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By Mike Johnson on 2008-05-11 23:00:00

TNA Knockout Makeover Battle Royal Ladder Match: ODB vs. Gail Kim vs. Salinas vs. Roxxi vs. Velvet Sky vs. Angelina Love vs. Christy Hemme vs. Jacqueline vs. Rhaka Khan vs. Traci Brooks

The winner will get a TNA Knockouts title shot while the final loser will get their head shaved.  TNA has a barber chair at ringside.  Everyone battled at the bell.  When you really think about this one, wouldn't you want to jump out of the ring to save your hair?

Salinas was tossed first, although the cameras missed it to the point even the announcers weren't sure at first.  Velvet Sky was tossed out of the ring to the apron by Traci Brooks, and battled to return.  She ended up knocked off the apron.  Angelina Love then tossed out Brooks.

Rhaka Khan tossed Hemme out, dropping her on the apron (on her hip no less) and Hemme dropped to the floor.  Some of the Knockouts worked over Khan.  ODB charged her in the corner.  Jacqueline nailed her with a missile dropkick.  They finally tossed Khan out of the ring.  Jacqueline and ODB were tossed.  Angelina was tossed out, leaving Kim vs. Roxxi in the ladder match.

The ruling was that since Gail Kim has immunity, if Roxxi wins, Angelina will be shaved bald.  Love was forced into the barber's chair so she can't escape.  They began the ladder match.  Roxxi nailed Kim and went for the ladder.  Angelina tried to stop her but Roxxi laid her out with it.  Kim dropkicked the ladder into Roxxi on the floor and dragged it into the ring.

Kim set up the ladder but was caught by Roxxi, who went for a powerbomb.  Gail turned it into a hurancanrana, then slammed the ladder on Roxxi's head.  Kim and Roxxi exchanged forearms.  Kim was sandwiched into the ladder. 

Roxxi set the ladder in the corner but was monkeyflipped into it by Kim.    Angelina shoved a second ladder into the ring with the idea she wanted Kim to win, since it would save her from a haircut.  Kim climbed to the top but Roxxi met her.  Kim slammed her head into the top of the ladder, then hit a sunset flip powerbomb into the ring. 

They battle in the ring and Roxxi nails Kim with a spinebuster on the ladder.  Velvet Sky hit the ring to attack Roxxi, but was laid out.  Roxxi climbed the ladder but Angelina shoved it over and Roxxi hit the ropes.  Kim climbed the ladder and retrieved the contract, so Roxxi has to get her head shaved. 

Your winner, Gail Kim!

Kim, realizing what happened, attacked Love, with the idea that she was going to force her to get her head shaved.  Sky and Roxxi joined the fray.  They finally forced Roxxi to shave her head.  As it turns out, she was busted open as well, with a gash on her forehead.  The other babyface Knockouts looked on in horror.

The crowd chanted "Fire Russo" during the headshaving.  As they shaved her head, a bloody scalp was obvious, probably from a shot Roxxi took during the ladder match.   The crowd chanted "You're still sexy" and Roxxi's name when they were done.

Kevin Nash entered Samoa Joe's locker room.  Nash said he was still on Joe's side.  Joe told Nash to go to hell and told Nash that he didn't need him.  Nash tried to tell Joe that he was pulling an old school trick by getting inside Steiner's head because Joe using his body and kicking people's asses will only lead to Joe burning himself out.  He said Joe needs to use his brain.  Joe didn't want to hear it, saying he knows how Nash operates.  Nash said he would stay in the locker room until Joe gave him the sign to come out.  Joe told Nash that if he came to ringside, he was on the other side and Joe would break him.

They showed rock band "Saving Abel" at ringside.

Deuces Wild Tag Team championship Final: LAX vs. Team 3D

Salinas and Hector Guerrero were both with LAX.  No Devine. 

They brawled at ringside to open the match.  Homicide was tossed into the ring steps.  They finally rang the bell when everyone returned to the ring.  Homicide got a near fall on Devon.  Devon went to the floor and Homicide teased a dive, but Ray shoved him back into the ring.  Ray nailed an elbow on Homicide.  Team 3D tagged in and out and worked over Homicide.

