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By Buck Woodward on 2007-03-11 23:00:00

Welcome to our coverage of TNA Destination X.  We will be updating this page throughout the night with results from the show, so check back often. 

In a bit of backstage news, sources have informed us that there are dancers backstage in traditional Samoan dress, so it looks like they are planning a big entrance for Samoa Joe for his main event match against NWA World Champion Christian tonight. 


Mike Tenay and Don West welcomed us to the show and ran down the lineup for tonight. 

A video package on Christian Cage vs. Samoa Joe was shown. 

Jeremy Borash and Leticia were standing outside the arena waiting for people to arrive on the "Black and Blue Carpet".  Leticia had a DHL envelope, which they said had arrived for Christian Cage.  Cage emerged from a limo.  They gave him the envelope.  It was a letter from Tomko, letting Christian know that he was "in Japan on business" and that he would return when Christian gives him the title shot he promised him.  Christian panicked and left to go find Scott Steiner. 

A hearse pulled up, and security unloaded a coffin for the Last Rites match later.  A video package on Sting vs. Abyss was shown. 

Bobby Roode (in a suit), Traci Brooks and Eric Young (in a shorts suit) came to the ring, and Roode used Young as a foot stool.  Roode said he wanted answers from Young, saying he has detected animosity from him.  Bobby reminded Young that he had a legally binding contract to work for him.  Roode talked about the fans supporting Young, and told Young to get his "friends" to chant for him.  Roode then ripped on the fans, and Young finally stood up to Roode.  Young said Roode will not insult his friends, and that one friend told him not to put up with Roode.  Roode said that Young didn't have any real friends.  Roode told Young to go ahead and quit.  Young was going to leave, but Roode said if he did, he would violate the contract and would never wrestle in TNA again.  Young didn't leave.  Roode told Young to give something to "his friend", and slapped Young.  Young was going to hit Roode, but Roode threatened him with the contract again. 

They went outside and showed the limos lined up for the Black and Blue carpet. As clear as day, you could see Vince Russo telling the crowd to cheer.  No kidding. 

Two women emerged from a limo, then Scott Steiner came out.  They were all drinking wine. Steiner was confident he would beat Kurt Angle.  Leticia told Steiner that Christian was looking for him, but Steiner was more concerned with his freaks. 

Another limo was opened, and The Great Muta, in full Muta gear, came out, along with Japanese photographer Jimmy Suzuki.  

In the arena, Jeremy Borash was putting on a harness, as he would be doing a segment on the Elevation X scaffold. 

Team 3D, with Johnny Rodz, was interviewed by Leticia.  Rodz said LAX has woken up a "sleeping tiger".  

Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe arrived together.  Angle said that Scott Steiner would be "broken" while Joe told Christian "It's damn real". 

Jeremy Borash, wearing a harness, stood on Elevation X.  He walked across the X, and the platforms are actually pretty narrow, with a lot less room across than a normal scaffold match.   A video package on the Elevation X match was shown. 

Don West did the hard sell for the show. 

TNA Destination X

Team 3D vs. LAX in a Ghetto Brawl (Weapons Match).

As LAX came out, then had a staredown with Hector Guerrero, who was doing Spanish commentary.  There were trash cans at ringside filled with weapons. They threw the cans in the ring, then got in and started brawling.  Devon hit Hernandez with a clothesline and Homicide with a spinebuster.  Devon splashed both members of LAX in a corner.  Brother Ray worked over Hernandez on the floor, while Homicide DDT'd Devon.  Ray ran in and Homicide took him down with a clothesline.  Hernandez and Homicide hit a slingshot facebuster to Ray.  Hernandez gave Devon a plancha.  Ray hit Homicide with a trash can.  Ray pulled out a mannequin head, held it up like Al Snow, and then threw it at Homicide.  All four men were fighting on the floor now.  Homicide hit Ray repeatedly with a cookie pan.  Devon and Hernandez fought into the crowd, where Devon used a crutch on him.  Ray and Homicide went into the crowd as well.  Devon ended up wearing a fan's sunglasses as he hit Hernandez.  Ray backdropped Homicide on the steps in the  stands.  Devon hit Hernandez with a water bottle. LAX started to fight back, but Ray chopped Hernandez, while Devon slammed Homicide in the stands.  Ray tossed Hernandez into the wall at the bottom of the stand, and then hit Homicide with a chair.

They went back to ringside.  The crowd was chanting "This is Awesome".  Hernandez hit Ray with a trash can lid, and Homicide used a piece of sheet metal on Devon.  Back in the ring, Homicide hit Devon with a trash can, but Devon came back with a powerslam.  Hernandez gave Devon a power hoist for a two count.  The fans were chanting for tables. Devon hit Hernandez with a trash can lid.  Ray avalanched Hernandez in a corner.  Hernandez went to the ropes, but Ray hit him with a trash can and then superplexed him. Homicide gave Ray a top rope rana, then hit him with a trash can for a two count. Ray came back with a slam on Homicide, and Devon hit the What's Up headbutt. Brother Ray pulled out two beers and he and Devon had a toast before calling for the table.

