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By Mike Johnson on 2007-11-11 23:00:01

Backstage, Crystal asked Kevin Nash if he was sure Scott Hall wasn't the tag partner tonight.  Nash said he was 100% sure.  Hall isn't backstage, so Nash is telling the truth.  Crystal heard a ruckus and followed it to the ongoing beer drinking championship going on between Eric Young and James Storm.  It was more silliness.

TNA Tag Team champions AJ Styles & Tomko vs. The Steiners

Scott and AJ started off.  Scott got the better of Styles, invcluding a tilowhirl backbreaker.  Styles nails Steiner with an enziguiri and he falls to the floor.  Styles does a dive to the floor.  Styles tosses Steiner back in and gets caught with a belly to belly suplex.

Rick and Tomko tag in.  At one point, Rick picked up Tomko and gave him one of the scariest looking Death Valley Drivers of all time.  Seriously, I thought Tomko was hurt.  Tomko comes back with a killer clothesline but gets powerslammed.

Scott tags back in and nails Tomko and Styles with belly to belly suplexes.  He gets a two count after a T-Bone suplex.  Rick and Tomko brawl on the floor.  Styles gets backdropped by Scott.  He sets Styles on the top rope for a Frankensteiner off the ropes but Tomko slips in underneath and powerbombs Scott into the ring.

Styles takes control on Steiner, who comes back with a belly to belly.  Scott comes back with clotheslines on Tomko and AJ and tags in Rick.  Rick makes the hot tag and cleans house, well, in theory.  Scott puts AJ on his shoulders and Rick comes off the top with a bulldog.  Tomko breaks up the pin at two. 

Scott Steiner clotheslines Tomko over the top to the floor.  They battled outside.  Tomko goes to grab a chair.  Rick Steiner is suplexing AJ all over the place.  The referee goes to stop Tomko and Scott takes out the referee accidentally.  Rick has AJ pinned but there's no referee.  Styles grabs the chair left on the apron and goes to hit Rick, but Rick avoids and goes to nail a German suplex,  Styles kicks him low and drills Rick in the head with the chair for the pin.

Your winners and still TNA Tag Team champions, Tomko and AJ Styles!

This felt really disjointed, especially when Rick Steiner was in the ring.

The white hummer, uh, limo was now shown.

They aired a video package on Samoa Joe vs. Robert Roode.

Backstage, Robert Roode swore he was going to kill Samoa Joe tonight.  He said Joe was going to be reminded that Roode made him bleed like a pig.  Roode turned his attention to Ms. Brooks and told her to stay out of her the way tonight.  Brooks asked about "the fan" in the crowd and Roode blew her off, saying he thought that was her friend.

Samoa Joe vs. Robert Roode

Joe starts out aggressive, chasing after Roode and backdrops him followed by a number of strikes and kicks.  Roode goes to the floor and Joe hits the dive into the forearm smash.  Joe grabs a chair from a fan in the front row and sets up Roode in a chair for the Ole Ole kick.  Roode avoids it and slams Joe's foot on the chair.  I thought that was a great defense to the kick.  Roode follows Joe into the aisle and beats down Joe.  He tries to suplex Joe but can't get him up.  After working over Joe some more, he's finally able to suplex him on the ramp.

Roode tries to Irish whip Joe into the ring steps, but Joe reverses it and Roode slams into the steps.  I was expecting blood here playing off Impact but it didn't happen.  Joe tosses Roode into the ring and sets him up for the muscle buster but Roode fights him off and hits a forward roll.  He works over Joe in the corner and hits the running snap mare.  Roode channels Curt Hennig's mannerism as he plays to the crowd.  Ms. Brooks and Roode's fan (Rain from SHIMMER) are seen sneering at each other.

Joe fights back but is taken down with a nerve hold  Joe fights back and is caught in a rear chinlock.  Joe fights his way back to his feet and Roode turns it into a sleeper.  Joe runs and shrugs off Roode, who falls through the ropes to the apron.  Roode scrambles up to the top rope and goes for a dive, but Joe catches him with an Ace Crusher.  The camera shows a shot of Brooks down and out on the floor outside, presumably from a blow given by Roode's "fan."  EMTs and referees crowd over Brooks.

Joe nails a leg lariat and a clothesline for a two count.  Joe catches Roode with a uranage out of the corner, then turns it into a Boston Crab before turning it into a STF.  Roode makes it to the ropes, forcing a break.

Roode catches Joe low and nails a DDT for a two count.  Joe tries to set up for a muscle buster, but Roode grabs his arm and jumps out of the ring, snapping it over the ropes.  Roode spikes Joe with a piledriver for a two count.  Roode goes for the Payoff, but Joe powers him onto the top rope, then nails the Muscle Buster and scores the pin.

Your winner, Samoa Joe!

