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By Mike Johnson on 2007-11-11 23:00:01
Welcome to's live coverage of the TNA Genesis PPV from Orlando, Florida.

The PPV opened with Jeremy Borash mid-ring asking everyone to rise and honor the playing of the national anthem in honor of Veteran's Day.  That was a classy idea.  The cameras focused on the crowd and SoCal Val, interspersing them with shots of a flag hanging in the Impact Zone.

TNA went to a video feature on the matches on tonight's PPV.

Mike Tenay promised that tonight, the mystery over who Sting's partner would be solved tonight.  Don West and Tenay pushed that the winner of tonight's fall in the main event would be the new TNA champion.  Fireworks exploded.  Outside a limo was sitting as Tenay said that it had to be Sting's partner.

Abyss vs. Black Reign - Shop of Horrors Match

They showed clips of different instruments of destruction as Black Reign walked to the ring, including a table with mousetraps set atop of it.  They showed footage of Jim Mitchell and Reign putting a sack with Reign's rat over Abyss's face.

Abyss and Reign met in the aisle and started brawling.  Reign jumped off the apron but was caught and drove onto the floor by Abyss.  Abyss tossed Reign into the ring but was cut off as he followed into the ring.  Abyss reversed an Irish Whip but Reign dropped down and punched him in the face.  Abyss missed a charge in the corner, but when Reign charged, he was tossed over the top rope.  Abyss followed to the floor and snapped a piece of board over Reign's head, shattering it.  Abyss tossed Reign into the crowd and followed him into the Impact Zone.  He tossed Reign into the Zone wall. 

Abyss tosses Reign back into the ringside area.  Abyss dumps two trash cans full of weapons all over the rampway in the aisle.  He finally went after Reign, who nailed him with a board.  Reign pulled out a key and tried to open the door to a chamber set up on the stage.  Abyss stopped Reign and they brawled.  Reign suplexed Abyss on the ramp through the trash cans, getting a "TNA" chant.

They returned to the ring, where Reign drilled Abyss with a lariat off the middle turnbuckle and began biting him.  The crowd rallied Abyss.  Reign went for a double sledge off the top but Abyss caught him with a goozle.  Reign broke free and took Abyss down with a lariat.  Reign grabbed a chair outside the ring and wedged it in one of the corners.  Abyss reversed a whip into it.  Reign stopped himself but Abyss kicked Reign low, then grabbed him and sent him headfirst into the chair.

Abyss grabbed a barbed wire baseball bat from under the ring.  Somewhere, Axl Rotten is shedding a tear.  Abyss takes a shot but Reign retreats.  Abyss follows him up one of the aisles.  He clobbers Reign, who knees him in the midsection.  Abyss returns to his feet and chokeslams Reign off the stage to the floor (well, some crash padding).  They showed a number of replays and the crowd chanted, "That was awesome."

By the end of the replays, Reign was back up, only to be tossed down the rampway, rolling towards the ring.  There's no way he should have been up so quickly in my opinion.  That only diluted the bump.  Abyss slid a board full of mousetraps into the ring.  Abyss opened a vice and put Reign's hand into the vice.  Abyss returned to the ring with Reign's rat and set up the board.  Jim Mitchell ran out and freed Reign.  Abyss threatened to throw the rat onto the mousetraps (well, don't all babyfaces threaten to harm innocent animals?) when Mitchell came into the ring to distract him.  Abyss shoved the rat into Mitchell's shirt and Mitchell rolled around like he was shot with a bazooka.  

Reign hit an implant DDT onto the mousetraps on Abyss, who kicked up at the last second.  Reign grabbed a kendo stick.  He cracked Abyss in the head with it several times.  Reign pulled out brass knuckles as the referee admonished him.  He went to hit Abyss but was caught in the Black Hole Slam for the three count.

Your winner, Abyss!

Abyss grabbed the key and opened the box marked "crimson blood", where a masked muscular tattooed wrestler (former WCW and WWE star Johnny Stamboli) spewed mist into Abyss' face and attacked him.  Reign and the masked man beat down Abyss with a nightstick.  They dragged Abyss into the box and locked him in.  They tipped the box over the side of the stage, where it crashed to the concrete (no crash padding) below.  

