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By Buck Woodward on 2008-08-17 22:40:44

Welcome to's coverage of WWE Summerslam.  We will be updating the page throughout the night with results from the show, so check back often. 

Summerslam opened up with a video package on the Hell In A Cell match, then a quick rundown of some of the top matches as they went live to the Conseco Fieldhouse. 

Jeff Hardy vs. MVP.

Jim Ross and Tazz called this one.  MVP went right for a kick at the bell, but Jeff dodged it.  MVP went to the floor, but Hardy gave chase.  MVP ducked into the ring and tried to keep Jeff out, only for Hardy to drag MVP out of the ring by his leg.  Hardy rammed MVP into the security wall, then tossed him into the ring.  Hardy hit a slam and dropped a slingshot legdrop for a two count. Hardy applied an armbar, but MVP came back with a belly to belly suplex into the corner for two, then applied a double underhook on the mat.  MVP switched into a camel clutch, and hit some crossface forearms while maintaining the hold.  MVP released the hold and Hardy turned to kick MVP and try a monkey flip, but MVP grabbed his leg and applied a leglace. Hardy made it to the ropes to break the hold, then got on the apron and tried to slingshot into the ring but MVP popped him in the face with a punch.

MVP picked up Hardy and tied him to the Tree Of Woe.  MVP then picked up Hardy and slammed his head down to the mat.  MVP covered Hardy for a two count.  MVP put Hardy in an over-the-shoulder backbreaker, but Hardy slid out and hit a neckbreaker.  Hardy then hit a mule kick, knocking MVP into the corner.  Hardy went for the elevated kick in the corner, but MVP got his legs up and kicked Hardy across the ring.  MVP covered Hardy for a two count.  MVP dropkicked Hardy into a corner, then measured for the running kick, but Hardy jumped out with a clothesline.  Hardy gave MVP a Russian legsweep, then dropped into a cradle for a two count.  

Hardy stomped MVP down in a corner, then went for the elevated kick again, but MVP grabbed him in a slam position.  Hardy floated over into a sunset flip for a two count.  Hardy hit the Whisper In The Wind, then went to the top rope.  Shelton Benjamin ran down to ringside, and Hardy dove off onto Shelton.  Hardy they went to the top rope again, and dove for the Swanton on MVP, who moved out of the way.  Jeff crashed to the mat, and MVP hit a Shining Kick for the win at the ten minute mark.  

Winner: MVP. 

MVP walked off triumphant, not even acknowledging Shelton, who was still down on the floor.

Maria was backstage, talking about the intergender match.  Santino Marella entered, making some comments about how Maria had "let herself go" since they broke up.  Maria made fun of Santino's unibrow, and Santino said he had it because it drove Beth Phoenix wild.  Santino said they had to go make history, and walked off.  Phoenix and Maria had a staredown, with Phoenix letting Maria know that Santino is her man now. 

Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston & Women's Champion Mickie James vs. Santino Marella & Beth Phoenix.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler called this one.  The winning team gets both championships.  Mickie started out with Phoenix, who tossed off Mickie's attempts at locking up, then hit a back elbow as she tried a waistlock.  Mickie hit a pair of dropkicks to knock Phoenix down for a two count, but Phoenix hit a back suplex.  Santino tagged in, and Mickie gave him a monkey flip and tagged in Kofi.  Kingston hit a springboard cross bodyblock and a dropkick, then mounted Santino in the corner for a series of punches.  Kofi hit a shoulderblock in the corner and a uppercut to set Santino to the floor.  Mickie James then dropkicked Phoenix to the floor as she yelled at Santino. Kofi teased a dive, and a scared Santino jumped into Beth's arms.  Santino finally got on the apron, and gave Kofi a neckbreaker over the top rope. 

Santino applied a chinlock, but Kofi elbowed out of it.  Santino poked him in the eye and tagged Phoenix, who hit a kick to the gut.  Santino tagged back in and suplex Kofi for a two count, then applied a chinlock while driving his knee into Kofi's back.  Kofi escaped and tagged in Mickie, and Santino tagged in Phoenix.  Mickie downed Phoenix with a clothesline, and knocked Santino off the ring apron.  Mickie gave Phoenix a rana, then hit a top rope Thesz press, but Santino broke up the cover.  Mickie gave Santino a forearm shot.  Kofi ran in and charged at Santino, but Santino ducked and pulled down the top rope.  Kofi fell over the ropes and to the floor.  Mickie gave Santino a DDT, but Phoenix blasted Mickie with a forearm to the back of the head and hit Mickie with a double arm chicken wing into a facebuster for the win at the five minute mark. 

Winners and new Intercontinental and Women's Champions: Santino Marella & Beth Phoenix. 

Santino was still out from the DDT, then was overjoyed when he came to and realized they won.  Santino took the IC belt, and Phoenix took the Women's belt.  They left ringside with Santino riding on Phoenix' shoulders.  As they posed at the entrance way, Santino was talking to his title belt, saying "I missed you". 

A video package on Shawn Michaels' injury storyline was shown. 

Shawn Michaels came out to the ring, accompanied by his wife Rebecca (who, for you trivia buffs, was Nitro Girl Whisper).  Shawn took the mic and thanked the fans for their support.  Shawn talked about his various back problems and his more recent injuries, and said he had been advised by doctors to retire.  Shawn said he was taking their advice, and stepping away from the ring.  Shawn talked about his career, saying he was known as the "Showstopper" and "Mr. Wrestlemania".  He said he was also the man who screwed Bret Hart, formed D-Generation X, innovated the ladder match, retired Ric Flair, and lost his smile.  Michaels said now he was going to devote himself to being a full-time father and husband. Shawn's wife was crying.  Shawn continued to speak, and Chris Jericho's music hit.  Chris Jericho walked out, wearing a suit.  Jericho said "No".  Jericho then said that he wasn't allowing Shawn Michaels to combine his injuries into one story and retire with dignity.  He said he wanted Michaels to admit that he was the reason Michaels was retiring.  Jericho said he had "earned the ring" to hear Michaels admit that Jericho had retired him.  Jericho said he wanted Michaels' epitaph to read that he was forced to retire by Chris Jericho.  Michaels said that he would do it, and he would tell his family that his career was ended by a "vile, worthless human being".  Michaels then said he wanted Jericho to tell his family that "Daddy will never, ever be Shawn Michaels".  Michaels and Jericho went nose to nose, and Rebecca pleaded with Michaels to go.  Jericho went to punch Michaels, but he moved and Jericho knocked out Rebecca with a punch to the face.  Michaels checked on his wife, and Jericho slowly left the ring, looking a bit confused. Michaels glared at Jericho as medics came in to check on his wife.  She eventually sat up and left the ring on her own power.

Coverage continued on the next page. 

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