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By Mike Johnson on 2008-05-11 23:00:00

Terror Dome Match: Curry Man vs. Consequences Creed vs. Alex Shelley vs. Jay Lethal vs. Chris Sabin vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Shark Boy vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Kaz vs. Johnny Devine

You have to escape the top of the dome in order to win the match and get an X-Division championship bout in the future if you win.  The Terror Dome is bright red and isn't especially pleasant to see on camera.  You can't really see inside the cage when they are on the hard camera shot.

All of the competitors are wearing gloves to help them climb, explained by the announcers as protection from the sharp pieces of steel in the structure. 

Jim Cornette came out and announced that the winner of the Terror Dome would get the third spot in tonight's main event in the Joe vs. Steiner match.  I actually think this is a great way to springboard someone to the next level, so works for me. 

Everyone brawled or tried to climb the cage.  Creed hit a somersault clothesline on Curry.  Rave threw Dutt into cage.  Kaz hit a kryptonite krunch on Devine.  The Machineguns worked over Lethal with some double team moves.  They are smartly sticking to handheld camera shots.

They did a cool spot where Creed, hanging upside down from the cage, swung Kaz off the top into an Alabama Jam on Rave.  Creed then took out Kaz.  Lethal and Dutt helped each other against the Guns.  They did a cool looking Tower of Doom spot.  There's a lot of cool spots here, way too much to follow.

Dutt tried to climb up but Curry grabbed him and they battled.  Shark Boy began climbing up but Sabin followed.  Shark hit a stunner off the ropes.   Everyone ended up in the center of the ring, setting up a Curry powerbomb of Dutt onto everyone.  Crowd loved the move but they sort of gave it away with a camera shot of everyone standing there.  They might want to edit that shot when they release the DVD.  

Rave tried to climb the cage but Curry caught him with the Spice Race off the top.  That was awesome.  The crowd was chanting, "This is awesome" so I guess they agree.  Curry kicked off Kaz as he tried to scale the cage.  Kaz caught up to him again and hit what they called a reverse Flux Capacitor.    

Kaz continued to scale up the cage but Devine met him on the top  rope.  He hit a backcracker off the ropes onto Kaz.  Devine nailed Devine Intervention on Creed.  It looked sick as hell.  Devine made his way to the ceiling, but Kaz yanked him down onto everyone in the ring, who went down like bowling pins.

Kaz continued to climb across as everyone tried to grab him and finally escaped.  Kaz is going to the main event tonight.

This started out looking like a Wrestlecrap moment but really, really took off as it evolved.  Tons of crazy spots.  This was easily the best thing on the show up until this point and adding the World title stipulation was a nice addition.

Jeremy Borash interviewed TNA champion Samoa Joe.  Joe said that Kaz earned his spot, but Joe promised to retain his championship.  Borash asked him about Nash and Joe cut a a great promo saying he hasn't seen or spoken to Nash and doesn't care.  He said they can bring Scott, Rick, Nash or an army because he was going still be World champion.

Deuces Wild Semi-Final: Team 3D vs. Christian Cage & Rhino

They played up that Rhino and Cage were still suffering from the effects of Booker's attack.  Ray took over on Cage immediately, going right after the back of his neck.  Rhino finally tagged in and got some offense on Devon, but Ray grabbed him by the hair and slammed his head backwards onto the mat.  3D continued to beat on Rhino's neck and head.  Rhino came back with a spinebuster on Devon.

Cage tagged in.  3D retreated to the floor, where Cage hit a high cross bodyblock off the top to the floor.  Ray threw Cage into the ring steps, which were set up sideways on the floor.  Cage fought his way to his meet but Devon took him back down with a neck vice.  Cage bit Devon's hand to break the hold.  Ray tagged in and struck him in the head again.  Ray backdropped him and Ray told the cameras it was about to be 2 down, 1 to go.  He went to the turnbuckles but Rhino distracted him, allowing Cage to cut him off and hit a hurancanrana off the top for a two count.

Cage made the hot tag to Rhino, who clotheslined Devon and nailed an elbow.  Rhino shoulderblocked him in the corner, then nailed a belly-to-belly suplex.  Ray hit Rhino, then knocked Cage to the floor.  Devon went to the top for the Wazzup headbutt but Cage shoved him off.  Rhino almost pinned Ray who kicked up.  Johnny Devine ran to ringside with a Singapore Cane.  

Rhino and Devon battled inside the ring.  Rhino hit an over the shoulder powerslam on Devon.  Cage and Ray ended up on the floor.  Devine handed the Cane to Ray.  Rhino gored Devon but Devine jumped on the apron and half-entered the ring to distract the referee.  Ray nailed Rhino with the cane and scored the pin.

Your winners, Team 3D!

Match told a decent story but none of the tag team tournament bouts have been memorable to me so far.  One would think they are going with 3D vs. LAX but it's TNA so who knows.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Kevin Nash.  Nash scoffed at the idea that Samoa Joe should be upset he got a ride from the airport from Scott Steiner.  Borash said Joe wanted to choke him out and said he would do that to Nash if they crossed paths tonight.  Nash said, "Let's go cross paths with Joe and see if he chokes me out" and went off to find Joe.

Deuces Wild Semi-Final: Super Eric & AJ Styles vs. LAX

They claimed Styles hurt his mid-section during the finish of his opening match.  Salinas was out for this match.  Styles and Homicide started the match.  They did some nice back and forth wrestling early - actually the best of the show thus far.  It ended with both attempting a high cross bodyblock at the same time and colliding in mid-air.  

Eric and Hernandez tagged in.  Since Young is a Super Hero, Hernandez sold for him like he was a super heavyweight.  He knocked Hernandez through the ropes and teased a dive, but when he went for it, Hernandez hit a shoulderblock into the ring.  Super Eric asked for a test of strength, which Hernandez won early, but Eric bridged off the mat.  Hernandez ended up on the floor and Young dove to the floor from the top.

Styles tagged in.  Hernandez powered Styles onto the apron but Styles nailed a flying springboard forearm.  Styles and Young began tagging in and out fast as they worked over Hernandez.  Styles locked on a rear chinlock.  Hernandez broke it.  Eric and Homicide both tagged in.  Eric evaded some moves but Homicide nailed a hiptoss.  Hernandez returned to the fray and LAX double-teamed Eric, nailing the Drive-By.  Heeey champ.

Hernandez held Super Eric for a delayed vertical suplex as Homicide locked on an STF on Styles.  Eric kicked up.  Styles nailed a great looking spinkick on Homicide and went for the Styles Clash.  Homicide fought it off and nailed the Ace Crusher.  Eric hit a sledgehammer off the ropes on Homicide.  Hernandez took Young out with a clothesline.

Styles rolled up Homicide with a small package.  Salinas distracted the referee, allowing Guerrero to lie, cheat and steal by turning Homicide over.  The referee counted the pin, although Styles' shoulder was off the mat the entire pinfall.

This was the best tournament match all night, even with the botched pinfall.

Lauren interviewed "members of Samoa Joe's kin."  They said that Joe had the support of the entire Samoan Nation.  They noted that they weren't wrestlers but would get involved if needed. BAD IDEA.  The last thing we need is a Samoan version of the "Latino Nation."


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