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By Mike Johnson on 2008-05-11 23:00:00

Welcome to's live coverage of TNA's 2008 Sacrifice PPV from Orlando, Florida at the Impact Zone.

A brief pre-show live note: Richard Trionfo sent word that Smashing Pumpkins lead singer Billy Corgan, who is a huge wrestling fan, was introduced to the live crowd by Jeremy Borash.

The PPV opened with a video feature based on Scott Steiner vs. Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle for Joe's TNA title.

They went to video from 7:07 PM of Kurt Angle arriving via limo to the Impact Zone.  Jeremy Borash said he was in Korea when Kurt was injured and asked Angle for an update.  Angle said his doctor, Dr. Jho has advised him not to wrestle tonight due to the injury.  Angle said that if it was up to him, he would wrestle, but he can't afford to do so because he has three cracked vertebrae and two herniated discs in his neck.  He said he won the Olympics with a broken neck and headlined Wrestlemania with a broken neck, but he's not 25 years old anymore and if his doctor tells him not to compete, he can't.

They then went to video of Scott Steiner arriving earlier today.  Lauren asked Scott his thoughts on Angle not being able to wrestle.  Scott said that he didn't know anything about Angle being hurt.  He said that he was originally supposed to wrestle Samoa Joe in a singles bout, so it's interesting to see what was gone down, but he still doesn't trust Angle.  Lauren was surprised to see not just Rick Steiner but Kevin Nash emerge from Scott's care.

They went to footage of Jeremy Borash catching Samoa Joe as he arrived at the venue.  When asked about Kurt's injury, Joe said that he had heard rumors but now that it's official, it's a shame when anyone goes down to injury, even someone he has issues with.  Borash asked Joe what he thought about Nash arriving with the Steiners.  Joe looked stunned, then walked off.

Mike Tenay and Don West welcomed everyone to the PPV.  

Sting & James Storm vs. Team 3D - Deuces Wild Tournament

Jame Storm opened up with Devon, who charged him and worked him over with punches.  Storm cut him off, but was hit with a flying shoulderblock off the ropes.  Devon caught him with a running clothesline in the corner, then slammed him in the ropes.  Devon dropped an elbow for a two count.  

Ray tagged in and suplexed Storm for a two count.   Storm kicked Ray when he ducked his head, but was cut off.  Jacqueline got into Ray's face in the ring, so he slapped her in the rear end.  Storm went to tag Sting, who reluctantly tagged in.  Sting and Ray went back and forth.  Sting cleaned house on him before clotheslining Ray to the floor.

Devon tagged in and caught Sting with a side headlock.  They charged and Sting got the better of it, shoulderblocking Devon down.  Sting and Storm had words when Storm wasn't happy with the follow-up, allowing 3D to attack Sting.  Devon choked Sting and dropped a series of elbows, but Sting kicked up out of an attempted cover.  Storm sat on the apron drinking a beer, because he has no interesting in being Tag Team champion, I guess.

Devon continued working over Sting and nails a headbutt off the ropes.  Devon went back to the ropes, but missed a second attempt.  Sting began to fire back, while the story was whether Storm cared enough to tag in.  Sting went for the the Stinger Splash on Devon, but Ray got into the ring.  Sting worked over Ray but missed a Scorpion Splash on Devon. 

3D worked over Sting.  Devon brought a table into the ring but Sting nailed 3D with a double clothesline.  Sting positioned the table but 3D got in his face.  Storm sat on the top turnbuckle waiting to see what would happen next.  3D looked at Sting and Storm, then walked away.  Sting grabbed Storm and powerslammed him off the top through the table.  3D pinned Storm.

Wow, they are doing dissension bits in the first match? 

Your winners, Team 3D!

Nothing memorable.  OK bout, but unless they are adding Sting to the World title match, what a waste.

Lauren asked Frank Trigg about Kurt Angle's injury.  Trigg said he was concerned about the injury because Angle is someone who is known for taking risks and working with injuries, but after suffering the injury and trying to guy through it with rest and workouts, Angle had to pull out.  It was a case of not giving the fans his best and being out for months, as opposed to hopefully just being out a few weeks.  Lauren asked Trigg what he thought the outcome of the TNA title bout would be now.  They were linking Trigg and Angle as friends as Trigg said that he was concerned about Angle's injuries after all Angle has done to help him prepare for MMA bouts.  He predicted Joe.

Rhino & Christian Cage vs. Robert Roode & Booker T - Deuces Wild Tag Team Tournament

Roode was furious when he found out Booker was his partner and security had to get between them, so it's two straight matches with dissension among partners,   Christian and Roode went back and forth to open the bout.  Roode took control and they put over that Roode didn't want to tag Booker, preferring to control the bout himself.  Roode caught Cage in the corner with a clothesline, then hit the rolling snap mare. 