Hernandez finally got the hot tag and unloaded with clotheslines and lariats.  He hit a crazy running tope over the ropes to the floor on 3D.  Devine ran to ringside and pulled a table out.  Hector Guerrero attacked Devine and laid him out on the table.  Guerrero went to the top and hit a double stomp (called a kick) through the table.

Ray charged Hernandez, who got a boot up.  He went to the top but Ray chopped him.  Ray tried a superplex and nailed it.  Homicide and Devon battled but Hernandez caught him with the Border Toss.  Homicide hit a top rope frog splash and scored the pin.

Your winners and new TNA Tag Team champions LAX!

This was a good bout with decent back and forth face-heel action.  I think the crowd was burnt out on seeing so many guys so many times because I expected a far bigger pop for this.  In fact, the setting of the PPV was a major step backwards in a lot of ways after the last few PPV broadcasts.

Mike Tenay and Don West were talking about the main event when Eric Young showed up and said he was going to Memphis, TN (site of Slammiversary, well sort of) to look for Elvis.

TNA champ Samoa Joe vs. Scott Steiner vs. Kaz

They started off hot.  Joe nailed Steiner with an enziguiri, then nailed Kaz with a kick.  He clotheslined Steiner down.  Kaz tried to fire off the ropes with a bodypress but Joe just walked off.  Joe locked on a one-led Boston Crab.  Steiner charged but Joe saw him coming and grabbed an armbar. Kaz went after Joe and got caught with a Dragon Screw legwhip.     

Joe clotheslined Steiner over the top to the floor then began jabbing at Kaz.  Steiner tripped Joe as he rebounded off the ropes and dragged him to the floor.  He whipped Joe into the guard rail, then clotheslined Kaz on the floor.  Steiner suplexed Joe on the ramp but didn't really get him over all the way and Joe looked to have smacked the back of his head on the ramp. 

Steiner tossed Kaz back into the ring and worked on him.  He saw Joe returning to the ring, so he knocked Joe back to the floor.  Steiner hit a Fall Away Slam on Kaz but Joe broke up the pinfall.  Joe whipped Steiner into the corner but Steiner got his boot up.  Steiner hit a belly to belly overhead suplex on Kaz.  Steiner drilled Kaz into the top turnbuckle.  He locked in the Steiner Recliner on Joe.  Joe fought his way to his feet with Steiner on his shoulders.  Kaz, who was still on the top, hit a missile dropkick on Steiner.

Joe and Steiner recovered first.  They exchanged punches.  Joe caught Steiner with a snap powerbomb.  Steiner was knocked to the floor.  Joe went for a dive out of the ring but Steiner nailed him with a lead pipe, hurting Joe's shoulder.  Kaz nailed a dive out of the ring on Steiner.

Kaz tossed Steiner back into the ring for a two count.  He springboaded into the ring, nailing a DDT on Steiner.  Kaz hit a sweet dropkick on Steiner.  Kaz went to the top but Petey Williams crotched him on the ropes.  Frank Trigg got off a great line saying, "Ref didn't see it, I didn't hear it."  Steiner hit a top rope Frankensteiner on Kaz.  He covered Kaz and Joe just barely made the save, returning to the ring to break up the count.

Joe caught Steiner with an elbow then nailed a leg lariat on Steiner.  He hit a front leg whip on Kaz, followed by a senton.  He hit the snap slam on Steiner for a two count.  Joe locked in a choke on Steiner.  Kaz tried to hit a leaping kick but Joe moved then slammed Kaz.  Joe and Steiner battled on the apron.  Steiner tried to suplex him off the apron but Joe stopped it and put Steiner on the top rope.  Kaz knocked Joe to the floor, then tried to go for the Flux Capacitor.  Steiner battled him off and they fell into the ring with Steiner on top.  Kaz kicked up out of a pinfall attempt. 

They battled back on top and Steiner shoved Kaz to the floor.  Joe grabbed Steiner from the top and nailed the muscle buster for the clean pin.

Your winner and still TNA champion Samoa Joe!

A good match.  All three really worked hard and you could see they were doing everything they could to end the show on a good note.  Joe sold the shoulder after the match.

Compared to last month's PPV, a big step down.  Obviously Kurt Angle being hurt really caused their plans to be scrapped and changed.  This felt more like a show setting up the new storylines and putting players into place than a major PPV event. 

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