It was OK in terms of plunder but Reign was really lacking a spring in his step.  It was your now all too typical Abyss match.  The bump at the end in the box was pretty sick, but beyond that, it was what we've already seen probably too much of in recent months.  It wasn't bad, but nothing fresh beyond the box bump.  The chokeslam off the stage being shrugged off like it was a hiptoss should never happen in my opinion.  Neither should doing a killer bump like the one Abyss took, just to run to the next segment, instead of building the seriousness and drama of the moment.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash was outside trying to get into the limo for Kurt Angle.  Someone wearing a TNA polo shirt told Borash that he was to leave the limo.  Borash tried to big league him by saying that he's a big deal in TNA and that he was making more than him and to let him in or he was calling security.  The guard told Borash to get his "milky white ass away from the limo" because he was security.  Why is this no-name guard cutting a promo on PPV?

Mike Tenay and Don West ran down the remainder of the PPV lineup.

They aired a video feature on Team 3D vs. The Motor City Machineguns.

Crystal interviewed The Motor City Machineguns backstage, saying that they were the underdogs but were fighting for honor, respect and tradition tonight.  Sabin said they were but they were also fighting to take their place among the greatest tag teams in wrestling.  He said in the past, they've had their fun but tonight, 3D are stepping stones.  A serious Shelley said that he could say something funny and witty, but the time for that has come and gone.  He said they are taking aim at 3D and they are fighting for something even more important than just the X-Division, but for the evolution of pro wrestling.

Team 3D vs. Motor City Machineguns

The Guns charged 3D at the stage and they all brawled to the ringside area.  The cameras focused on Sabin getting the better of Brother Ray on the floor.  Shelley drilled Devon with a kick on the floor.  The Guns tossed 3D into the ring and started double teaming Ray.  They nailed him with a charge in the corner, then ducked away from Devon, causing 3D to crash into each other.  They took out Devon, then double backdropped Ray.  They nailed him with stereo kicks to the front and back.  3D retreated to the floor where Ray menaced the announcers.

Ray returned to the ring to face off with Sabin.  Ray grabbed him in a standing side headlock, but was shoved off.  He shoulderblocked Sabin down.  Sabin bounced right back up and used his speed to escape Ray.  Ray grabbed him for a powerbomb attempt but Sabin turned it into a hurrancanrana.  The story so far was that the Guns were throwing 3D off with all their speed, aggressiveness and offense.

Ray finally cut off Sabin in 3D's corner and chopped him down.  Devon and Ray started to maul Sabin but couldn't get a three count.  Sabin escaped Devon and dove into his corner to tag Shelley.  Devon shoulderblocked Shelley down but Shelley grabbed him in a drop toehold as he rebounded off the ropes.  Shelley drilled Devon with a dropkick.  The Guns knocked Ray off the apron and went to the top.  They teased hitting a stereo dive but Ray shook the ropes, crotching them.  Devon superplexed Shelley into the ring and drove his boot into Shelley's throat.

Devon worked over Shelley and tossed him to the floor, where Ray tossed him into the ring steps and back into the ring.  Sabin argued with the referee.  Devon worked over Shelley on the mat, but he got to his feet and fought off Devon.  He crawled to Sabin to make the tag but Ray attacked Sabin, pulling him off the apron with Sabin crashing facefirst into the mat.  Shelley went to make the tag but only Ray was waiting to lay him out.  Devon picked up Shelley for a delayed vertical suplex, but Shelley kicked out.

Ray tagged in and dropped an elbow on Shelley, then failed at making a sloppy cover.  Ray began slapping and berating Shelley in the corner.  Devon charged Sabin in his corner, shoulderblocking him to the floor.  They continued to work over Shelley.  Devon drilled him with a diving headbutt.  

Sabin finally got the hot tag and worked over 3D with fast kicks and strikes.  He nailed a springboard clothesline on Devon for a near fall.  Ray tried to sneak in the ring but Sabin nailed him.  He sent Devon into the corner with a drop toehold, then nailed a tornado DDT out of the corner for a two count.  So far, a very good match telling a good story.  Sabin went for a fireman's carry but couldn't get it.  Shelley dropkicked him off the ropes.  He grabbed Devon for an STO and Sabin dropkicked Devon to add to the momentum of the move.  The Gun drilled Devon with stereo kicks in the corner.

They placed Devon on the top rope and Sabin nailed a top rope Frankensteiner.  Shelley hit a splash from the top but Devon kicked up.  Ray blind tagged in and clotheslined the Guns.  He slammed Shelley and set up for the wazzup headbutt off the top.  Devon went under the ring for a table.  As he put it into the ring, Sabin dropkicked it into Devon's face.  The Guns nailed Ray with the High/Low but Devon pulled out the referee.

