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By Buck Woodward on 2008-08-17 22:40:44

Todd Grisham & Matt Striker discussed our "ECW Main Event" (in other words, the only ECW match on the PPV) and they showed clips of Mark Henry slamming Matt Hardy last week.

ECW Champion Mark Henry, with Tony Atlas, vs. Matt Hardy.

They did the "big match" style intros for the bout.  Hardy slugged Henry with punches at the bell, but Henry tossed him in a corner.  Henry missed an avalanche, and Hardy hit a Twist Of Fate.  Matt went for the cover, and Tony Atlas dragged Matt out of the ring. Tony started hitting Matt as the referee called for the bell at less than a minute.

Winner via disqualification: Matt Hardy.

Atlas threw Matt into the ring steps.  Jeff Hardy ran out and blasted Atlas, then gave him a Swanton off the ring apron.  Mark Henry got out of the ring and attacked Jeff, but Matt joined his brother and the Hardys gave Henry a double vertical suplex on the floor. Henry and Atlas walked off, leaving the Hardys in the ring.

CM Punk was shown stretching in the back.  A video package on Punk and JBL then aired.

WWE Champion CM Punk vs. JBL.

Big match intros again, which enables us to look at Lilian Garcia's dress (and Lilian) longer.  They locked up at the bell, and JBL backed Punk into the corner.  JBL backed off, then hit some punches and grabbed a headlock.  Punk shoved him into the ropes and JBL hit a shoulderblock.  Punk responded with some kicks, ducked a clothesline and knocked JBL out of the ring.  Punk hit JBL with a tope, then threw him back into the ring and hit a flying bodypress for a two count.  JBL came back with a shoulderblock and stomped Punk's hand.  JBL hit some shots in a corner, then ran into a boot by Punk.  Punk went up the ropes, but JBL stopped him and hit a fallaway slam from the second rope.  JBL got a two count.  JBL hit some punches and forearms, then whipped Punk into the corner.  JBL put Punk in a side waistlock, but Punk elbowed out and hit a spin kick. 

CM Punk charged into a JBL boot, then JBL stomped him for a two count.  JBL hit a vertical suplex for a two count, then a backdrop driver for another two. JBL went back to the waistlock, Punk broke out, and JBL went to an abdominal stretch with a stomach claw. Punk finally broke out and hiptossed JBL.  Punk hit a jumping knee in a corner, then gave JBL a bulldog.  Punk went for the GTS, but his side hurt too much to lift him.  JBL blasted Punk with a clothesline, then dropped a plethora of elbow drops before covering him for a two count.  JBL and Punk traded forearms, then Punk slapped JBL, and JBL poked Punk in the eyes.  JBL went for a short arm clothesline, but Punk ducked, hit some slaps and kicks and scored a two count. Punk went to the apron and did a springboard right into a JBL powerslam for a two count.  JBL called for the Clothesline From Hell, but Punk blasted him with a side kick. Both men were slow to get up. 

Punk hit a jumping knee in the corner, then went for a bulldog, but JBL blocked it and sat Punk on the top rope. JBL hit a series of forearms to the back, then gave Punk a back superplex.  Punk was bleeding from the back of the head.  They showed a replay of Punk's earlier side kick to block the Clothesline From Hell, and how JBL fell down and the back of his head cracked into the back of Punk's head.  Both men got up, and JBL went for a clothesline, but Punk ducked and hit the GTS for the pin at the twelve minute mark.

Winner: CM Punk.

Great Khali was shown warming up in the back, with Ranjin Singh shouting encouragement at him.  A video package on Triple H and Khali was then shown.

World Champion Triple H vs. The Great Khali.

They went nose to nose at the bell, and Khali shoved HHH.  Triple H came back with some punches and went for a Pedigree, but Khali shrugged it off.  Triple H hit a shoulderblock, which staggered Khali, then Triple H ran into a two handed chokeslam.  Khali called for the Vice Grip.  Khali applied the move, squeezing Triple H's head.  Triple H kicked at Khali's leg to break the hold, then hit a chopblock to the back of the leg.  Khali rolled to the floor.  Triple H went out after him, and Khali hit a chop to the head.  Khali rammed him into the security wall, then tossed him back into the ring.  Khali hit some kicks, then elbows, in the corner.  Khali hit a short-arm clothesline, then stood on Triple H's chest for a two count.  Fans were chanting "You can't wrestle".  Khali applied a nervehold, then slammed Triple H and dropped a leg for a two count.  Khali applied the nervehold again. 

Triple H fought out of it, then hit a facebuster on the knee and Khali fell back into the ropes, getting tangled.  Triple H charged, but Khali booted him in the face.  Ranjin Singh got Khali loose.  Triple H hit a kick to the gut and went for a Pedigree, but Khali backdropped him over the top rope to the floor. Triple H tripped Khali and pulled his leg out of the ring and rammed it into the ringsteps. With Khali on the floor, Triple H got on the apron, but Khali reached up and chopped his chest, knocking him down into the ring.  Khali got on the apron and Triple H went after him, but Khali applied the Vice Grip and stepped over the top rope into the ring.  Triple H hulked out of the Vice Grip, breaking it, but Khali managed to reapply it. Triple H tried kicking at his legs again.  Khali threw Triple H into a corner, but missed a charge.  Triple H struggled to get Khali set for a Pedigree, then hit it for the win at the ten minute mark.

Winner: Triple H.

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