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By Mike Johnson on 2007-04-15 22:55:00

Welcome to's live coverage of TNA Lockdown 2007 from St. Louis.

The pre-game show opened with a video feature on the event.  Jeremy Borash was live on the "Black and Blue Carpet" with a ton of fans outside on each side of the carpet.  They ran a video feature on LAX vs. Team 3D in the electrified cage.

Backstage, Christy Hemme was asking Raven for help tonight.  Raven called her a harpy and scoffed at the idea that Hemme was giving them an opportunity to be on the PPV.  Raven said they were going to help Hemme for their own reasons, whether she wanted them to or not.

Live in the building, which looks full, Mike Tenay and Don West welcomed everyone to the show.  They ran down the lineup for tonight's PPV.

Outside, Jeremy Borash noted that Team Angle was arriving as a long hummer style limo pulled up.  Kurt Angle emerged from the limo in his ring gear with Jeff Jarrett, who's grown his hair out, in tow.  Borash questioned where Samoa Joe and Rhino were.  Angle told Borash not to worry because the team was unified.  Angle told him not to question him.  Borash told Angle that Jim Cornette wanted to see him right now.

Voodoo Kin Mafia (with Lance Hoyt) vs. Serotonin (with Christy Hemme and Martyr)

Hemme looks beyond hot.  Kip James and Kaz started the match.  Kip shoulderblocked kaz down.  Kaz was nailed with a stunner.  VKM worked over Kaz with BG nailing a dropkick for a two count.   Havoc tried to get involved but was tossed into the cage.  Not a lot of crowd reaction to the match, not even the cage shots.  Havoc came back and drilled BG in the corner.  Serotonin doubled up on BG who came back with a series of rights.  He charged Kaz but was kicked in the face.  Kaz scored a two count.  Kaz missed a top rope legdrop.  Kip makes the hot tag and cleans house on everyone.  Kaz is tossed into the cage, with his head sticking in between the bars.  Havoc avoids the Famouser but is caught with a pumphandle slam for the pin.

Your winners, Voodoo Kin Mafia!

Hoyt and Hemme had words at ringside with Hoyt mocking her. 

Backstage, Leticia was with Samoa Joe, Sting, and Rhino.  She said that there seems some disappointment with the lack of unity in the company.  Joe said that there's only disappointment in the team leader, Angle not telling them who the fifth member of the team was, and walked off.  Sting said he's all for giving second chances but Jeff Jarrett has been given a lot of them in the past.  Rhino noted that they have bigger problems than Jarrett, because when it comes down to it, it may be 6 on 4 tonight.  At least they are teasing what Jarrett is going to do.

Back in the ring, Raven came to the ring to punish Serotonin.  Hemme tells Raven to do it, but he turns on her and forces Serotonin to hold her, so she can take the shots.  Kaz steps in the way and Hemme escapes from the ring.  Kaz takes her place as the others hold her and gets drilled with the cane shots to the back.  The crowd reacted to each shot and chanted, "One more time."

We went back to Tenay and West at ringside, continuing to preview the card.

Outside, Jeremy Borash was on the carpet with Gail Kim.  For someone in a grudge match tonight, she was all smiles.  Kim said that it was important to her because it was the first time in TNA history there will be a women's steel cage match.  Jackie Moore jumped her from behind and they brawled into the crowd with security trying to pull them apart.  It was brief but looked good.

They aired a video feature on the Lethal Lockdown match.  They called it the most dangerous match in TNA.  What about the Electrified Cage?

Kurt Angle was arguing with Jim Cornette because Cornette reversed the decision from Impact because Jeff Jarrett interfered, so Team Cage has the advantage in the Wargames aspect of the main event.  The match will work far better that way in terms of drama.  Cornette's reasoning was that if he didn't reverse it, Team Cage wouldn't show tonight.  Great, they are making Cornette look impotent, just like every other Authority figure in TNA history.  Angle and Cornette had a great segment jawing back and forth with Angle complaining his team doesn't trust him already and now he has to go tell them the decision is reversed.  Cornette threw the blame back on him for bringing Jeff Jarrett back. 

