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By Buck Woodward on 2007-03-11 23:00:00

A video package on Scott Steiner vs. Kurt Angle was shown. 

Back live, they were still stretchering Styles out, and Rhino was standing on the ramp triumphant.  They showed some replays of the bump.  

Jeremy Borash interviewed Kurt Angle, who said the ring would look like a crime scene when he was down with it.  Angle said he came to TNA to help the company and prove he was the greatest wrestler in the world.  Angle said he took "Steiner's spot" because he is better than him. 

Don West and Mike Tenay talked for a long time about Styles-Rhino while showing crowd shots.  For those that didn't see it, the bump was the equivalent of taking a bump off the top of a really high ladder (like the kind WWE sometimes uses), maybe a bit higher than that. 

Kurt Angle vs. Scott Steiner.

Steiner was accompanied by the two women that arrived with him in the limo earlier.  Steiner argued with fans at ringside after Angle came out.  They locked up, and Steiner backed Angle to the ropes.  They broke clean.  They locked up again and Angle grabbed a headlock.  Steiner shoved Angle off and hit a shoulderblock, knocking Angle down.  They locked up again, and Steiner grabbed a headlock.  Angle shoved it off, and Steiner hit another shoulderblock.  There was a slight "You take steroids" chant.  Angle got back in the ring and Steiner flexed, and Angle responded with a headbutt. Angle punched and stomped Steiner down in the corner.  Steiner was bleeding from the forehead.  Steiner hit some chops, but Angle came back with a shoulderblock.  Angle hit a belly to belly suplex.  Angle clotheslined Steiner over the top rope and to the floor. 

Angle went for a baseball slide, but Steiner moved out of the way and clotheslined Angle on the floor.  Steiner rammed Angle into the ring steps, then did it a second time.  Back in the ring, Steiner hit a clothesline and dropped an elbow.  Steiner ran into a boot by Angle.  Angle hit Steiner with a series of right hands, then a uppercut.  Angle went for a backdrop, but Steiner kicked it away and hit a clothesline, then applied a chinlock.  Angle fought up and hit a back suplex.   Angle hit some uppercuts, then three consecutive German suplexes.  Angle went for the Olympic Slam, but Steiner blocked it and hit a belly to belly suplex for a two count.  Angle went for the Olympic Slam again, grabbing it this time.  Angle applied the ankle lock, but Steiner rolled through it and Angle went face first into the turnbuckle.  Angle charged Steiner, but Steiner moved and Angle went shoulder first into the ringpost.  Steiner applied the Steiner Recliner, but Angle tripped out of it.  Angle hit an uppercut, and whipped Steiner across the ring.  Steiner put on the brakes, and backdropped a charging Angle over the top rope and to the floor.  Steiner whipped Angle into the guardrail, then returned to the ring.  

Angle crawled back into the ring and Steiner gave Angle the Olympic Slam.  Steiner applied the Steiner Recliner, but Angle fought out of it and hit the Olympic Slam.  Angle pulled the straps down and applied the ankle lock. Steiner made the ropes, but Angle pulled him back into the ring.  Steiner turned over and kicked Angle in the head.  Steiner hit a clothesline, but was favoring his ankle.  Steiner set up Angle for a middle rope belly to belly suplex.  Angle blocked it and sunset flipped Steiner from the top rope.  Steiner kept his feet on the middle ropes, and held onto the top rope to block the move, but Angle eventually pulled Steiner down into the move and got the pin at the thirteen minute mark. 

Winner: Kurt Angle.

The fans chanted "That was cheap" as Angle left the ring.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Samoa Joe.  Joe said he was denied a World Title shot for two years, but he would not be denied any longer.  He also said that if Abyss tried to interfere, he will fall like all others. 

A video package on the Last Rites match was shown. 

Last Rites Match: Sting vs. Abyss. 