Booker offered to tag and Roode ignored him.  That led to Cage starting to fire back, but being caught with a spinebuster.  Booker finally tagged in and went for the Axe kick but Cage avoided it and slammed him on the back of his head.  Rhino tagged in but Booker caught him with a leg lariat.  Roode blindtagged in as Booker was clotheslined to the floor.  Roode took over on Rhino and went for the Payoff, but Rhino avoided and caught him with the gore for the pin.

Your winners, Christian Cage and Rhino!

Cage embraced Rhino and Booker after the bout and raised their arms, then attacked them with a steel chair, leaving them both laying.  I didn't see that coming.  They were playing up that Booker's had a new attitude due to the frustration of the Roode feud and Sharmell being laid out.

Match was OK.  I sure hope the later rounds provide better matches.

Backstage, Scott Steiner was having words with Kevin Nash.  Steiner was trying to get Nash to help him against Joe.  Nash openly said Joe was his meal ticket.  Wow, Joe looks like such a loser if he doesn't tell Nash to hit the bricks after that aired.  Steiner offered Nash the first title shot.  Nash said he would consider it.   So, the storyline isn't about who's better but which side Nash will end up with - his admitted meal ticket or the guy who wants him to turn on the meal ticket.

Matt Morgan & Kip James vs. - LAX - Deuces Wild Tournament

Hector Guerrero came to the ring with LAX.  No Salinas.  There's some intrigue to Hernandez vs. Morgan, but poor Homicide being paired with Kip.  Kip grabs Homicide and drops him on the top turnbuckle.  He turns his back and when he turns around, Homicide hits a missile dropkick.  Hernandez takes out Kip with a shoulderblock into the ring.  Kip goes to the floor, when Homicide hits the tope con hilo. 

Morgan grabs Homicide and tosses him through the ropes back into the ring.  Morgan tags in and overpowers him.  Morgan goes to the ropes and does the Undertaker Old School rope walk.  Kip tagged back in (didn't he and Morgan hate each other?) and unloaded with rights, then missed a splash in the corner.  Homicide tagged in Hernandez, who nailed a running charge in the corner.

Morgan hit the ring without a tag and they start going back and forth.  Hernandez hits a flying shoulderblock after rebounding taking him down.  Kip attacked Hernandez, who came back to pin Kip.

Your winners, LAX!

Some decent spots with LAX.  Morgan does a lot of things a guy his size shouldn't.

Jeremy Borash asked AJ Styles what his strategy was against Awesome Kong.  Styles said he didn't know because she was a woman, he thinks.  Kurt Angle barged in demanding to know whether Styles was seeing Karen Angle or not.  Styles said he wasn't. He reminded Styles he was still his boss and was mad that AJ didn't check on him when he hurt his neck.  He asked again whether he was seeing Karen.  AJ said, "I'm not going to answer that.  Take care of your neck." Uh, didn't he say he wasn't?

AJ Styles & Super Eric vs. TNA Knockout champ Awesome Kong & BG James

Styles and Eric worked over BG, who tagged in Kong.  Styles and Kong faced off.  They locked up and Styles pushes Kong into the corner.  He gave her a clean break and shoved her hair back.  Kong shoved him back and scored two close near counts.  Kong nailed the spinning back fist.  Styles grabbed the ropes to keep from falling, then kicked her.  Kong grabbed Styles' crotch.  She tagged into BG, who hit an inverted atomic drop.

BG locked in a bear hug, but AJ broke it.  Kong tagged in and teased an Awesome bomb, but Styles rolled through for a sunset flip attempt.  BG tagged in.  He controlled Styles, who came back with the Pele Kick.      Super Eric got involved and slammed Kong onto BG.  Nothing like totally ruining your top female star's gimmick.  Styles went for a springboard forearm but slipped and crashed into the ring.  He regained his bearings and small packaged BG for the pin. Young dove on Kong while this was going on.

Your winners, AJ Styles and Super Eric.

I hated this.  They really hurt Kong's invulnerability by having the comedy opening match guy bodyslam her.  AJ and Eric are being pals?  It was completely ridiculous for the commentators not to mention the circumstances of the belts being vacant during this match when Eric Young, the catalyst, was involved here and even sillier to refer to Young as AJ's "super hero buddy."  Absolutely hated how this one was laid out and presented.  The center piece of the Knockouts came out far weaker than she walked in, in my opinion.

Mike Tenay said Jim Cornette will have a special announcement about the main event later tonight.

They are setting up the Terror Dome.

Lauren interviewed Rick Steiner asking why he was there tonight.  Steiner said his brother had a huge TNA title match tonight and Scott asked him to be there for him, so he is.  Lauren said every time the Steiners are together, there's trouble and wondered what type of support he was there to provide.  Steiner said he was just there to be there for his brother and starting barking.  Lauren looked like she had no idea what in the world he was doing.  That was hysterical, in the wrong way.

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