Don West did his patented hard sell to close out the pre-game show.


The PPV opened with a David Sahadi special video on the Lockdown PPV.  It was tremendous.

TNA did all the regular pyro at the start of the building.  There were some empty sections seen on camera but for the most part it looks like a full house.  I'm guessing 4,500-5,000 fans, so they likely broke their attendance record.

Don West and Mike Tenay discussed the card over lots of crowd shots.  Lots of signs in the crowd too.

Backstage, Leticia interviewed Jay Lethal.  He told her his name was Black Machismo.  He did the full Randy Savage imitation.  This gimmick will be over huge, but so was Blue Meanie.  Turning it into a long-term deal without breaking Lethal down into a comedy character will be the key.  Time will tell.

Xcape Match: TNA X-Division champion Chris Sabin vs. Black Machismo (with Kevin Nash) vs. Shark Boy vs. Alex Shelley vs. Sonjay Dutt

It will be pinfall or submission eliminations until there are two competitors left, at which point, you have to escape the cage to win.  Machismo came out and did the Megapowers handshake with Nash, who the announcers noted was at the St. Louis Cardinals game earlier today with Scott Steiner for a special presentation.  They mentioned members of the Cardinals were in attendance.  My guess is Lethal will win here to push him even harder.

They started with Sabin and Dutt wrestling.  You can tag in and out.  Dutt and Sabin webt back and forth until Sabin thumbed him in the eye.  Dutt ducked several clothesline attempts and nailed a hurrancanrana.  He armdragged Sabin over and cinched it in.  Dutt nailed a really innovative sunset flip for a near gall.  Dutt rolled through and DDT'd Sabin for a near fall.  Good stuff early.

Sabin tried to superplex Dutt in but Shark Boy blind tagged in.  Sabin nailed the move and Boy tried to sneak in a cover.  Sharky drilled Sabin's head into his knee.  Shelley tagged in.  Shark Boy tried to lock in a submission but Shelley booted him in the face,.  Sharky came back with a neckbreaker.  Sharky drilled Shelley with chops.  Shelley whipped him into the corner but Sharky kicked him and nailed a hurrancarana off the ropes.  Sharky hit a missile dropkick for a two count.  

Sabin got involved and they did some comedic spots where Shark Boy caused them to nail each other.  It was good stuff, not campy.  Sharky nailed a backbreaker over the knees on Shelley.  He went for the Dead Sea Drop but Shelley prevented it and hit an inverted DDT.  Savin hit a top rope legdrop and Shelley covered him.  Shark Boy has been eliminated.

Lethal came off the ropes with a double sledgehammer on Shelley.  The crowd was into it, chanting Black Machismo.  Lethal nailed a dropkick for a two count.  Shelley missed a charge in the corner.    Lethal went to the top but Sabin grabbed his leg.  Shelley nailed a jawbreaker off the top on Lethal.  Sabin nailed Dutt and threw him into the cage.  The crowd chanted "This is awesome".  You could see TNA's crew egging them on.

Chris Sabin did the Garvin Stomp.  Nice!  Sabin and Shelley looked awesome double teaming Lethal.  The crowd chanted for Shelley.  They had miscommunication problems, leading to Dutt coming off the ropes with a bodypress.  They came back with a double hiptoss and legdrop.  The crowd chanted TNA.  Shelley drilled Dutt in the corner.  Lethal returned to the battle and elbowed his partner and peppered Shelley with punches.  Sabin and Shelley worked over Lethal, hitting the Dream Sequence for a near fall.  Good back and forth match with lots of good athletic stuff.  This PPV is already better than any recent episode of Impact.