Devon took out Shelley.  Ray began beating Sabin with his belt.  3D hit the Doomsday Device on Sabin, who got his shoulder up.  Devon went looking for another table and brought it into the ring.  They set it up in the corner as the announcers acted like it was a foregone conclusion that the Guns were finished.  They whipped Sabin into the table but he ran up the table and backflipped onto his feet.  Devon charged him, but Sabin sent him headfirst into the table, shattering it.  Shelley returned to the ring and the Guns hit their series of kicks on Ray before pinning him clean in the middle of the ring.  

Your winners, the Motor City Machineguns!

A really good match.  They couldn't have done this more perfectly.  It never got to the level of an "all-time" classic bout but everyone did what needed to be done and they told a really good story, even teasing the Guns were finished to build up to the surprise win.

In his locker room, TNA champion Kurt Angle was screaming at Jeremy Borash for not looking inside the limo.  Borash claimed there were 50 people stopping him.  Kevin Nash tried to get Angle to calm down, saying they'll know who the partner is in a few hours.  Angle accused Nash of being in on the whole deal and being a backstabber.  Nash grabbed him by the throat and told Angle he should be shoving Angle's head through the wall, but tonight he needs him.  Nash said that they would take care of the other team tonight and then it would be down to them in the future,.  Angle agreed and told Nash to go cool off.  He walked out.  Angle immediately started screaming that they had to find out who was in the limo while Karen Angle yelled at him to stop worrying about the limo.

They aired a video feature on the TNA Womens' title.

TNA Women's champion Gail Kim vs. ODB vs. Angel Williams vs. Roxxi 

VKM were with Roxxi as apparently they needed to be on PPV.  ODB was drinking from a flask as she came to the ring.  Crystal interviewed Kim before she went out to the ring.  Kim said that she has what it takes to overcome to the odds.  She said she's come too far to lose the belt and she said they were all there to bring women's wrestling where it needed to be.

All three tried to corner Kim, who came out battling.  Kim backdropped Williams over the top to the floor.  Kim clunked Roxxi and ODB's heads together.  Kim caught Roxxi with a bulldog stle faceplant, kicking ODB down in the process.  Kip James argued with the referee after putting Roxxi's feet on the ropes during a pin attempt.  The referee threw VKM out from ringside.  Roxxie tried to hypnotize the referee, who acted like he was in a daze.  UGH.  Kim got tossed into the ringpost outside the ring by Williams.  Williams returned to the ring, only to be cut off by ODB and Roxxi.  Williams was tossed into the corner.  Roxxi held her for ODB to spank her.

Roxxi and ODB turned on each other.  They got in each other's faces and Roxxi nailed her with a kick to the face.  Roxxi hit a running splash in the corner.  ODB went to the top, grabbed Roxxi and began beating her into the top turnbuckle, which was between ODB's legs.  She covered Williams but Kim broke it up.  Kim worked over ODB.  

Kim went to the top and kicked off Roxxi to the floor.  Kim dove to the floor on Roxxi.  They showed several replays.   Williams began working over ODB with forearms.  Williams scored a two count.  ODB cut off Williams with a kick to the midsection.  ODB showed a ton of poise and charisma as the decadent female.  ODB went for an Unprettier but Williams kicked off the ropes and landed a DDT for a two count.

ODB caught Williams as she climbed to the top rope.  Roxxi slid underneath and they did a Tower of Doom spot out of the corner.  Kim nailed Roxxi with a top rope missile dropkick.  All four women were down on the mat as the referee counted them down.

Kim and Roxxi were up first.  Kim nailed a legdrop off the ropes but ODB broke up the pinfall.  She drilled Kim with a sideslam, but Williams attacked her to break up the pin.  ODB manhandled her to the floor but threw dust in ODB's eyes.  Kim took our Roxxi, then nailed a neckbreaker on ODB for the pin.

Your winner and still TNA Women's champion, Gail Kim!

A solid match with all four working really hard.  

Awesome Kong's music hit and she made her way out to the Imapct Zone.  Kim and Kong glared at each other.