There were electric candelabras (as in light bulbs, not real candles) on each ringpost.  The "deathbed" is above the ring, and the wrestler must call for it to be lowered.  When an opponent is tied to it and it is raised to the ceiling, the match is over.  They started brawling on the floor as soon as Sting entered.  Sting rammed Abyss into the steps, then the guardrail.  There are fake-looking tombstones at ringside too.  Abyss hit Sting in the back with a chair, and punched him at ringside, then choked him.  Crowd is really quiet.  Dead quiet.  Sorry, bad joke.  

They made it into the ring, and Sting hit Abyss with some punches.  Abyss scooped up Sting for a slam, but Sting floated over into a Scorpion Death Drop.  Sting howled at the crowd, and they howled back.  Sting hit Abyss with two Stinger splashes.  Abyss grabbed a candelabra and as Sting went for another Stinger splash, Abyss cracked Sting in the head with it.  That woke the crowd up.  Sting is bleeding from the head.  Abyss called for the deathbed.  It was lowered, and the ring was suddenly bathed in bluelight and smoke came down from the rafters as well.  There was a "Fire Russo" chant.  The lights went back to normal as the deathbed (coffin on a platform) was fully lowered.  

Abyss put Sting in the coffin, but he kept Abyss from closing the lid.  Sting fought back, out of the coffin, but Abyss knocked him down.  Sting is bleeding buckets from the head.  Abyss took one of the fake (and they look really fake, folks) tombstones into the ring.  Before he could use it, Sting tripped Abyss and put him in the Scorpion Deathlock.  Abyss tapped, but that doesn't matter in this match.  Sting hit Abyss with a chairshot.  There was a "Boring" chant.  Sting put the fake tombstone on Abyss' head on the mat, then broke it with a baseball bat shot.   Sting put Abyss in the coffin, but Abyss kept the lid from closing, then grabbed Sting by the throat.  They got out of the coffin, and Abyss chokeslammed Sting on the closed coffin, denting in the lid.  That got a "TNA" chant.  Abyss got a chair and another fake tombstone.  Abyss set up two chairs in the ring, and put a fake tombstone across them.  Sting rolled off the coffin lid.  

Abyss set up Sting for a superplex through the tombstone.  Sting fought Abyss on the ropes and hit him across the back of the head with a candelabra.  Sting shoved Abyss off the ropes, and Abyss went down, breaking the tombstone in half with his back.  Sting put Abyss in the coffin and closed the lid, winning the match at the ten minute mark.  (Isn't this the finish of a casket match?)

Winner: Sting.

The bluelight and the smoke came back on, and the death bed, with Abyss in it, was raised to the ceiling (once Sting remembered to get off the lid).

A video package was shown on Samoa Joe vs. Christian Cage.

Leticia was with Christian Cage, who was complaining about how he didn't have Tomko, Steiner or Abyss to watch his back tonight.  The Great Muta entered, with a translator.  Christian said it was an honor to meet Muta. Christian said if Muta wanted to "be famous again" he could hang out with Christian. Christian asked what Muta was doing these days, and asked if he was delivering food.   Muta took off his hood and spit green mist at a locker, then threatened to do the same to Christian, who took off.

NWA World Champion Christian Cage vs. Samoa Joe.

There was a Samoan dance exhibition, complete with flaming batons, before Samoa Joe made his entrance.  Fans threw streamers into the ring as Joe entered. They did the "big fight" style introductions.

Christian and Joe went chest to chest and mouthed off to each other, then Joe hit some leg kicks to start the match.  Christian got frustrated by the kicks and went to the apron.  Christian got back in and grabbed a waistlock, but Joe reversed into a hammerlock.  Joe took Christian down with a side headlock.  Crowd is really into Joe.  Christian shoved off Joe and leapfrogged him, but Joe came back with a shoulderblock.  Christian went to the apron, but Joe pulled him back in and slapped him to the mat.  Joe hit some kicks, then delivered a series of chops.  Joe elbowed Christian.  Christian came back and went to the second rope for a dropkick, but Joe casually stepped aside and Christian fell to the mat.  Joe hit a kneedrop, then kicked Christian to the floor.

