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By Mike Johnson on 2007-04-15 22:55:00

Senshi vs. Austin Starr with Bob Backlund as the special referee

Senshi and Starr muscled each other around the ring.  Backlund forced them to separate in the corner.  Starr locked on a headlock and again, Backlund separated them when they ended up in the ropes.  Starr used that moment to take a shot at Senshi and began working him over.  Senshi came off the ropes with a shoulderblock and a series of chops.  Senshi nailed a corckscrew elbow for a near fall.

Senshi began working over Starr, following him from corner to corner, drilling him with chops.  Backlund tried to stop him but Senshi kept pushing him off.  Starr muscled Senshi up to the corner then jumped down, raking his back in the process.  Starr nailed a back suplex.  He drilled Senshi with the Pendulum elbow.  He received a two count and complained to Backlund about the count.

Starr went for the crossface chickenwing but Senshi escaped and kicked Starr.  Senshi went to the ropes but was caught and powerbombed down.  Starr locked on a single leg crab.  Senshi fought his way to the ropes and finally got there.  Starr kicked Senshi in the face.

Senshi came back with a flying forearm, then hit a corkscrew kick.  Senshi came off the ropes with a springboard kick, then went back with a series of rights.  Starr was backdropped into the cage door, then nailed with a rolling heel kick.  Ki began drilling him with chest kicks.  Starr grabbed him by the legs, snapped him into the cage door, then slammed him backwards.

Senshi missed a charge in the corner.  Starr hit a running dropkick into the corner.  He covered Senshi but put hit feet on the ropes.  Backlund saw it and wouldn't allow it.  They argued.  Senshi recovered and hit a running dropkick to the chest.  Senshi went to the top for the Warrior's Way but Starr knocked Backlund into the corner.  Senshi crashed into the ring.  Starr hit a 450 splash but Senshi kicked up.  The crowd loved that and chanted "This is awesome."

Backlund and Starr argued.  Backlund teased fighting Starr.  Senshi rolled up Starr and did the Backlund Bridge, covering him for the pin.  Starr screamed into the camera that he started a war and he didn't know what crazy was.

Your winner, Senshi!

Another solid match with some fun offense.  I'd love to see these guys get 20 minutes without the Backlund aspect but there was nothing wrong with this match at all.  The crowd loved the false finish with the 450 splash as they thought that was it.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash was with Samoa Joe who wanted to make a public statement.  Joe asked where Kurt Angle was when he wanted to know who the fifth man was.  Joe said that now if Angle wants to find him, it's not that hard.  He said it was convenient that they've lost the advantage.  He said for all the integrity Angle has, he has no intelligence.  He called Jarrett a scumbag and warned him to make his move tonight.  He said he knows it's coming and said that when Jarrett does it, "I will kill you.  I will maim you."  Joe said it was a war tonight and anyone who stands in the way of his getting a title shot will be treated the same way.  Awesome promo.

Don West and Mike Tenay discussed the situation.

They aired a video feature on James Storm vs. Chris Harris

James Storm vs. Chris Harris: Blindfold Match

If any gimmick was going to detract from a match tonight, this is going to be it.  Thus far, TNA is having a series of solid to strong matches so hopefully this won't be the end of that streak.

The crowd is chanting "Fire Russo" before they even start.  They were feeling their way around the ring.  Storm almost nailed the referee Rudy Charles.  They almost backed up into each other but missed the other.  They finally came near each other and missed punches, with both landing on the mat.  The crowd is getting restless, chanting, "We want wrestling."

Harris feels his way to Storm and goes for a single leg takedown, but Storm scrambled away.  The momentum of the show is slowing down.  Harris starts pointing in different directions to get the crowd involved and asking them where he should go. The crowd chanted "Boring."  This isn't getting over live.

Storm slams Harris and goes for an elbow, but Harris had gotten out of the way.  Storm's hood came off and he saw where Harris was before putting it back on.  Storm drilled Harris with a move for a two count but Harris kicked up.  The blindfold gimmick is dying live.  They should call an audible, tear the masks off and start brawling. 