Backstage, Karen Angle was trying to find out who was in the limo.  Jeremy Borash told her that it wouldn't work but she said she was going to make Kurt Angle happy.  She psyched herself up.  She walked right up to the guard that had cut the promo on Borash earlier and asked if she could see inside.  He said, "Sure, go right ahead Mrs. Angle."  When she opened the door, it was Jackie Moore, Eric Young and James Storm inside having a drinking contest.  They were all drunk.  Young asked Storm if Karen could come with them and Storm said no because she was obviously dressed to go to the prom.  He asked security why they were guarding the limo because it wasn't the surprise limo, but was the heavyweight drinking champion's limo.  He even brandished a toy belt with a beer bottle attached to the main plate.  Borash tried to help himself to a beer but Storm told him he couldn't have one if he wasn't part of the competition.  A funny segment.

I've gotten word that there may be more than one surprise set for tonight, so stay tuned.  If Booker isn't the partner, the only other names that fit into the clues would be Hulk Hogan (who is in San Diego at an NFL game) or Paul Wight.

TNA X-Division champion Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt

They showed So Cal Val making goo goo eyes for Jay Lethal as he entered the ring.  Lethal was wearing the coolest fringed tights ever.  He looked like a Sid and Marty Kroft feathered character.  Dutt and Lethal hugged at the bell.  Dutt grabbed a sideheadlock, was sent off and shoulderblocked Lethal down.  Lethal missed a kick and they faced off.

They locked up again.  Lethal and Dutt had some sort of miscommunication but saved it with Lethal powering him over with a backslide.  They went into a series of quick pins and reversals.  Dutt got mad and slapped Lethal, then composed himself and hugged Lethal.  Lethal got the better of Dutt, who slapped him.  This time, he didn't want a hug.

They locked up a third time.  Lethal tried to shoulderblock Dutt, who grabbed him and tossed Lethal to the floor.  Dutt hit a running flip dive to the floor, which they showed a replay of.  Dutt tossed Lethal back into the ring but could only get a one count.  Dutt began working him over with punches and kicks.  Dutt continued to work over Lethal, who came back with a cartwheel dropkick.

Dutt scissored Lethal with his legs, trying to force a submission.  Lethal broke free and began nailed punches.  Dutt took down Lethal with an armdrag takedown, then hit a standing moonsault.  Dutt started showing some aggressive tendencies, kicking and punching Lethal.  Lethal fired back out of the corner with chops.  Lethal came off the ropes and drilled Dutt down.

Lethal began peppering Dutt with punches.  He nailed several clotheslines.  Dutt floated over Lethal as he charged into the corner but Lethal moonsaulted him for a two count.  Lethal nailed a springboard missile dropkick, sending Dutt to the floor.  Lethal hit a tope suicida to the floor.  Lethal tossed Dutt into the ring for a two count.

Dutt rolled up Lethal for a two count, then locked on the camel clutch.  Lethal rolled him off and nailed a Pele style kick for a near fall.  Dutt kicked Lethal and hit a moonsault.  Lethal tried to move but Dutt landed on his feet and hit a standing moonsault press, then hit a standing shooting star press for a two count.

Dutt went for a reverse Diamondust but Lethal caught him with a faceplant.  Dutt got his shoulder up at the last second.  Dutt played possum and drilled Lethal with an Ace Crusher, then locked on a camel clutch.  Lethal made his way to the ropes.  Dutt began slapping Lethal, who fired back with punches.  

Dutt nailed a guillotine legdrop on Lethal, then springboarded into the ring.  Lethal caught him on his shoulders, then nailed the Lethal Combination.  Lethal went to the top and drilled Dutt with a flying elbow for the pin.

Your winner and still TNA X-Division champion, Jay Lethal!

Another really good back and forth athletic bout.  Dutt got the chance to show a lot more personality than usual since he and Lethal actually had some time to work.  Good stuff.  

They showed SoCal Val looking on approvingly at Lethal.  Dutt and Lethal hugged after the match.  Lethal finally called Val into the ring as she acted all embarrassed.  They channeled Randy and Elizabeth as Dutt tossed rose pedals into the air.  3D attacked Dutt and Lethal.  Ray began whipping Lethal with the title belt.  Devon nailed Dutt with the belt.  3D menaced Val as she screamed in horror.  

Ray demanded a ring mic.  They nailed the Dudley Death Drop on Dutt, then snapped Lethal with it.  Ray grabbed the mic and claimed the Motor City Machineguns cheated earlier tonight.  He said that they could never defeat 3D.  Ray said the X-Division was paying the price and they were taking the X-Division title hostage.  I actually like that angle.

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