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By Mike Johnson on 2007-12-02 22:30:45

Kurt Angle entered Samoa Joe's locker room as he was getting ready.  Joe asked him if he was crazy.  Joe kept looking around for a sneak attack.  Angle said they were on the same wavelength.  Joe asked him what he was talking about.  Angle said the entire locker room knows Hall and Nash are using Joe to get over and will then discard him because that's what they do in this business.  I was cracking up hearing this.  Angle said he and Joe are competitors and he didn't want to see Joe roll over and take it when they try to take advantage of Joe in the ring.  He said he wanted to see Joe do the right thing tonight.

Backstage, Booker T was interviewed by Crystal.  Booker said he and Christian go way back and have gone one on one in the past.  He said he and Christian are both here to get the TNA championship.  Booker said that before he went for the belt he wanted to compete with the best wrestlers in the world.  He said one of them was a man that had his back when he came to TNA when he didn't even know Booker, Kaz.  He said another was Bobby Roode.  Sharmell corrected him and sarcastically said it was Robert Roode.  Booker scoffed at the name and said Roode has a great body and can be a great wrestler but tonight he's going to get nailed with Booker's finish and pinned.  Booker did a good job putting over TNA and the wrestlers he was going to wrestle tonight.  Call him the anti-Fatu.

Christian Cage & Robert Roode vs. Booker T & Kaz

Kaz and Cage started after a long period of stalling.  Cage nailed several chops with Kaz returning the favor.  Cage hit a corkscrew elbow off the ropes.  Cage worked over Kaz and tagged Roode.  Kaz caught him with an armdrag, then tagged in Booker.  Booker worked over Roode with kicks and punches.  Roode worked over Booker with chops but was caught with a hiptoss and clothesline.  

Booker suplexed Roode for a two count.  They showed Robert Roode's fan watching from the last row.  The spotlight was even on her.  Cage tagged in and continued working over Booker.  Booker avoided a charge in the corner and backdropped Cage.  He tagged Kaz and nailed a double team shoulderblock.  Kaz got a two count.

Kaz nailed Cage in the corner with a forearm.  Roode tried to interfere but was drilled, landing in front of Cage.  Kaz dropkicked Roode, sending him into Cage.  They go to the floor.  Kaz nailed a forward flip dive over the top on both.  Back in, Cage nailed a swinging inverted DDT out of the corner on Kaz for a two count.  The crowd did dueling chants.

Cage stepped over Kaz's back, choking him across the middle rope.  Kaz fired back with elbows but was cut off.  Roode chokes Kaz in the corner as Cage antagonizes Booker.  Roode fake tagged in (Midnight Express would be proud).  Roode cinches down Kaz with a rear chinlock.  Kaz came back and they fired back and forth.  They went back and forth with pinfall combinations.  Roode finally stopped Kaz with a kick to the gut.  He tossed Kaz over the top to the apron.  Kaz caught him with a shoulderblock.  He springboarded into the ring but Roode caught him with a uranage.  Booker T broke up the pinfall.

Cage and Roode worked over Kaz.  Kaz sent Cage crashing into Roode and rolled him up for a two count.  Kaz nailed the Wave of the Future but was too tired to capitalize on it.  Kaz finally made it to Booker for a tag but before they could, Booker was pulled off the apron by Roode.  By the time Booker recovered, Cage had pulled Kaz away.  Kaz finally nailed Cage with a neckbreaker at the same time he drilled Roode with a DDT.  He crawled to the corner and finally made the hot tag to Booker T.

Booker unloaded on Roode and Cage.  He ducked a Cage clothesline and nailed a flying forearm.  He misses an Axe Kick but is caught with a spinebuster for a two count.  Booker goes to the top rope, but Roode grabs him.  Cage grabs Booker and goes for a superplex.  Booker shoves him off and nails a missile dropkick.  Booker did the sign for the Spinaroonie but Roode attacked him with a kick to the back.  Booker kicks him off but Cage thumbs him in the eye.

Cage chops Booker and whips him into the corner.  Booker nailed a sunset flip but Cage got up at the last second.  They crotched Booker on the top but Kaz nailed a springboard missile dropkick on both.  Kaz unloaded on Roode and Cage.  He was backdropped over the top to the floor by Roode.  Cage and Roode went for a double clothesline but Booker ducked and hit a leg lariat on both.

Booker did the Spinaroonie and rebounded off the ropes for the Scissors kick but Roode nailed him as he hit the ropes.  Roode brought a chair into the ring but Booker ducked and Cage ate the chair.  Kaz dropkicked Roode out of the ring to the floor.  Booker hit the Ax Kick and scored the pin.

