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By Mike Johnson on 2007-11-11 23:00:01

Crystal filled in JB about the drinking contest.  He said that after his long day, he had to see this.  It was more drunken silliness with Young and Storm drinking out of funnel.  Storm poured Jack Daniels into the funnel and he drank it.  Somewhere, the Freebirds are smiling.  Storm told Young that the first one out the door was the winner.  They shook hands and Storm collapsed drunk.  Young took the drinking title belt and declared himself champion.  Jackie tried to tell him not to take it, but he did.  Totally silly, but I liked it.

TNA champion Kurt Angle & Kevin Nash vs. Sting & Mystery Partner

The mystery partner was the debuting Booker T after they waited forever with dramatic music.  Booker looked excited to be there and the crowd reacted like it was a major deal, chanting his name.  Mike Tenay even noted that the first wrestlers he ever interviewed on live TV was Harlem Heat.  They teased that Kurt Angle didn't expect Booker, looking shocked.  I guess he wasn't a Elite subscriber.  The crowd chanted Booker's name and then chanted for the "Spinaroonie."

Sting and Angle started.  They went back and forth.  Sting slammed Angle and nailed a pair of armdrags.  The crowd chanted for Booker to be tagged in.  Sting powdered Angle in the corner with punches and kicks.  Angle scrambled out of the ring and hid behind Nash in the corner before tagging out.

Nash kicked Sting in the corner.  Sting fight his way out by kicking Nash in the knees.  Well, that's where I would kick.  Nash cut him off and tagged back in Angle.  Sting cut off Angle with a back elbow and tagged in Booker.  Angle ran from the ring.  Booker offered to hold the ropes open for Angle.

Booker took control quickly with a springboard into a flying forearm and a scoop and slam.  He hits a sideslam for a two count.  Angle whips Booker towards Nash, who knees him in the back.  Nash tags in and elbows Booker in the neck.  Booker ducks under a clothesline but is caught with a sideslam.  

Nash tagged in Angle, who suplexed Booker over for a two count.  Booker fought out of a side chinlock and catches Angle with a spinkick.  Sting tagged in and cut off Nash.  Sting drilled Angle with the Stinger Splash, then locked Nash in the Scorpion Death Lock.  Angle took Sting out.  The crowd is enjoying it.

Nash nailed another sideslam.  Karen Angle came to ringside.  Remember that earlier she said she had taken care of everything.  Angle tagged back in and he and Nash glared at each other for a second.  Nash hit a back suplex on Sting, but Booker made the save.  Nash scissored Sting with his legs and rode him to the mat, cinching in a chinlock at the same time.  Sting finally fought out and tagged Booker, who clotheslined Angle before he could tag in.  Booker knocked Nash off the apron.

Booker escaped the Olympic Slam and nailed a spinebuster on Angle.  Booker gave us the long awaited return of the Spinaroonie.  He then hit Angle with the Axe Kick.  Nash broke up the pin at the last possible second.  The timing was perfect.  Booker "hit" (well in theory) Nash with a spin kick.  Angle and Booker jockeyed for position.  Nash powerbombed Booker but Sting hit him with the Scorpion Death Drop.

Karen Angle jumped on the apron to distract the referee.  AJ Styles and Tomko hit the ring and attacked Sting.  Styles got tossed out of the ring but Tomko drilled Sting with a clothesline.  Sharmell made her way to the ring (there's the second surprise) and attacked Karen Angle.  Nash pulled down the straps and teased another powerbomb on Sting.  AJ Styles slid the TNA title to Angle, who drilled his own partner with it.

Angle hit the Olympic Slam on Sting.  Angle covered Sting and scored the pin.

The winner and still TNA champion, Kurt Angle!

Angle shook Tomko and AJ's hands.  Christian Cage, looking like hell from the ladder match, did not look happy.

Main event was as good was what you would expect from these four.  Booker seemed to be really excited about being there and the crowd loved it.  Beyond that, it was the usual caliber performance from everyone else involved.  Styles and Tomko coming out was lame.  TNA needs to start doing clean finishes in the main event because when everyone has a reason why they lost, no one ever really wins.  It's one of the most frustrating things about the company.  When Joe beat Cage last month, it meant something because it was a true victory.  UFC does a ton of business because everyone knows they are going to see a winner and loser.  TNA has far too many asterisks involved in the finishes of the main event matches.

A really good PPV.  I don't think you'd be let down if you ordered the replay.

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