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By Buck Woodward on 2007-03-11 23:00:00

AJ Styles was interviewed backstage, saying Rhino was "out of his element" tonight.  Styles was very confident about winning tonight in Destination X. 

Voodoo Kin Mafia vs. Christy Hemme’s Hand Picked Tag Team

Christy came to the ring and was about to introduce her team, but was interrupted by VKM's entrance music.  Kip James already had a mic in his hand as they came out. Kip asked Christy "How's that strip club thing working out?"  Kip insulted Christy, and did his usual male chauvinistic promo.  Christy complained about hearing the same thing from Kip over and over. Christy said VKM were "little kids, not real men" and Kip James looked down his trunks to check.  Christy introduced her team, the Heartbreakers (formerly the Heart Throbs in WWE).

Antonio started out with BG, trading armbars.  BG hit an elbow to the face, and hit dancing punches.  BG straddled Antonio on the ropes then hit a kick to the head.  Kip tagged in, but Antonio tagged in Romeo.  Romeo hit a forearm to the back, and a flying headscissors.  Kip missed a drop toe hold, but hit it on the second try.  Kip hit a dropkick, but Romeo came back with some kicks to the gut.  Kip hit a shoulderblock, then Christy tried to trip Kip from ringside.  Romeo choked Kip on the middle rope.  Kip came back with a hiptoss.  Antonio ran in, but BG attacked him and they started fighting on the floor.  Antonio held BG on the floor and Romeo went for a dive.  BG moved out of the way, and Romeo crashed into Antonio (at least, he was supposed to, but he was short).  In the ring, Christy went to give Kip a low blow, but hurt her arm.  Kip pulled out a metal athletic supporter.  Kip rubbed the cup in Christy's face, to the first pop of the match.  Lance Hoyt came out, and Kip spanked Christy and gave her to him.  Hoyt carried her off to the back.

Meanwhile, the match resumed with the Heartbreakers double teaming Kip James.  Romeo ended up pulling BG off the apron as Kip was close to making the tag at one point.  The Heartbreakers went for the old Le Bomb De Rougeau, but Kip moved out of the way.  Kip finally made the tag, and BG cleaned house on both Heartbreakers.  BG threw Antonio off the top rope into Romeo.  Kip threw Romeo to the floor, and BG gave Antonio the Pump Handle slam for the pin at the eight minute mark.  Lance Hoyt came back out and left with VKM.   Christy came back out, from the other entrance (how'd she get there?), carrying a riding crop.  She screamed at the Heartbreakers, then stared at Kip and whipped the mat with the crop.  Kip laughed.  Christy left with the Heartbreakers.

Winners: VKM.

Christian, with Leticia in tow, went to Abyss, who was sitting in a cage.  Christian sucked up to Abyss, giving him an autographed picture of himself to replace the picture of Jim Mitchell.  Christian convinced Abyss to help him tonight, and Abyss held out his fist to Christian in a sign of apparent allegiance.

A video package on Chris Sabin vs. Jerry Lynn was shown.

X-Division Champion Chris Sabin vs. Jerry Lynn, 2 out of 3 falls.

Lynn and Sabin exchanged headlocks, and stalemated on a shoulderblock.  Sabin shoved Lynn, and Lynn shoved Sabin.  They stalemated on a shoulderblock again, and Lynn slapped Sabin, then hit an armdrag and a dropkick.  Sabin rolled to the floor, and Lynn chased after him.  Sabin stomped Lynn as they got back in the ring and hit some boots to the body.  Sabin punched Lynn, but Lynn came back with a rana and a tilt-a-whirl slam.  Lynn put Sabin in an armbar.  There was an incident in the crowd, which even distracted referee Earl Hebner at one point.  Lynn kept Sabin in the armbar, then hit a shoulderblock, but Sabin caught him with a knee to the gut.  Sabin hit a baseball slide kick, knocking Lynn to the floor.  Sabin then yelled at someone involved in the incident in the crowd, but it was inaudible.  Sabin jumped off the apron and sort-of hit Lynn with a knee.  Lynn was knocked down on the floor, and something happened in the crowd again.  It must be something good, because the fans chanted "TNA" at it.

Meanwhile, Sabin went for a baseball slide kick on the floor, but Lynn caught him and dropped him chest first on the rail.  Sabin came right back though, and tossed Lynn back into the ring.  Sabin hit a slingshot elbow.  There was a "Jerry" chant.  I guess things have finally been settled in the crowd.  Sabin pulled Lynn down by the hair.  Sabin ran into a Lynn boot to the face and Lynn hit a tornado DDT for the pin at the six minute mark. Lynn wins the first fall.