Your winners,. Kaz and Booker T!

A good back and forth match.  Kaz and Roode got the rub working with the veterans in a competitive bout and Booker gets the win, which he needed since his team lost during his debut last month.  Good stuff here from bell to bell.

After the bout, Roode helped up Cage but they teased fighting.  AJ Styles hit the ring trying to play peacemaker but Cage wanted nothing to do with him.

Backstage, Samoa Joe was screaming at Nash because Scott Hall was nowhere to be found.  He asked if Hall couldn't pass a breathalyzer to start his car to get to the building.  Ouch.  He asked if Nash was trying to set him up.  Nash said he was more worried about Hall's health than anything else.  Joe said he was only worried about looking cool and being a punk bitch when "it came time to do business."  Nash got in his face and said he wasn't a punk bitch.   Nash said he would be out there and if Joe wanted to be his partner, then fine.  Joe said he would be out there and warned Nash he wouldn't be alone.

TNA champion Kurt Angle & TNA Tag Team champions Tomko & AJ Styles vs. Kevin Nash & Samoa Joe & ?

Samoa Joe didn't come to the ring at first and finally came to the ring.  Joe took the mic and said that backstage, he was told that the fans love him, so they want him to tell the fans something that will satisfy them.  Joe said, "Scott Hall no showed this event tonight."  He said he would love to tell the fans that Hall would be coming down later but he punked out on Joe and every fan that came out tonight.  He said he started thinking and they could go two on three with Kevin and make the best of it.  

He said he then realized TNA gave him a live mic on PPV, so he'd like to say a few things.  He said there are two types of wrestlers here.  TNA diehards that bust their ass every night of the week for TNA fans.  He said then they have Superstars who feel that they can do whatever they want whenever they feel like, screwing the TNA wrestlers and every fan that paid to see them "no matter how old they are." 

Joe said that TNA is the Motor City Machineguns are busting their ass to make their name in the business.  He said it's Black Machismo doing his best to entertain every fan in the Impact Zone.  He said TNA is Samoa Joe being the best damn wrestler in the world.  Joe said that TNA are hard working athletes trying to change the wrestling world,. not people trying to hold down the business while they profit from it.

Joe said that TNA is about wrestlers who risk their lives on wires while others pad their pension.  He said that Scott Hall can kiss his ass because he's a punk.    Joe asked someone off camera, "Are you mad? Go ahead and fire me.  I don't care."  Joe said TNA told him they were making calls to try and get him a new partner tonight.  He said that he told TNA he didn't need a new partner.  He went to the locker room and asked who wants to be in a fight tonight and every single one of the X-Division wrestlers stood up.  He said every young wrestler who's first TV contract was in TNA said me.  He said one bloody, beaten, battered wrestler begged for the shot and Joe introduced his partner...Eric Young.

Eric Young?  That awesome promo for...ERIC YOUNG???

Joe and Styles started the bout.  They go back and forth.  Joe drilled him with chops and knees.  Young tagged in and locked on a chinlock.  Young backdropped Styles.  Angle tagged in and shoulderblocked Young down.  Angle nailed an uppercut.  Young slid through his legs and nailed a belly to belly suplex.  Young tagged in Nash, who scampered out of the ring and tagged in Tomko.

Tomko cornered Nash and drilled him with punches.  He clotheslined Nash, who didn't sell it.  Tomko rebounded off the ropes and Nash nailed a big boot to the face.  Tomko got the better of Nash and continued to work him over.  Styles tagged in and was caught with a sideslam.  Nash tagged in Young   Young ended up in Team Angle's corner   Young tried to battle them off.  AJ grabbed him and tossed him into the corner.

Styles drilled Young with a DDT.  Nash clotheslined Angle, then double clotheslined the Tag champs.  Young dove on the champs outside the ring.  They caught him.  Joe dove out of the ring, taking them out.  Nash was caught by Angle in the anklelock.  Joe stood over them, then teased walking away.  He superkicked Angle, then went to the corner, looking for the tag.

Joe tagged in and went to work on Tomko with clotheslines.  He picked up and powered Styles.  Joe snapped Tomko with a powerslam.  Angle nailed a German suplex.  Nash grabbed Angle for a powerbomb.  Styles nailed Nash with a flying forearm.  He went to springboard but Nash simply shoved him.,  Styles' neck snapped on the ropes and he took a bump to the floor.  Joe caught Tomko with a muscle buster and scored the pin.

Your winners, Kevin Nash & Samoa Joe & Eric Young!


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