Dutt hit a springboard clothesline on Shelley.  He slipped while hitting it.  Dutt hit an enziguiri on Shelley, then a moonsault off the ropes for a two count.  Shelley grabbed his leg.  Sabin kicked him in the gut and Shelley drilled a stunner.  Dutt locked on a camel clutch on Shelley while Lethal cinched in an abdominal stetch on Sabin.  Sabin escaped then attacked Dutt.

Sabin and Shelley destroyed Lethal with a series of kicks to the face.  Dutt attacked Sabin but was caught while attempting head scissors, pulled into the Cradleshock, nailed, and pinned.  Dutt has been eliminated.

Lethal was beaten down, two on one, but came back with a running clothesline.  He drilled the Lethal Combination on each of them.  He went to the top and drilled Shelley with the flying elbow for the pin.  Shelley has been eliminated.

You must now escape the Six Sides of Steel to win the match.

Sabin was dazed and Lethal kicked him in the jaw.  Lethal began climbing the cage.  Sabin followed.  They battled as they made it to the top of the cage.  They crossed over to the other side, racing down.  They began chopping each other.  Sabin kicked Lethal, who lost his footing and got his leg caught in the cage.  Sabin dropped down for the win.

Your winner and still TNA X-Division champion, Chris Sabin.

Really fun match.  They gave the guys time and they all tore it up.  Shelley and Sabin could be the modern resurrection of the Midnight Express if TNA allowed it.  They are that damn good.  Lethal was super over and looked good, so who knows, maybe I am wrong about the gimmick.  Time will tell.  Dutt and Shark Boy put in good showings too.  Really good match.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash was interviewing a jubilant Team Cage.  Cage said they've got the match in the bag already.  Cage said they were a unit and a machine.  He said everyone on the Team was his family except for Abyss, because he was an imbecile.  Abyss got in their faces but Jim Mitchell pulled out a cell phone and threatened to call the authorities.  Babyface turn tease folks.  Abyss screamed and sulked in the background.  Cage noted Team Angle arrived separately.  Cage warned Team Angle they had a traitor in their midst in Jeff Jarrett.  Cage said today was like Christmas morning for him.  Borash noted that if someone on his team gets a title shot if they score a pinfall.  Cage said that Borash can't bring him down and Jim Cornette did him a favor because now he only has to give one person a title shot instead of all of them.  He left.  Scott Steiner and Tomko began arguing over the title shot.  AJ Styles and Jim Mitchell had words.  As Mitchell left, he called Abyss a scumbag and said that he wants Abyss' mom to go to prison.

They aired a video feature on the recent events between Robert Roode, Petey Williams, Eric Young, and Ms. Brooks

Robert Roode (with Ms. Brooks and Eric Young) vs. Petey Williams

Roode screamed at Young that he belonged to Roode and "his friend" couldn't save him tonight.  He made Young sit at ringside.  Roode entered the ring, where Williams went right after him, drilling Roode with a head scissors.  Williams nailed a series of kicks in the corner.  Williams tried to come off the ropes but slipped.  Roode caught him and slammed him down with a variation of a gourdbuster.  Nice save.  Williams came back and tied Roode upside down, doing the "O' Canada" bit where he stands on Roode's groin.  It got a big pop. 

Williams charged but Roode tossed him up.  Williams clotheslined himself on the top rope.  Roode choked him against the ropes, talking trash at the same time.  Roode slammed Williams into the corner and nailed a series of kicks.  He stomped his boot in Williams' face.  The crowd chanted for Petey.  Roode tossed Williams into the corner and charged but Williams kicked him in the face.  Williams came out of the corner but was nailed with a clothesline, taking a 360 bump.

The cameras kept showing a miserable Young watching from ringside.  Roode continued to work over Williams and came off with a knee from the ropes for a two count.  Roode hit a backdrop suplex for a two count.  Roode went to the side chinlock.  So far, it's a decent match.  Williams fought his way to his feet before they were on the mat for any excessive length of time.  Williams grabbed a crucifix into a sunset flip for a near fall.

