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By Buck Woodward on 2008-08-17 22:40:44

A video package on John Cena vs. Batista was shown.

John Cena vs. Batista.

Batista and Cena circled each other, then Batista grabbed a headlock.  Cena shoved it off, hit a hiptoss and slammed Batista.  Cena smiled at Batista as he backed into a corner.  Cena grabbed a headlock, then hit a shoulderblock as Batista shoved him into the ropes.  Batista kicked Cena in the gut and teased a Batista Bomb, but Cena pushed out of it and Batista hit a clothesline.  Batista hit a jackhammer for a two count.  Cena reversed a whip into the corner, then hit a fisherman's suplex for a two count.  Batista came back with a side slam for a two count.  Crowd is pretty even, although Cena is getting more boos.  Cena tried to lift Batista for an FU, but Batista broke out and clipped his leg. 

Batista hit a shinbuster, then applied a figure four leglock.  Cena struggled in the hold, then made the ropes.  Cena got to his feet, and as Batista advanced on him, Cena lifted Batista for the FU.  Batista grabbed the top rope, so Cena flipped Batista over the top rope and to the floor.  Batista got back in, missed a clothesline and Cena hit a pair of shoulderblocks, then a back suplex into a powerbomb.  Cena did the "You Can't See Me" gesture and hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle fistdrop.  Cena lifted Batista for the FU, but Batista floated over, shoved Cena into the ropes and hit a boot to the face.  Batista picked up Cena and rammed him in a corner, then hit some shoulderblocks.  Batista whipped him into the opposite corner and hit a clothesline. 

Batista whipped Cena into another corner, but ran into an elbow.  Cena charged, and Batista caught him with a spinebuster.  Batista called for the Batista Bomb, but Cena tripped Batista and hyper extended his knee.  Cena then applied the STFU.  Batista struggled towards the ropes, but Cena pulled him back into the middle and reapplied the hold.  Batista struggled again, and made the bottom rope for the break.  Cena then measured Batista for an FU attempt, but Batista floated over it and hooked Cena in a rear naked choke with a body scissors.  Cena elbowed Batista's knee to break the hold. 

Both men got to their feet and Batista speared Cena for a two count.  Batista picked up Cena for a powerslam, but Cena reversed it and lifted Batista into an FU, finally hitting the move.  Cena crawled onto Batista for the cover, but Batista kicked out at the last instant.  Cena went to the top rope, but Batista punched him and they battled on the ropes. They traded punches, with Cena getting the better of it and knocking Batista to the mat.  Cena went for the top rope Rocker Dropper, but Batista stood up, caught Cena in mid-move, and powerbombed him to the mat.  Cena kicked out at two.  Batista was enraged.  Batista hit a running kick to the head, then a Batista Bomb for the pin at the fourteen minute mark. 

Winner: Batista.

Batista limped away from the ring, while Cena was down on the mat for a long time, holding his midsection.

WWE had the results of their Mobile Vote of the night, which asked whether Edge and Vickie would get a divorce.  78% said yes, the would. 

The Hell In A Cell cage was lowered, and video package on the main event was shown. 

The Undertaker vs. Edge in a Hell In A Cell match. 

Edge entered first, a maniacal look in his eyes, which turned to concern the first time the bell tolled for Undertaker's entrance. Edge got a more confident look back as Undertaker stepped into the Cell and slammed the door shut.  Edge hit a series of punches at the start, but Taker grabbed Edge by the throat and tossed him into a corner.  Undertaker missed a punch and Edge hit another flurry.  Undertaker shoved him away and hit a boot to the face.  Undertaker then went to work with punches and a headbutt in the corner.  Undertaker flung Edge over the top rope and to the floor.  Undertaker picked up Edge and rammed him back first into the cage wall.  Undertaker threw the back of Edge's head into the steel, then hit a series of headbutts. Undertaker rubbed Edge's face into the door of the Cell, then tossed him into the ring steps.

Undertaker put Edge on the ring apron and kicked him in the head.  We saw that Vickie, Chavo Guerrero, Bam Neely and the Edgeheads were watching on a monitor in the back.  Undertaker dropped a leg on Edge on the apron, then slid a section of the ring steps into the ring.  Undertaker propped the steps in a corner.  Undertaker whipped Edge into a corner, then scooped him up and dropped Edge with Snake Eyes on the steps.  Edge got his hands up to block it, hit a back elbow, and tossed Undertaker into the steps.  Edge the dropkicked Undertaker into the steps, then speared him into them. Edge pulled a table out from under the ring, then got back in and hit Taker with the steps.  Edge went back out and pulled out another table.  Edge got back in the ring and gave Undertaker a clothesline.

