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By Mike Johnson on 2007-12-02 22:30:45

TNA Turning Point 2007 opened with AJ Styles upset backstage in TNA champion Kurt Angle's locker room.  Styles was asking why Angle came to blows with Christian Cage and doesn't want to be associated with Cage.  He asked what Angle has to lose.  Angle says he could lose his authority and that Christian has never listened to anyone his own career.  Styles asks what he has to lose and Angle finally says he'll talk to Christian.  He walks off and AJ is all excited.  Karen Angle says that Styles had better hope that Christian doesn't piss Angle off.  Styles suddenly looked really worried.  Tomko was in the background of all of this looking as if everyone around him had lost their minds.

TNA aired a video promoting the Turning Point show with lots of blood and sick spots.

Mike Tenay and Don West previewed the show.

Team 3D & Johnny Devine vs. X-Division champion Jay Lethal & The Motor City Machineguns

They showed a shot of a happy Socal Val clapping as Lethal came to the ring.  Brother Ray grabbed the mic as the bell rang.  He said 3D were the greatest tag team of all time.  He told all of his opponents that they sucked and so did everyone in the crowd.  

Devine and Shelley started trading slaps with Devine getting the better of the exchange.  He stomped on Shelley.  They showed several tables stationed around ringside.  Shelley made a blind tag to Sabin,  The babyfaces hit a series of springboard moves in rapid fire procession on Devine.

Sabin began measuring and nailing Devine, who tagged to Devon.  Devon shoulderblocked Sabin down to the mat.  Sabin ducked a clothesline and nailed Devon with a hurancanrana.  He tagged Lethal, who came off the top with a double sledgehammer off the top.  Devon caught Lethal with a snapping powerslam.  Ray tagged in and worked over Lethal in the corner.  He brought Lethal down to the mat, working over his arm.  Lethal fought his way to his feet and jumped over the ropes, snapping Ray's arm on the ropes.  Lethal fired back but was caught with an uranage.

The Gun hit the ring and hit a high low on Ray, then double backdropped Devine and Devon.  The Guns and Lethal hit stereo bodypresses to the floor on 3D and Devine.  All six battled around the ringside area.  Shelley tossed Ray into a ringpost, but Ray came back with a series of chops on the floor.  3D cursed out the announcers as they grabbed a table in front of them.  They placed it on the apron but the Guns both dropkicked it into them on the floor.

The Guns worked over Devine with double-team clotheslines and kicks.  3D hit the ring and laid out the Guns.  They nailed Shelley with a sideslam/legdrop combination, then killed Sabin with a reverse neckbreaker.  3D began setting up a table inside the ring in one of the corners.  Lethal, finally returning to the apron, nailed Ray with several punches.  Ray charged him but Lethal moved.  Ray hit the table and broke it.  Lethal thought it meant they won the match but the referee ruled that Lethal hadn't put him through it.

Devine attacked Lethal and began choking him in the corner as the Guns got a table.  Devine tried to do a baseball slide but the Guns lifted the table.  When Devine landed outside the ring, then slammed the table backwards towards him.  They set up the table on the floor.  Devon attacked them, knocking them to the floor, flattening the table but not breaking it.  Devon set up the table against one of the guard rails.  Devon set up Alex Shelley for Devine, who dove out of the ring.  Shelley moved and Devine crashed through the table.

Lethal brought a table into the ring and they set it up in the center.  Lethal and Shelley went to suplex Devon through it but Ray shoved the table away.  The former Dudleys went to set up the 3D but Shelley turned it into a DDT on Devon.  Lethal hit an enziguiri on Ray, sending the referee down at the same time.  Sabin and Shelley did stereo dives outside the ring on 3D and the cameras MISSED BOTH OF THEM, ONE RIGHT AFTER THE OTHER.  Ugh.  I can't think of anything more insulting to the guys taking these chances than to miss those camera shots.

Lethal laid out Devine with several kendo stick shots to the head and put him on the table.  He went to the top rope for the flying elbow and nailed it.  Team 3D attacked Lethal and the Guns, whipping them with the X-Division championship.  They put Devine atop of Lethal and woke the referee, who saw Lethal underneath and called for the bell.

Your winners, Team 3D and Johnny Devine!

This is the type of finish that epitomizes everything that is wrong about TNA in my opinion.  You have a match and style where the stunts and work ethic ensures that no matter who wins, everyone will get over.  The match has great work from bell to bell and then TNA's creativity  forces a finish that was lame 20 years ago onto it, killing all the momentum of the bout...and this is only the opener.  Match was decent, despite the missed camera shots, which TNA has no excuse for five years into doing live PPV, until the end.

Crystal interviewed Kevin Nash and Samoa Joe.  Crystal said that it looked like Scott Hall hadn't arrived yet.  Nash said that they were pacing themselves.  Nash said that he joined with Kurt Angle because he was getting older and wanted to see if he still had a shot at getting a woman that hot, not that he would have taken it.  Joe looked like he was annoyed, took the mic and asked Nash if he was serious.  He said they were going to go to war, but Nash was making jokes and Hall was nowhere to be found.  He said when they were serious, they could find him in his locker room.  The promo made perfect sense given Joe's character.  He walked off.  Nash asked if he was the Triple S - Super Serious Samoan and then said, "we'll be ready."