Roode slammed Petey into the cage several times, then nailed a uranage for a near fall.  Lots of near falls in this one.  Roode calls for Brooks to grab something,  She gets a hockey stick and tries to slide it in, but before he can have it, Young started yanking it.  Brooks tried to pull Young off, so we had  tug of war shenanigans for a moment.  Young ended up with the stick.

Williams came back with some offense.  Williams tried to float over but was caught.  Roode hit a spinebuster for a two count.  Williams called for the stick and Young after debating, gave it to him.  Williams cleaned house on Roode with it several times before referee Earl Hebner took it away and tossed it out.  Williams rolled up Roode for a near fall.

Williams sent Roode into the cage and called for the Canadian Destroyer.  He went for the move but Roode was too strong for him and slammed Williams into the corner.  He nailed the Perfectplex (called the Payoff) and scored the clean pinfall.

Your winner, Robert Roode!

This is probably the best match Roode has ever had in TNA.  Nothing overly amazing but a solid heel showing for him.  He's finding himself as a performer.  Williams looked good as well.  Another solid match.

Roode screamed at Young to go to the back,

Backstage, Kurt Angle came to Rhino in the back.  He told Rhino they need to talk and Rhino said now he wants to talk.  Angle explained they lost the advantage because of Jeff Jarrett.  Rhino looked angry then said he can forgive and forget.  Wait, Jarrett cost him the NWA title and he can forgive and forget?  Seriously?  He demanded Angle go talk to Samoa Joe right now and Angle walked off to find Joe.

They aired a video feature on Gail Kim vs. Jackie Moore.

Gail Kim vs. Jackie Moore

Call me crazy but I bet they have a hell of a match here.  We'll see.

They started brawling on the entrance ramp.  Kim hiptossed Jackie on the ramp, then sends her rolling down to the ring.  They ring the bell while they are brawling around the commentators.  Moore was whipped into the guard rail.  Kim was tossed onto the announcers.  Moore slammed her into the rail, then poured water over her head.  Kim came back with a kick to the gut.  They battled around the cage outside. Moore grabbed Socal Val and used her as a shield.  Kim began chopping Moore, then tossed her into the cage.

Kim told them to close the door, allowing Moore to attack her with a forearm.  Kim nailed headscissors and a dropkick on Moore.  Kim looked to leave the cage but Moore grabbed her.  She stomped Moore's hand.  Moore nailed the Stun Gun on Kim.  Moore nailed a German suplex on Kim.

Moore tried to escape the cage but Kim grabbed her and slammed her backwards into a corner.  Moore choked Kim over the ropes, then flipper her into the ring.  She scored a two count.  Moore tried to climb up but was pulled down.  Kim came off the middle rope with a sunset flip attempt.  Moore grabbed the ropes but was pulled off. 

Moore snapped Kim over by the hair and began drilling her with kicks.  Kim tried to slam her but Moore escaped.  They both hit the corner in the exchange and were down.  Kim blocked a punch and nailed several forearms, then a clothesline.  She slammed Moore, then came off the top with a missile dropkick.  She covered Moore, who got her shoulder up at the last minute.

Kim began climbing out of the cage but Moore caught her.  They battled in the open doorway with elbows.  Kim pulled the door clothes, nailing Moore in the head.  Kim teased leaving, then slammed it shut.  She went to the top of the cage and dove off with a flying bodypress for the pin.  She was a little high and nailed Moore only glancingly (it looked awesome in the replay as Kim connected to Moore's head), but the crowd loved it.

Your winner, Gail Kim!

A solid match.  Some good brawling around ringside.  Decent wrestling.  A big highspot to close it.  It was fine for what it was.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Bob Backlund backstage.  Backlund did one of his weirdball interviews.  Jeremy Borash's reactions were classic.

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