke clean.  They locked up again, with Hardy grabbing a side headlock, which Punk reversed.  Punk hit a shoulderblock, but Hardy quickly got back to his feet.  Punk and Hardy exchanged waistlocks, with Punk grabbing a hammerlock, which Hardy escaped and grabbed a side mare.  Punk tried to push off the headlock, but Hardy maintained the hold, then started a chant for himself.  Punk broke out and grabbed his own headlock.  Hardy shoved off the move, and Punk hit another shoulderblock.  Hardy leapdrogged Punk and went for a hiptoss, but Punk blocked it and went for a GTS, but Hardy turned it into a crucifix for a two count.  Hardy went for a Twist Of Fate, Punk blocked it, and Hardy backdropped Punk to the floor, then hit a pescado. 

Hardy moved the ring steps, then launched off them for a leg lariat.  Punk moved and Hardy crashed into the security wall.  Hardy got in at the nine count, and Punk covered him for a two count.  Punk hit a series of kicks to the back, then applied a figure four headlock with his legs.  Punk drove some elbows into Hardy's head while maintaining the hold, then got a two count.  Punk hit a side backbreaker for another two.  Punk applied the figure four headlock again, but Hardy made the ropes.  Punk slammed Hardy and went to the middle rope, but missed a legdrop attempt.  Punk missed a splash in the corner, and Hardy hit him with Whisper In The Wind for a two count. 

Hardy hit a series of clotheslines, then a reverse atomic drop and a double legdrop between Punk's legs.  Hardy dropkicked Punk in the face and got a two count, then hit a gourdbuster.  Hardy went to the top rope, but Punk rolled to the floor.  Hardy jumped off the apron and hit Punk with a clothesline on the floor.  Back in the ring, Hardy dropkicked Punk into a corner and then went for an elevated kick, but Punk sprung up and grabbed Hardy for a GTS.  Hardy grabbed the ropes to block it.  Punk let go of the fireman's carry, kicked Hardy in the face, then delivered a jumping knee and a bulldog for a two count.  

Punk hit a series of kicks and open hand shots.  Punk missed a backfist, and Hardy hit a Twist Of Fate.  Hardy went to the top rope, but missed on a Swanton as Punk sat up.  Punk called for the GTS.  Hardy grabbed a small package as Punk picked him up off the mat for a two count.  Punk hit a kick to the head.  Punk went for the GTS, but Hardy reversed it and hit a Twist Of Fate.  Hardy hit the Swanton, but Punk put his foot under the bottom rope.  The referee counted three, and Hardy's music played, by the referee waved it off.  The referee told Hardy the match was still on, and they argued.  Hardy kept arguing with referee Scott Armstrong.  Punk got up and Hardy went for a Twist Of Fate, but Punk blocked it and went for a GTS, which Hardy elbowed out of.  Punk fell to the mat, grabbing at his eye.  The referee held back Hardy so he could check on Punk, then Punk kicked the referee in the back.  Punk was disqualified at the 15 minute mark. 

Winner via disqualification: Jeff Hardy. 

Fans chanted "bulls***" over the finish.  Punk kept holding his eye, playing up that his kick may have been accidental.   As Punk was leaving, Hardy confronted him in the aisle.  Hardy said he did it on purpose, and Punk said "I thought it was you".  Hardy then went nuts, attacking Punk, throwing him back into the ring and stomping and punching Punk until referees pulled him off.  Hardy broke free and attacked him again.  Hardy was pulled off again, and Punk rolled out of the ring, still holding his eye. 

Backstage, The Colons burst into Teddy Long's office, complaining.  Long said he wasn't going to stand around and be fired.  He told the Colons he stands by his decision, and sent them out of his office.  The Colons walked off, muttering in Spanish. 

Randy Orton was shown backstage on his cell phone.  He left a message for Cody Rhodes, asking where he and DiBiase were at, and asking Cody to call him back. 

They showed footage from the "Block Party" in the parking lot earlier today.  

The events leading to John Cena vs. The Miz were shown. 

John Cena vs. The Miz.

Big "Cena" chant at the bell, but there are boos as well.  Cena took Miz down twice and hit his leg.  Cena took Miz down again, and this time stepped on his arm.  Miz looked frustrated.  Cena ducked a punch and took Miz down with a headlock.  Miz went for a shoulderblock, but Cena knocked him down.  Miz tried a leapfrog, but Cena avoided it and took Miz down with a headlock.  Miz grabbed a headlock on a break, but Cena shoved it off, dropped under him, leapfrogged him and hit a hiptoss.  Miz tried some shots, like kicking away a backdrop attempt, but Cena just shook his head at him.  Miz finally got something by pulling Cena neck first across the top rope as Cena chased him around and into the ring, then hit some shots in the corner.  Miz hit his corner clothesline, then a top rope double axhandle for a two count. 

Miz kicked Cena in the head, then hit a suplex.  Miz whipped Cena into the corner and hit a clothesline for a two count.  Miz hit a knee to the back, then used a baseball slide dropkick to send Cena to the floor.  Miz rolled Cena back in for a two count.  Miz measured Cena for a punch, but Cena came back with lefts and rights, then some shoulderblocks and the back suplex into a powerbomb.  Cena said "I've been waiting to do this a long time" and did the "You can't see me" and dropped the Five Knuckle Shuffle fistdrop.  Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment.  Miz struggled, but Cena had a look on his face like "Are you kidding me?" and delivered the move.  Cena applied the STFU and Miz tapped out at the six minute mark. 

Winner: John Cena. 

As Cena walked out, he gestured like he was kicking dirt on the downed Miz. 

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