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By Mike Johnson on 2007-04-15 22:55:00

They aired a video feature on the Electrified Cage Match.

Leticia interviewed LAX. Konnan ripped apart 3D, saying LAX was the cutting edge and 3D were broken records saying "Devon get the tables" over and over. He said he didn't know what was worse, Team 3D or a Christy Hemme promo. He said that the electricity was going to knock out one of the "fat pigs" and they were going to raise the level of violence. He promised that after they were down, LAX were going to be lions ripping apart wildebeests in a scene out of Animal Planet. Good intense promo.

NWA Tag Team champions LAX (with Konnan) vs. Team 3D: Electrified Cage Match

Team 3D came out with all three sets of Tag Team championships they have held in the past. LAX came out without Konnan. Homicide and Hernandez look like the real deal. They really are some of the best characters TNA has created in the last few years. Jeremy Borash did the ring introductions. The crowd reactions made it feel like a big time deal. TNA needs to get more PPVs on the road for sure. They locked the cage and officially electrified it, complete with flickering lights. They lowered the house lights to make it look totally different from the rest of the show.

Team 3D jumped LAX and they started brawling in the corner. They whipped Hernandez into Homicide in the corner, then had Ray splash them both. Ray hit a huge overhead suplex on Homicide. They suplexed Hernandez into the door, which they said wasn't electrified.

Homicide tried to push Ray's head into the cage. Ray came back to slam him. 32D went for the wazzup headbutt but was slammed off by Hernandez. Hernandez kicked Devon in the face. Homicide tried to force Ray's hand onto the cage but Ray bit Homicide's forearm to escape. Hernandez brandished a chain and worked over Devon, busting him open huge. Homicide's hand touched the cage for a moment and he jumped away, shaking it off.

Ray got the chain and began working over LAX. Homicide kicked Ray with an enziguiri. Homicide tried to drill Devon's head into the ring. LAX double-teamed Devon. Devon is bleeding bigtime. LAX double backdropped Ray. They continued to work over Devon. Hernandez is also bleeding.

Homcide and Hernandez went to the ropes but were stopped by 3D. They hit superplexes into the ring. All four men were down. It's been OK but slowly paced so far so they must have a big finish in mind. The crowd is 50/50, with some not into it and others clapping.

Devon hit a running clothesline off the ropes on Homicide. Devon headbutt him then nailed a powerslam. Konnan was rolled to ringside in his wheelchair by "a member of the Latino Nation", who then nailed the referee outside. Hector Guerrero left the spanish announce table and nailed the LAX member. He shoved Konnan back into his wheelchair with a steel chair. Guerrero unlocked the cage door and Ray told him, "Get me the f***ing table." That was a little contrived but whatever. A table was slid into the ring. Hernandez began screaming at Guerrero, who slammed the cage door into his head. Guerrero's involvement came out of nowhere.

Homicide nailed a neckbreaker on Devon for a two count. Ray nailed a full nelson sit down slam for a two count. Hernandez slammed Ray for a two count. Hernandez slammed Devon. Homicide came off the ropes with an elbow for a two count. Ray grabbed Homicide and drilled him with a running powerbomb for another near fall. The crowd isn't as into this as you would think.

Hernandez hit the Border Toss into the cage on Devon. The lights flickered and you heard electric voltage and that was it. The crowd booed it, I guess because they were expecting an explosion and began chanting, loudly, "Fire Russo."

Homicide charged Bubba in the corner and went to the ropes but Ray caught him on his shoulder. Devon hit the Doomsday Device but Homicide kicked up at two. Hernandez laid out 3D and set up a table in the center of the ring. Hernandez put Devon on the table and put on heavy gloves. He began climbing the cage door to the top. The crowd booed a little but changed their tune when Hernandez hit a dive from the top of the cage through a table. Devon moved so there was no water in the pool.

Homicide hit head scissors on Ray. Devon sent Homicide into the cage. Same flickering and sound effects. Homicide sold it bigtime. He fell down into 3D with the idea they would hit 3D on the way down. It didn't happen correctly. They nailed Homicide with it a second time and scored the pin,

Your winners and new NWA Tag Team champions, Team 3D!

After all the talk of violence, the crowd seemed really let down by the lack of explosions. They were doing all they could but it never clicked like this all out brutal, evil brawl. I also thought the involvement of Hector Guerrero was forced and came out of nowhere.

OK, so 3D finally win the belts and TNA goes right to the back for the interview? What the hell was the point then? They feud for months for the belts and then we pull away immediately? Bad move in my opinion. Title changes, especially ones climaxing a feud, need to be treated special

Jeremy Borash interviewed Kurt Angle. Angle said it was his job to assemble the best five wrestlers in the world but everyone is questioning his decisions. He said that it was his job to pick the best men for the team and if Jeff Jarrett screws Team Angle, he screws Kurt Angle, and that would be very bad for Jeff Jarrett.

Lethal Lockdown: Team Angle (Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe & Rhino & Jeff Jarrett & Sting) vs. Team Cage (NWA champion Christian Cage & Scott Steiner & Tomko & Abyss & AJ Styles) - Winner of the Fall Earns a NWA title shot

They announced Harley Race would be the keeper of the cage's keys. That's a pretty nice surprise.

AJ Styles was the first man out for Team Cage. The first man out for Team Angle was Kurt Angle. Angle was wearing a Cardinals jersey under his outfit. Five minutes of Styles vs. Angle for the first period. Styles evaded an Angle takedown and talked a lot of trash. Angle caught him on the mat and worked him over with a headlock. Angle ducked a clothesline and shoulderblocked Styles down, with Styles taking a monster bump. Angle worked over Styles. Styles came back and choked Angle in the corner, then locked on a side chinlock. Angle finally came back with a back suplex. Both men were down as the five minute period ended.

