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By Mike Johnson on 2007-12-02 22:30:45

Mike Tenay and Don West ran down the rest of the card.

Crystal interviewed LAX backstage.  Homicide said he didn't want to talk about the female member of the Latino Nation member attacking Christy Hemme.  Homicide didn't want to hear about it, saying TNA isn't giving LAX what they deserve so they were going to get a title match tonight.  Crystal said that SpikeTV and LAX don't like violence against women, so a fine or suspension could be in their future.  Homicide said that no one tells LAX what to do.

Feast or Fired Match - LAX, XXX, Sonjay Dutt, Shark Boy, Lance Hoyt, Jimmy Rave, Petey Williams, Chris Harris, VKM and Scott Steiner.

There were four boxes on poles set up in each corner.  You have to get the case in your hands and then get to the floor to claim it.  A number of wrestlers tossed others to the floor while others tried unsuccessfully to grab the cases, being pulled back into the ring.  There was so much going on, it was insane to follow it.   The Impact Zone chanted for LAX.  The announcers noted that we wouldn't learn what were in the cases until Impact.  I love paying $35 to have to watch it resolved on free cable, don't you?  

Petey Williams finally captured Case #4. BG James went for a case but was shoved off the top by Jimmy Rave.  Chris Harris acted like he didn't want any of the cases because he didn't want to chance getting fired.  Security carried off BG, who was clutching at his ankle.  Kip James hit Lance Hoyt with a big boot to the face.  Kip finally removed a case but was surrounded in the ring by everyone.  He tossed it out of the ring to BG on the floor.  BG caught it and was excited, then looked concerned.

Senshi finally captured a briefcase.  LAX worked over Rave.  Homicide went to his the Copkilla on Rave but Christy Hemme scratches his eyes.  The Latina member of LAX nailed Hemme.  Chris Daniels hit an enziguiri on Shark Boy.  Harris clotheslines Daniels and told Shark Boy to go for the case.  Sharky does but Harris turns on him and nails the Electric Chair.

Outside the ring, Scott Steiner started throwing people into the ringside table and began brawling with Chris Daniels.  

Inside the ring, Harris decides he doesn't want the case.  Shark Boy bites him on the rear.  Harris goes to the floor.  Shark Boy dives out on Harris and Rave.  Hernandez powerbombs Dutt onto everyone on the floor.

It comes down to Kip and Hernandez in the ring.  They bounce off each other with shoulderblocks.  Kip nails Hernandez with a dropkick.  Steiner takes out Kip with a belly to belly suplex.  Daniels hits Steiner with a missile dropkick.  Daniels goes for the final case.  Hernandez tries to nail him but is kicked off.  Daniels nails him with the case.  Kip James kicks Daniels and hits the Famouser on it.  Steiner kicks James to the floor, grabs the case and goes to the floor, winning the final case.

Your winners, BG James, Scott Steiner, Petey Williams and Senshi!

The match was all over the place but those involved worked hard to try and make it work.  I didn't like the idea that you had to wait until Impact but I get that they are trying to make it into a storyline.

Backstage, Crystal interviewed Gail Kim.  Kim said she takes pride in being a wrestler and said Kong only wants to hurt someone.  She said that she can go down to Kong's level and dared her to make her brawl, make her bleed and break her bones.  She said that the only way Kong was going to get the belt was by killing her.

TNA Knockouts champion Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong

As Kim got on the apron, she looked to the crowd and Kong smashed her to the floor.  Kong went to the floor.  Kim attacked her and they brawled on the floor. Kim was slammed into the table at ringside.  She kept fighting back but Kong would just beat her down.  Kong pressed and dropped Kim across the ring barrier.  The Impact Zone chanted TNA.  Kong positioned her in front of a ring post and charged but Kim moved.  Kong sold that she hurt her elbow and forearm.

Kim returned to the ring and Kong slowly followed.  She got up on the apron, where Kim drilled her arm over the ropes.  When Kong finally stepped through the ropes, they rang the bell.  Kim went right to work on the arm, snapping it down and backwards.  She went to do it again but was caught in a sleeper.  Kongs swung and slammed Kim down.

Kim was worked over against the ropes with chops.  Kim tried to fire back with a forearm, but was slapped in the face.  She whipped Kim in the corner but missed a running charge.  Kong locked on a camel clutch, pulling back on Kim's hair for additional leverage.  Kong picked up Kim by the throat and slammed her down, then stepped on her.  She continued the assault.  She put Kim on the corner and charged, but Kim pulled backwards over the ropes with an armbar, breaking it before a five.

Kim went right back to the armbar in the ring but Kong brushed her off.  Kong went for a powerbomb but Kim rolled through with an attempted sunset flip.  Kong brushed her off and missed a discus punch.  Kim kicked her in the leg, then nailed a missile dropkick.  She nailed a second to the head and took Kong down.  Kim hit a back senton off the top rope but only received a two count.

Kong broke free, missed a clothesline, then nailed a spinning back fist.  She began drilling Kim in the corner with a series of knees to the face.  She shoved the referee and began choking Kim with a boot across the throat.  Kong piefaced the referee down when he broke it up and called for the bell.