As they set up the table, a gang of LAX members hit the ring.  Johnny Rodz ran out and cleaned house on all of them, including a pair of nice side kicks.  Homicide came in and hit Rodz with a computer keyboard, and then everyone ganged up on Rodz.  The announcers noted that this was all legal.  A large group of black men hit the ring, and Tenay said they were "Devon's brothers from Brooklyn". Devon's brothers and the extended LAX family fought on the outside, while Homicide & Hernandez fought with Ray & Devon in the ring.  Team 3D hit the Doomsday Devin on Homicide, but Hernandez broke up the cover.  Hernandez went for the Border Toss on Devon, but Devon slid out.  Team 3D hit the 3D on Hernandez, but Machete showed up to pull the referee out of the ring.  The brawl continued at ringside, and Ray dove off the top rope onto the pile at ringside.  Alex Shelley showed up with his video camera and hit Devon with it.  Shelley frog splashed Devon through a table, and Homicide got the pin at the fifteen minute mark. There was a slight chant for Shelley.

Winners: LAX

Backstage, Rhino did a calm, serious interview, saying there would be no room for mistakes tonight in the Elevation X match.

Mike Tenay & Don West ran down the rest of the lineup for tonight.

Petey Williams & Gail Kim vs. James Storm & Jackie Moore in a Double Bullrope Match.

They were using electrical tape to hook the wrestlers to the bullropes.  Jackie and Storm attacked before the bell, but Kim and Williams responded with stereo slams and then choked their opponents with the ropes.  Jackie and Storm were whipped into each other, and Williams held Storm so Gail could slap her.  They went to the floor, and Gail hiptossed Jackie on the ramp.  Storm was put in a office chair, and Gail wheeled him into a Williams clothesline.  Gail tied Jackie to the ringpost and chopped her.  Williams pulled Storm into the ringpost using the rope.  The referee was tangled in the rope by Storm, so he could use him as a shield to get a shot in at Williams.  On the floor, Jackie was now chopping Gail.  The fans chanted "Brokeback Cowboy" at Storm.  Storm tied Williams' feet to the top rope, then went for the pin, but the referee wouldn't count it, since his feet were, well, on the ropes. Kim and Jackie were still fighting on the floor, as they were still tangled to the ringpost. In the ring, Storm gave Williams the Eye Of The Storm powerbomb. Storm said he was going to do the Canadian Destroyer, but Williams backdropped him.  Williams used the rope to whip Storm, and hit a Russian legsweep.  Williams used the rope to crotch Storm.  Kim and Moore were finally off the ringpost, but still fighting on the floor.  Williams gave Storm a cradle DDT for two.  Kim and Moore made it into the ring, and Kim gave her two clotheslines and a back suplex.  Kim and Moore collided on a shoulderblock attempt.  Williams got set for the Canadian Destroyer on Storm, but Jackie hit him low and Storm hit a superkick for the pin at the eight minute mark.

Winners: James Storm & Jackie Moore.

Leticia interviewed Scott Steiner, who was checking out her rear end.  Steiner said he is more of a man than Kurt Angle, and you could just ask Angle's wife about it.  Christian interrupted, saying he needed Steiner to watch is back.  Steiner blew him off and left.  Christian said this isn't over yet, and dragged off Leticia.

Austin Starr vs. Senshi in a Crossface Chicken Wing Match.

Starr attacked Senshi before the bell.  Senshi responded with chops, but Starr hit a knee to the gut and a shoulderblock.  Senshi hit a pair of dropkicks and went for the CCW, but Starr avoided it.  Senshi gave him a drop toe hold and went for it again.  Senshi chopped Starr and hit a back elbow.  Senshi went for it again, but Starr avoided hit and Senshi stomped and chopped him.  Senshi hit a powerdrive elbow and went for a cover, but there are no pinfalls.  Senshi hit chops and elbows, but missed a charge and Starr raked his nails across Senshi's back.  Starr hit some short-arm shoulderblocks, then a Northern Lights suplex.  Starr went for the CCW, but couldn't get it locked in.  Starr chopped Senshi, and Senshi returned fire.  Starr catapulted Senshi throat first into the bottom rope.  Starr went for the CCW, but Senshi blocked it.  Starr hit an STO and then a pendulum elbow.  Starr went to the ropes, and Bob Backlund came out, distracting Starr.  Senshi hit a cartwheel kick on Starr to knock him down off the ropes. 

Senshi chopped Starr repeatedly, then decked him with a clothesline.  Senshi hit some kicks to the chest, then backdropped Starr.  Senshi hit Starr with a springboard kick, then called for the CCW.  Senshi applied the hold, but Starr armdragged out.  Senshi hit a pair of kicks, but Starr poked him in the eye.  Starr ducked a kick, but Senshi hit him with a back kick.  There was a "Senshi" chant.  Senshi went for the CCW, but Starr hit a shinbuster and then a back suplex.  Starr hit a dropkick, then went for the CCW, but Senshi armdragged out and hit a dropkick.  Senshi went to the top rope for the Warrior's Way, but Starr shoved the referee into the ropes, knocking Senshi off the ropes and to the floor.  Starr nailed Senshi with a tope, then tossed Senshi back into the ring.  Starr hit a slingshot corkscrew splash. Starr went for the brainbuster, but Senshi kneed Starr in the head as he lifted him and reversed into a CCW, which Starr reversed into a CCW.  Senshi broke free, and hit a series of shots.  Senshi charged Starr, who moved and Senshi went shoulder first into the ringpost.  Starr applied the CCW, but Senshi got his foot on the ropes, which was pointed out by Bob Backlund.  Starr broke the hold and complained about Backlund at ringside. This allowed Senshi to roll up Starr from behind, and right into the Crossface Chicken Wing for the win at the twelve minute mark.

Winner: Senshi.

Post-match, Backlund offered Senshi a handshake, but Starr rammed Senshi into Backlund, then applied the Crossface Chicken Wing to Backlund, until the referees broke it up.

Coverage continued on next page.

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