Another good match.  I think the crowd wasn't as electric as they usually are for a Samoa Joe bout, partially because of the Ms. Brooks angle and partially because they may not have seen Robert Roode as on Joe's level.  Still, really good work from all involved.  You can see Roode improving by the month.

Backstage, they showed the limo again.  Kurt Angle was losing his mind screaming that they needed to know who was in the limo.  Karen kept trying to tell Kurt that everything was under control but he didn't care.  Karen and Jeremy Borash followed Angle as he made his way to the limo.  Karen asked JB to help her stop him and he quipped, "he's your husband."  The announcers acted like they didn't know what was going on.  Angle made his way to the limo and started taking out security, but before he had a chance to look inside, Sting showed up and they were all pulled away from each other by the guards.

They aired a video feature on Kaz vs. Christian Cage.

Backstage, Cage told Crystal that he's never lost a ladder match and tonight would be no different.  He said he was used to people making their name off of him.  He said that Kaz wants to go to the top, so he had better hold on because Cage was going to carry him to the top and leave him to go crashing down.  He told AJ Styles and Tomko that he was going to make a statement tonight by doing it on his own and told them to stay backstage.  As he prepared to leave, Styles ignored Cage and told Tomko to follow his lead.  Tomko said that he thought Cage was being serious but Styles said he was the captain of the team and what he said goes.

Kaz vs. Christian Cage - Ladder Match for TNA title shot

The first person to retrieve a contract hanging above the ring will be the winner.  They face off for a long time.  They go back and forth.  Cage slides outside and grabs a ladder. Kaz kicks Cage while he's holding the ladder.  Kaz does a springboard dive outside onto the ladder and Cage, who is immediately busted open around the eye from the shot. 

Cage bridges a second ladder outside the ring but Kaz gets the better of him and places Cage on the ladder.  Cage ctaches Kaz low, then kicks him, sending Kaz atop of the ladder.  Cage goes to the top rope and delivers a frog splash onto the ladder, WHICH DOES NOT GIVE.  Ouch.  TNA showed a bunch of replays and the fans chanted, "That was awesome."

Cage set up the ladder and climbed up, but Kaz tipped the ladder.  Cage landed on his feet.  The crowd rallied both men.  Cage was Irish Whipped into the ladder face first at MACH5.  Kaz set up Cage in the corner with the ladder and charged, but Cage flung the ladder in his face.  Five minutes in and this is sick.

Cage set up a ladder bridged across the ropes in one corner and slingshot Kaz underneath into the ladder.  Cage goes to set up the ladder in the center of the ring, but Kaz attacks him.  Cage tosses Kaz out of the ring but he lands on his feet.  Kaz shoves the ladder at Cage.  Kaz uses the ladder like a weapon, swinging it at Cage, who goes to the floor.

Kaz sets the ladder and starts climbing.  Cage catches him with a punch, then uses a second ladder like a battering ram to stop Kaz from reaching the contract.  Cage sets up a second ladder and they battle atop of them.  It looked like they were going for the Flux Capacitor (Spanish Fly) off the ladders, but they weren't sturdy enough.  Cage caught Kaz with an inverted DDT off the ladders.  The crowd chanted "TNA."

Cage set up one of the ladders in a 45 degree angle in a corner.  He goes to slam Kaz, who escapes and monkey flips Cage atop the ladder.  Kaz hits a springboard legdrop onto Cage, laid out prone on the ladder.  Kaz picked up the ladder and suplexed it down onto Cage.  That was sick.  

Kaz set up the larger ladder in the corner and went to the top.  He teased trying to leap for the contract, but instead LEGDROPPED OFF THE LADDER ONTO CAGE, WHO MOVED, SO KAZ ATE NOTHING BUT THE SECOND LADDER.  I was having flashbacks to Johnny Stamboli injuring himself in WCW doing a springboard legdrop to the floor during the Vince Russo Nitro era,.  Don West said that Kaz had to have broken his leg and I would be shocked if he didn't suffer some injury.  If he didn't he should thank his lucky stars.

Cage set up the ladder but Kaz shockingly went right after Cage, not selling the leg.  Cage kicked him off.  Kaz springboarded off the ropes and dropkicked the ladder out from under Cage.

AJ Styles and Tomko came to the ring as Cage was climbing the ladder.  He tried to wave them off to leave, annoyed.  Kaz followed Cage up the ladder and they battled.  The ladder topped over and Cage sailed to the outside, taking out Styles and Tomko.  Kaz was able to recover, set the ladder right and scramble up to capture the contract and the title shot.

Your winner, Kaz!

This was one hell of a spectacle and probably worth the price of the entire PPV.  Although Kaz not selling the leg after that hellacious legdrop was insane, you can't do anything but praise the performances of everyone involved here.  This was absolutely a physical, sick match.  Unbelievable.


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