ODB and Roxxi vs. Angelina Love & Velvet Sky

Roxxi and Angelina started.  Roxxi backed her into the corner, where ODB grabbed her by the hair.  Still, Angelina ducked a charge and nailed Roxxi.  She hit a sit down powerbomb.  She tagged in Velvet and nailed a double hiptoss and elbow combination for a two count.  ODB tagged in and the crowd chanted her name.  Velvet disrespected her and got spanked for her troubles.   Sky dropkicked her in the chest and rode her.  All we needed was a saddle.  Ron Bass and Barry Windham popped for it.  She spanked ODB who liked it and tried to get the referee to spank her.  

Roxxi kicked Sky as she rebounded off the ropes.  ODB nailed her with a clothesline for a two count.  Roxxi tagged in and hit a running rear splash in the corner.  She used her boot to choke Sky.  Roxxi continued to beat on Sky, tying her upside down in the corner.  ODB tagged in and stepped on her groin then tried to cover her.  Sky caused Roxxi to collide with ODB in the corner, then made the hot tag to Love.

Love nailed a clothesline and knee to the face.  Love drilled ODB with a sit down stunner and a neckbreaker for a two count.  All four brawled inside the ring.  ODB and Roxxi were whipped into each other with ODB sent to the floor.  Love nailed a running dropkick to Roxxi as Sky hit a side Russian legsweep.  Love scored the pin.

Your winners, Angelina Love & Velvet Sky!

They worked their butts off.   This was good stuff.

Jeremy Borash caught up with Kurt Angle as he was entering Christian Cage's locker room.  Borash said he was too angry to be dealing with Cage while he was angry.  He told Angle that he and Karen have a deep breathing exercise to calm down.  Angle asked if he's been deep breathing with his wife and said he was going to keep an eye on Borash.  He entered the locker room, where Cage was sitting there with Robert Roode.  He told Cage that he didn't want to fight because if he did, he would have brought Tomko and Styles with him.  He said he just wanted to talk and Cage said he talked enough when he got in Tomko and Styles' ears.  Cage said if they, Cage and Roode came together as a unit, they couldn't be stopped.  He said they don't have to get along, just co-exist.  He said that he had to be the leader.  Cage said it was all interesting until the last part.  Angle said every group has a leader and he likes to consider himself the George Bush of TNA.  Cage said he was nobody's lackey and Angle could take his offer and shove it up his ass along with Tomko and Styles.  Angle asked if he was serious and Cage said it was real, damn real.  Angle stormed off.  Roode applauded Cage and Cage warned him that when they got to the ring, Roode was to follow his lead and told him to make sure he does. He walked off and Roode called him an a**hole.  Ms. Brooks told Roode that it takes one to know one.  He told her to get out of his face before he does something she'll regret.  Good segment.

Video segment on James Storm vs. Eric Young.

Backstage, James Storm was dying for a beer but Jackie Moore had put it under lock and key because after what he did to Eric Young, he had to take Eric seriously.  Storm screamed that he had to have his beer.  She slapped him and told to get a grip on because he wasn't having any beer until after the match.

James Storm vs. Eric Young

Young attacked Storm from behind and they brawled up the ramp.  Young dropkicked Storm on the ramp and he rolled into the ringside area.  Young chased him into the ring and back to the floor.  As he followed Storm into the ring, Jackie Moore tried to grab him, but Storm took her out by accident.  Young tossed him into the ring   He began working over Young's arm, then whipped him into the corner.  Mike Tenay wondered if Storm would have been better off drinking.  Young shoulderblocked Storm into the corner, but missed a second one, hitting the ringpost.

Storm went for his beer but Moore wouldn't let him.  He instead worked over Young on the floor, slamming his arm across the guard rail.  He brought Young to the ringpost and pulled his arm around it.  He brought Young back into the ring and fish hooked his mouth.    The referee admonished Storm, allowing Jackie to work over Young by the ropes.  Storm dropped a knee across the hurt shoulder.

Storm cinched in a side chinlock.  Young fought his way to his feet but Storm it him on the face.  He whipped Young to the ropes but Young held on and backdropped Storm over the ropes.  Storm landed on the apron and nailed a flying bodypress.  Young rolled through but Storm kicked up.  He hit a jawbreaker and a DDT variation.  

Storm continued to work over Young and picked up Young, nailing him with the Whirlybird.  He laid across the top rope, not taking Young seriously.  He covered Young, who kicked up at two.  Storm locked on an armbar submission, playing off all the offense he focused on Young's shoulder.  He finally broke the hold before stomping the shoulder and going right back to the submission.  Young began trying to fire up.  He finally gets to his feet and nails a powerslam, but was too hurt to follow up.  The crowd tried to rally Young.

Young nailed a back bodydrop and a discus clothesline with his good arm.  He hit a flying elbow off the top and made the cover but only received a two count, partially because he was recovering from his bad arm.  Young maneuvered Storm into a Northern Lights Perfectplex style move into a bridge but Storm got out of it.  The storyline was that Young couldn't feel anything in his arm.  Storm dropkicked Young in the back of the head and hit the back cracked for a two count.

Storm went for the superkick but missed.  Young slammed him but was too hurt to make a cover quick enough.  Young rolled up Storm.  Moore got on the apron.  She went to spit beer into Young's eyes as he was pushed off of the pin combination but he ducked and Storm got the beer,  He acted like he needed it and drank the rest of the bottle.  In plain view of the referee, Storm tried to nail Young with the bottle, but the ref grabbed his arm.  Young sunset flipped Storm and got the pin.

Your winner, Eric Young!

A solid match.  I enjoyed it.

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