Edge stacked the two tables at ringside and got on the apron.  Edge went for a suplex off the apron, but Undertaker blocked it.  Undertaker went for a chokeslam, but Edge dropped down and yanked Undertaker throat first across the top rope.  Edge went under the ring and got a chair, blasting Undertaker with it as he got close to him. Edge went for another table, putting this one in the ring, and blasted Undertaker with a chairshot to the back.  Edge set up a table in the ring, then pulled out a ladder, then another ladder.  Edge slid one of them into the ring, then got in and blasted Taker with a chairshot.  Edge set up the ladder in the corner, then hit Undertaker with another chairshot.  Edge put Undertaker on the table in the ring, then climbed the ladder with a chair in hand.  Edge said "I understand" and jumped off the ladder with the chair, putting Undertaker through the table. Edge crawled onto Undertaker for a two count.

Edge set up Undertaker for a Conchairto, but Undertaker sat up and grabbed Edge by the throat.  Edge broke free, but Undertaker decked him with a punch.  Edge rolled to the apron, and Undertaker kicked him off, with Edge bouncing off the cage wall and into the ring apron.  On the floor, Undertaker picked up another section of ring steps and hit Edge in the head with them.  Undertaker picked up Edge, but Edge floated over it and rammed Undertaker head first into the ringpost.  Edge then ran at Undertaker, jumping off a section of ringsteps and shoulderblocked Undertaker into the Cell wall, breaking down a section of it.  Undertaker had a gash on his forearm. 

Undertaker and Edge battled on the broken section of the Cell, right by the announcer tables.  Undertaker rammed Edge into a table, then whipped him into the security wall.  Undertaker swung a TV monitor at Edge, but Edge ducked it, picked up a different monitor and swing it into Taker's head.  Edge blasted Taker with the monitor again.  Undertaker was put on the ECW announce table (in the middle) and Edge got on the Raw table.  As Undertaker got up, Edge jumped off the Raw table and speared Undertaker off the ECW table and through the Smackdown table. Both men were slow to get up.  They slugged it out at ringside, with Undertaker getting the better of it. 

Edge made his way back into the Cell, and into the ring.  As Undertaker got in, Edge blasted him with the ladder.  Edge rolled out of the ring and grabbed a TV camera.  Edge blasted Taker with the camera, then crawled onto him for a two count.  Edge measured Undertaker for a spear, but ran into a chokeslam by Undertaker.  Edge kicked out at two. Undertaker set up for the Last Ride, but Edge hit him with a low blow.  Edge hit an Implant DDT for a two count.  Undertaker sat up, and Edge went for the ladder, but Undertaker hit him and set up for the Last Ride.  Undertaker then noticed the tables stacked up at ringside and moved towards them.  He went for the powerbomb, but Edge floated out and hit a spear for a two count.  Edge put Undertaker in the corner and pounded him, but Taker pulled him out and hit the Last Ride for a two count. 

Undertaker set up as section of ring steps and stood on them, preparing to Tombstone Edge on them, but Edge floated out and yanked Undertaker down back first on the ring steps.  Edge covered Undertaker for a two count.  Edge hit Undertaker with some punches, then went for a Old School rope walk, but Taker pulled away and crotched Edge on the top rope. Undertaker grabbed Edge by the throat, stood on the bottom rope and chokeslammed Edge through the two tables that were stacked at ringside.  Undertaker threw Edge back into the ring, waited for Edge to rise, and Undertaker hit Edge with a spear. Undertaker picked up the TV camera and blasted Edge with it, breaking the camera.  Undertaker then went for the chairs and gave Edge a conchairto on the mat.  Undertaker picked up Edge and delivered the tombstone for the three count at the 26-minute mark.

Winner: The Undertaker.

They cut to the back, where La Familia were applauding the result.  Undertaker walked off, then stopped and walked back to the ring as Edge was starting to move on the mat. Undertaker set up a ladder, then lifted Edge powerbomb-style and placed him on it.  Undertaker then took out a second ladder and set it up next to the first.  Undertaker climbed the ladders, and pulled up the slumping Edge.  Undertaker said "Now, you're going to hell" and slashed his throat.  Undertaker gave Edge a chokeslam off the ladders, and Edge went through the mat.  Literally, as in the mat ripped open and Edge went through the ring. Undertaker posed in the ring, and flames shot up through the hole in the mat that Edge had just made. The flames continued to come up, as the show ended. subscribers are able to listen to the exclusive post-PPV audio show.  To become a member, click here.

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