Abyss, with Jim Mitchell, came to the ring, giving Team Cage a 2-1 advantage.

Abyss and Angle battled in the center of the ring. Abyss grabbed him and nailed Shock Treatment. Harley Race and Jim Mitchell got into it jawing at ringside. Abyss worked over Angle in the corner while Styles rested and watched. They continued to beat down Angle as the period ended.

Rhino entered the ring, evening the odds.

Rhino charged in and went right after Styles and Abyss. He shoulderblocked Abyss in the corner, then suplexed Styles and Abyss. He called for the Gore but was caught by the throat. Abyss went for a chokeslam, but Rhino evaded it and nailed a shoulderblock off the ropes. Rhino catapulted Styles into the cage. Angle and Rhino hit a double shoulderblock on Abyss. Angle kicked at Abyss while Rhino choked Styles against the ropes.

Tomko entered the ring, giving Team Cage a 3-2 advantage.

Tomko hit a big boot to Rhino's face, then went after Angle. He nailed a running over the shoulder slam on Angle. Styles was busted open, although I don't know from what. Rhino was busted open as well. Team Cage all worked over Angle and Rhino.

Samoa Joe entered the ring for Team Angle.

Joe went after everyone on Team Cage. He hit an inverted atomic drop on Abyss, clotheslined him and hit the back splash. Joe drilled Tomko with a back elbow then a flying knee off the corner. Styles attacked Joe and charged him in the corner but Joe caught him with an uranage. He picked up Styles and hit the Muscle Buster. Angle began hitting a series of back suplexes on Tomko. All six brawled.

The period ended, with Scott Steiner entering, setting up tea, Cage with a 4-3 advantage.

Steiner and Angle went right after each other. Steiner clotheslined him over and then began picking apart the other members of Angle's team. Steiner hit a Frankensteiner on Rhino off the top rope, the first time in years he pulled that out. Crowd popped huge for that. Team Cage and Team Angle brawled. It's an entertaining spectacle thus far.

Sting was out next to even things up, so Jeff Jarrett gets the big climactic entrance.

Sting hits the cage and cleans house. He hits the Stinger Splash on Steiner, then hits one on Tomko and Steiner. He crotches Steiner on the ropes and yanks the ropes. Samoa Joe and AJ Styles battle on the cage. The others join suit and they hit a tower of doom stacked suplex off the cage. The place went nuts for that. Sting locks on the Scorpion Deathlock on Steiner, but Tomko nails him.

NWA champion Christian Cage comes out to complete Team Cage.

Cage comes to the ring and goes after Angle but Rhino goes after him. Sting gets Cage and backdropped him. Sting no sells the chops and begins cleaning house on Cage. He hits the Stinger Splash in the corner. Sting locks the Scorpion Deathlock on Cage in the middle of the ring. Everyone continued to battle as we counted down to Jeff Jarrett's grand entrance.

Jeff Jarrett's guitar fell apart when his pyro went off. Jarrett hit the ring and began dropkicking Tomko. Styles went to kick Jarrett, who ducked and nailed the Stroke. The ceiling with weapons lowered.

All 10 began brawling in the center of the ring. Jarrett tried to grab a weapon but was pulled down. Cage tried to same and failed. Jarrett grabs a bat and tosses it to Sting. He tosses Rhino a trash can. He tosses a night stick to Joe. He grabs a trash can lid and jumped into the ring, nailing Abyss. Jarrett began destroying Steiner with a trash can lid.

They all brawled with weapons. Styles tried to drill Angle with a bat, but Angle caught it, gave him the finger and hit a back suplex. He went for another but was kicked low. Styles climbed to the ceiling and went to the roof of the cage. Angle followed him and they battled on the roof.

Mitchell handed Abyss two bags of thumbtacks. Harley Race punched Mitchell for getting involved. Joe and Tomko battled atop the ropes. Tomko tossed Joe into the ring. Rhino gored Tomko out the cage door to the floor. That was sick looking.

On top of the cage, Styles drilled Angle with a chair. Rhino was tossed out of the cage by Steiner, who then slammed Rhino into the ringside table. Joe hit a dive out of the ring to the floor on Tomko. Steiner hit him with the NWA title.

Abyss spread the tacks in the center of the ring. He tried to chokeslam Jarrett and Sting into them but they kicked him low. They grabbed Cage and hit a double chokeslam onto the tacks. Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam on Jarrett.

Angle and AJ battled on the corner of the cage roof. Angle nailed Styles, who took a bump off the cage ot the floor, landing in the arms of everyone who was fighting on the floor. Great main event.

Inside the ring. Abyss filled a guitar full of thumbtacks and motioned to Jarrett as if they were in cahoots. Sting and Abyss battled. Jarrett grabbed the guitar, and Sting turned around. He told Sting to move and then nailed Abyss with the guitar. He told Sting to make the cover and Sting did, pinning Abyss and earning the NWA title shot.

Your winners, Team Angle!

After the match, Jarrett offered his hand to Sting, who after some hesitation, shook his hand. Joe and Jarrett then shook hands. Angle was pissed about not getting the pinfall and walked off leaving his team in the ring.

Quite the spectacle for the main event. I enjoyed it for what it was, which was quite good. Everyone brought their A Game.

The show overall was a mixed bag with some good undercard matches, a fun main event, and some gimmicks that didn't pan out. I think the electrified cage hindered the LAX vs. 3D match as the crowd was waiting for a payoff it didn't get and it reflected on the rest of the bout. The Blindfold match should be retired forever from TNA and they should prtend that match never, ever, ever happened.

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