Lynn mocked Sabin, but Sabin grabbed him by the trunks and pulled him to the floor.  As Lynn got on the apron, Sabin went for a shoulderblock between the ropes, but Lynn avoided it and legdropped Sabin on the back of the head.  Lynn knocked Sabin into the crowd, then hit a springboard reverse bodypress into the crowd, nailing Sabin.  They got back into the ring, and Lynn went to the top rope, but Sabin crotched him and hit a kick to the head.  Sabin went for a rana, but Lynn turned it into a sunset flip for a two count.  Sabin kicked Lynn in the head and hit a DDT for a two count. Sabin applied a chinlock.  Lynn ducked a clothesline and hit a bodyblock for a two count. Lynn grabbed a sunset flip out of the corner for another two count.  There was another chant for Lynn.  Lynn went for a rana, but Sabin caught it and powerbombed Lynn. Sabin put his feet on the ropes for leverage and got the three count at the ten minute mark. Sabin wins the second fall.

Sabin immediately covered Lynn over and over, but only got two counts.  Sabin hit a side backbreaker, then mocked Lynn.  Sabin did a springboard, but landed on his feet, making fun of the fans, and went for a normal fistdrop.  Lynn rolled out of the way, then dodged another.  Lynn hit two shoulderblocks and a clothesline, then blocked a Sabin rollup for a two count of his own.  Lynn gave Sabin a German suplex for a two count.  Sabin caught a charging Lynn and dropped him face first on the top turnbuckle, then hit a running kick to the head.  Sabin gave Lynn the cradle shock, but Lynn kicked out at two.  Sabin went to give Lynn his own cradle piledriver, but Lynn blocked it and hit a Reality Check/Kryptonite Krunch/Side Driver for a two count.  Someone in a Sting mask showed up at ringside and got on the apron briefly, distracting Lynn and referee Hebner.  This allowed Sabin to hit a low blow. Sabin hit the Cradle Shock for the pin at the fourteen minute mark. 

Winner: Chris Sabin.

The man with the Sting mask got into the ring.  He unmasked and it was a bearded Chris Daniels, with a symbol painted around one eye.  He grabbed Sabin and gave him Angel's Wings to a pop.  Daniels picked up the X-Division belt and looked at it, then nailed Jerry Lynn with it.  Daniels gave Lynn Last Rites, and then walked off.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Jim Cornette, who promised some big announcements this Thursday on Impact.  Christy Hemme came in with her riding crop and whipped the desk.  She said VKM hadn't seen the last of her, and that she had a surprise that no one knew about.  She walked off.  Cornette said if Hemme doesn't like her job, he has an opening for a secretary.  He then yelled out to Christy, who already had left "Do you take dictation?"

A video package on Elevation X was shown.

Elevation X: AJ Styles vs. Rhino

Both men came out, and Styles put on a pair of gloves. They argued at ringside, while the referee tried to get them to climb up the structure.  Styles shoved Rhino and Rhino attacked Styles.  They brawled at ringside, trading punches.  Rhino rammed Styles into one of the supports of the scaffold.  Styles gave Rhino a back elbow, then hit a springboard off the guardrail into a forearm.  Rhino came back with a clothesline, but Styles rammed Rhino back first into the ring apron.  Styles climbed up to the X.  Styles walked to the middle of the X and yelled at Rhino to come up.  Rhino eventually started to climb up, and was having trouble with it.  The structure did seem to be a bit shaky, to be honest.  Styles stood in the middle of the X, while Rhino was on all fours on one of the corners.  Styles slowly approached Rhino, who was holding onto the support at the end of the platform he was on.  Styles spat at Rhino. 

Rhino stood up and approached Styles.  They slugged it out in the middle of the X.  Styles ducked a punch, and Rhino teased that he would fall off.  Rhino ended up clutching the scaffolding and was actually standing on the bars beneath the platform.  Styles kicked at Rhino's head.  Rhino grabbed Styles' leg to trip him.  Styles and Rhino were now both standing on the bottom support bars on opposite sides of a platform.  Rhino and Styles punched each other.  Styles was almost knocked off, but held on.  Rhino crawled onto the platform again, but Styles kicked up and hit him in the head.  Styles climbed inside the steel structure under the platforms.  Rhino, standing on the platform right above Styles, didn't know where he was. Styles crawled into another part of the X, just as Rhino was going to be able to see where styles was.  The fans told Rhino which way to go, chanting "Forward" .  Rhino reached under the platform to grab Styles, but Styles reached up and raked Rhino's eyes.  Styles got out from under and stood on the platform again.  Styles kicked Rhino and rammed his head into the platform.  Rhino fought back and both men sat on the platform, straddling it, and traded punches and chops. 

Styles got the better of it, and got set for a Styles Clash. Rhino took Styles down with a double leg takedown and pounded him.  Styles gave Rhino a jawbreaker.  Styles pulled out some white powder, but Rhino knocked it into Styles' face.  Rhino hit a short distance Gore, and both men were down on the platform.  Styles rolled over and was hanging off the scaffold by his hands.  Rhino stomped Styles' hands, and he fell to the mat, landing on his back, at the thirteen minute mark.

Winner: Rhino.

They put Styles in a neckbrace, and stretchered him out as Rhino was climbing down.

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Still to come tonight:

- Samoa Joe versus Christian Cage for the NWA World Heavyweight Title
- Sting versus Abyss in a Last Rites Match
- Scott Steiner versus Kurt Angle

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