Joe went outside, but Christian rammed Joe into a ringpost.  Christian grabbed a chair, but the referee told Christian he would lose the belt if he used it.  Christian tossed aside the chair and charged Joe, but Joe just picked him up and threw him on the ground.  Joe tossed Christian into the crowd and dragged him into the stands. They brawled in the crowd, and Joe headbutted Christian down.  Tenay said the referee was giving them "leeway" by not counting them out.  Joe dominated Christian, kicking him in the head after propping him against a wall.  They went back to ringside, and were on the ring apron, when Christian kicked Joe in the gut and gave him a DDT on the apron.  Christian went to the middle rope in the ring and hit a spinning elbowsmash for a two count. 

Joe battled back with punches, the swept Christian's leg.  Joe went for a backsplash, but Christian moved and nailed Joe with an elbowdrop.  Christian raked at Joe's face, then kicked him repeatedly in the shoulder.  Christian worked Joe over with a chinlock, then posed for the crowd.  Joe headbutted Christian in the gut and went for a Muscle Buster, but Christian floated out and hit a reverse DDT for a two count.  Christian choked Joe against the middle rope and stood on Joe's back.  Christian slapped Joe across the back of the head, and Joe came back with some chops.  Christian raked Joe's eyes and slugged him.  Christian went to the middle rope, and dove right into a jumping kick by Joe.  Joe and Christian, on their knees, traded punches.  Joe got the better of it, and Joe hit a jumping knee in the corner.  Joe hit some punches, and stood on the second rope.  Christian tried to powerbomb him out of the corner, but they collapsed and Joe pounded Christian and hit a facewash kick.  Joe hit a second rope kick for a two count.

Joe put Christian on the ropes and set up for the Muscle Buster.  Christian shoved Joe back and leapfrogged him.  Christian bounced off the ropes and Joe caught him with a powerslam.  Christian kicked out and went for an Unprettier, but Joe reversed it and powerbombed him for a two count, then turned it into a Boston Crag, then into an STF.  Christian tried to roll out, but Joe turned it into a Crippler Crossface, then a Kokina Clutch, but Christian reached the ropes.  Christian was on the apron and hit a shoulderblock between the ropes.  Christian went for a springboard, but Joe caught him in the choke, but Christian reversed it into the Unprettier for a two count.

Christian tried to choke Joe, but Joe made it to his feet and dropped back, slamming Christian down on the mat.  Christian crawled to the apron and stood up.  Joe charged and jumped through the ropes, spearing Christian off the apron and to the floor. Joe rolled back into the ring, and Christian walked off.  The referee kept counting, but Christian was leaving.  Joe stopped the count.  Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, Senshi and Petey Williams came out and tossed Christian back into the ring.  Joe hit a Side Driver on Christian, but the referee was busy getting the wrestlers to leave ringside.  He got back in and counted two. Joe went for a kick to the head, but Christian moved and the referee got kicked.  Christian went to the floor.  Joe went for a tope, but Christian hit him with a chair. 

Christian went for the cover, but the referee was still out. Christian grabbed the chair and went to hit Joe with it, but Joe ducked and then slapped Christian twice.  Joe grabbed Christian and hit the Muscle Buster.  The referee woke up, and Christian got a shoulder up at two.  Joe went for the Kokina Clutch, but Christian gave him a low blow mule kick (which the referee should have been able to see, as it was right in front of him).  Christian went to the top rope, but Joe kicked him in the head.  Joe applied the Kokina Clutch.  Joe dropped back, but Christian kicked his legs over and Joe's shoulders were down.  Christian's legs were in the ropes, but the referee didn't see that and counted the three at the eighteen minute mark.

Winner: Christian Cage.

Christian hugged the NWA Title belt on the floor, while Don West said it was a "bunch of crap" to end the show.


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