Storm began climbing the cage (while blind??) but Harris caught him with the fans' help and followed him up the cage.  OK, this is totally contrived.  Harris nailed Storm and the hood came off.  Harris speared him off the ropes.  The crowd booed the hood being put back on Storm.

Chris Harris tried to lock a Sharpshooter on the referee.  Storm took his hood off, superkicked Harris and pinned him.

Terrible.  The gimmick died live and what should have been a brutal grudge match was instead two guys stumbling around.  The streak of solid matches stopped here.  These guys deserved better.

Backstage, Kurt Angle found Sting.  He said they needed to talk.  He said that they both know what the business does to people and he believes Jeff Jarrett has changed for the better.  He told Sting to remember that when they both come to the ring, they are all on the same side and remember that.  Sting stopped Angle and agreed with him that at Bound for Glory, they saw something change in Jarrett.  He told Angle he will trust Jarrett tonight, but if something happens, Angle will be held responsible.

They aired a video feature on Jerry Lynn vs. Christopher Daniels

Christopher Daniels vs. Jerry Lynn

Lynn and Daniels began brawling as soon as Daniels entered the cage.  Daniels tossed Lynn into the cage, but he blocked it and went right after Daniels.  Daniels cut him off but Lynn turned the tide and hit a backbreaker.  Lynn used headscissors to yank Daniels out of the ring, then dropkicked him into the cage.  Daniels came back to snap Lynn's neck across the ropes.  Daniels slammed him into the cage and peppered him with punches.

Daniels began raking the face and eyes of Lynn.  He clotheslined Lynn and went after Lynn's shoulder, which was genius given Lynn's history of shoulder problems.  He torqued Lynn's neck but Lynn fought his way back to his feet.  Lynn made a comeback but Daniels cut him off with a leg lariat.

Daniels tossed Lynn into the cage.  He yanked a cable off one of the cameras and began strangling Lynn with it.  He hit a back suplex on Lynn.  He moonsaulted Lynn for a two count.  So far it's OK.

Daniels locked on an abdominal stretch.  Lynn came back and tossed Daniels over the ropes into the cage.  Lynn peppered him with punches in the corner, then snapped a headscissors off the ropes for a two count.  Lynn ducked a clothesline attempt and hit a DDT for a two count.  Daniels backdropped Lynn into the cage.

Daniels hit a STO for a two count.  He dragged Lynn up by his hair but Lynn began firing back with punches.  Lynn went for the cradle piledriver but Daniels escaped and hit an uranage.  He went for the best Moonsault Ever but Lynn rolled out of the way.

Lynn hit a TKO as fans began chanting "Fallen Angel".  Daniels kicked up at two.  Match is OK but doesn't seem to be clicking to the next level.  They battled in the corner.  Daniels slammed Lynn's head backwards into the cage several times, then hit the STO off the top rope.  Crowd loved that move, chanting TNA.  Lynn got the shoulder up, which surprised the fans.  They chanted This is awesome. 

Lynn hit the Kryptonite Krunch but Daniels kicked up.  Lynn charges Daniels but Daniels gets his boot up.  They battle in the corner above the ropes..  Daniels teases Angel's Wings off the top rope but Lynn holds onto the cage.  Lynn tries to go for the cradle piledriver, but Daniels nails him with a lowblow.  Lynn falls into the ring.  Daniels nails him with Last Rites and scores the pin.

Your winner, Christopher Daniels!

A solid match that seemed designed more to get Daniels' heel persona over than to have a blowaway match.  I think they established it's a different Daniels now.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Team 3D.  They had the ECW and WCW Tag belts with them.  Brother Ray said it sounds cliche but the time for talking is over.  He said he's tired of saying every month they are going to get the job done, only to get screwed over time after time.  He said that what LAX has pulled on them and their families has never happened before.  He said the United States puts up electrified fences to keep people like them out bit tonight it's to keep LAX in.  He said that tonight they were going to become 20 times tag team champions and solidify their legacy forever.  Ray said, "In the words of Terry and Dory...Funk You."  Devon testified to close the promo.  A good promo from Ray.

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