Your winner, by DQ and still TNA Knockout champion Gail Kim!

When Kong realized what happened, she nailed Andrew Thomas with a sitdown powerbomb.  Kong went back after Kim.  Velvet Sky hit the ring but got a chokeslam for her trouble.  Angelina Love hit the ring with a chair, but Kong just punched it, destroying her.  The crowd chanted for ODB.  Kong grabbed the chair and nailed Kim with a sitdown powerbomb on it.    Security hit the ring and Kong continued to choke Kim.

This was seriously a great segment from start to finish.  The work was great from both Kim and Kong, plus Kong's facial expressions made it even better.  Who would have thought the top monster in TNA this year would be Kong?

Backstage, AJ Styles was screaming that it sucks Christian won't join them.  Styles said that Karen promised him they could be on both teams and now it's not happening.  He said that he can't function without Cage, so he's done.  Angle said that all Cage ever did for AJ was let him carry his jock strap.  Styles said that he's never even held it, so there!  Tomko tried to point out a time and Styles told him to cut it out.  Karen Angle said that she saw there was friction with Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash earlier and they can use it to their advantage,  Kurt scoffed and asked if she really thought they could sway Joe to their side.  She said no, but they can turn Joe against his partners.  Styles said he didn't know what they were drinking but he wanted to get wasted too.  Angle said he was going to talk to Joe.  Styles questioned that if he couldn't sway Christian, what's he going to do with Joe?  Angle said he was the captain of the ship and he was going to take care of it.

They aired a video feature on the 10,000 thumbtacks match.

Backstage, Crystal said she hated being back here with Black Reign and Rellik.  Reign said that she had nothing to be afraid of and introduced himself, Rellik and his artic fox.  Crystal said it was a rat and he said the only rat he sees is her.  Reign promised that the pain and punishment they put out tonight would make "Saw look like Candyland."  He told Abyss to bring the tacks because he'll spit them back in his face.  Reign then told Raven that he likes spiders and snakes.   Uh, isn't RHINO in the match?  He began licking the rat as Crystal looked like she was going to be sick.

Don West and Mike Tenay announced Raven would be replacing Rhino in the match.

Black Reign & Rellik vs. Raven & Abyss

All four brawled in the ring.   Raven hit a running clothesline followed by a bulldog out of the corner.  Abyss destroyed Reign.  Rellik snapped Raven's neck across the top rope.  Reign and Abyss brawled on the floor.  Rellik joined in,  Raven slingshot himself over the ropes onto "all three", although he really only crashed into Abyss.  

Abyss tossed Reign into the crowd.  Raven hits a side Russian legsweep into the railing on Rellik.  Abyss and Reign battled into the bleachers.  Raven and Rellik battled on the other side of the building.  Reign whipped Abyss into the wall of the Impact Zone.  Raven ducked a spinkick by Rellik, sending him into the front row. 

Reign and Abyss battled back into the ringside area.  Abyss went under the ring for a table.  He set it up and put a plank of tacks atop of it.  He and Reign battled around it.  Reign knocked Abyss into the ringpost and returned to the ring.  Rellik picked up Raven and crotched him on the guard rail outside.

Abyss grabbed Reign's weapon and spiked him.  Reign bladed.  Rellik tried to stalk Abyss from behind with a chair but Abyss just elbowed it.  Reign was busted open.  Well, they promised a ton of blood.  Abyss went for an over the shoulder powerslam but was kicked low by Reign.  Reign and Rellik worked over Abyss, who was also bleeding badly.

Rellik put one of the planks of tacks on the ring apron, then grabbed a handful.  He tried to feed them to Raven, then began nailing him with crossfaces.  He nailed Raven with a kick to the gut, taking him down.  Outside the ring, Abyss and Reign continued to brawl.  Rellik continued to work over Raven in the corner.  He went to a bag of tacks that were hanging above one of the corner, allowing Raven to take him down.  Raven was bleeding from the mouth.

Raven made a comeback, hitting a DDT on Reign for a two count.  Reign and Rellik whipped Raven into the corner but turned into a double clothesline by Abyss, who was bleeding to a ridiculous degree.  Raven and Abyss got kendo sticks and destroyed Reign and Rellik.    Abyss got nailed low.  Reign dragged Raven outside the ring on the apron and teased cutting him with his weapon.  Raven pulled him forward, sending him through the table with the bed of tacks.

Raven catches Rellik and places him atop of an (empty) bed of tacks.  He came off the apron with an elbow, but Rellik moved and Raven smashed the wooden bed.  Rellik and Abyss battled in the ring.  Rellik got the better and went for the bag of tacks.  He sprayed the tacks on the mat.  Abyss grabbed him for a chokeslam but Rellik spewed mist in his face, blinding Abyss.  Rellik charged Abyss but was still caught with a Black Hole Slam in the tacks.  Abyss scored the pin.  They showed lots of close-ups of the tacks embedded in his back and of Abyss' bloody face.

Your winners, Raven and Abyss!

If you like brawls and sick stunts, this was entertaining, but we've been down this road before with Abyss.  He really deserves every cent they pay him for all the abuse and blood he gives this company.

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